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Starting a new thread for 2024 

Took NCLEX 3/15 Passed quick results on 3/17 it is now 3/25 name isn't posted. Anyone who took it earlier in 2024 please share what dates everything was done for you or if your still waiting for your license number  

Were on the boat

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hi Joey!

I actually passed since december 21, 2023 via quick results and unfortunately my IC and Child Abuse certificates got expired before I could be issued a license number. My agency from the Philippines already complied and submitted to the required update but still I am waiting anxiously for my license number to be posted.

and I am a Philippine RN but is currently working here in KSA, I just got my I-140 approved and is currently moving forward for my DS260 (for green card) and is also VISA SCREEN CERTIFIED yesterday. So this delay is actually making me crazy. 


according to the NY BON they are currently so backed up because of the volume of applicants and query and we need to wait. Please update me also. xx

I already got my license from NY. It took 2-weeks for my license showed on the website, and after a week got a congratulatory letter envelope from NY BON.. I keep calling them though.

I took my NCLEX 3/25/2024, got result that I passed in 48hrs.

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Oh wow! That was quick! Are you from the US? Because I am from the Philippines and it takes longer time for the BON to process international nurses' application. Hoping for the best. 

Yes I'm U.S, but graduated Nursing in Philippines a long time ago. U need to keep calling them, that's what I do ever since I started my application with them.

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Thanks Manor! Yes my agency kept on calling them because really it is so frustrating. Thanks for the advice 

goodluck to you!

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Hi Manor! 

I just checked now and I have been issued a license number! GOD IS REALLY GOOD. THANK you for the info. 💓

Reddy I'm so happy for you CONGRATS ! I was in the NY it took 12 days for me. I'm sorry it took this long for u but sometimes we go through tribulations and it makes us stronger, there's a quote that says "hard times create strong people, strong people create easy times, easy times create weak people,  weak people create hard times... and the cycle continues" you are strong and I wish you well in your nursing career 🎈

Also my update is it took 12 days for ny to post my license number online and 3 weeks for me to receive in the mail. So I got my number posted on March 28. I forgot the exact date it came in the mail. I have since transitioned in my hospital: I just began nursing orientation  this week

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Oh! how exciting for you Joey! unfortunately for me I am still in KSA waiting for my prioirty date to be current so I could have a US embassy consular interview. My visa petition has been approved; however it will take a year or 2 for my PD to be current. But the silver lining for me is that all I have to do is wait, no more studying and no more pressure! FIGHTING RNs!

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