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Hi everyone,

I graduated my nursing school in March, and started to study for NCLEX until 04/21 and I just took it on 04/22 and found out on 04/24 I didn't pass. I was really sad and frustrated that all my efforts putting in to study didn't pay off :(, I was the lowest stage of myself in last couple days. However, take a day off I realized things like this does happen and the best I can do is get back to study better and have a more calm and confident mindset when taking the NCLEX.

I'm wondering to those who took the NCLEX and passed, do you have any recommendations to organize, plans out for the exam, study habits and strategies, and how you guys approach each questions, SATA, case study during the NCLEX. Nursing is my passion and career, I don't want to give up on it even if anyone tell me to and I know I'm so close, I just need a better plans.

For background, I did really good in nursing school and used UWorld to practice questions (get 67-71% on the CAT), mark k, Dr. sharon for tips, and simple nursing for any additional lectures I'm not sure. I finished the test with 134 questions, no math, ekg. I believed my most struggle during exam is my stress because I woke up at 1am that morning while my exam at 8am, and felt really nervous and tired after question 30 or so, but I tried to keep calm because my friend passed the other day with 150.

I really appreciated you guys helps, or even words of encouragement.

I got the 150, my 2 friends got 85. So I used Archer. It work and feels like the real test. Good luck.

Don't give up!! You've worked so hard to get to where you are! I failed the first time I took the NCLEX but passed the 2nd time. I had to do almost all of the questions both times, so it was emotionally exhausting. But I've been a RN now for 15 years and I don't regret it for 1 second. You'll get through this! ❤️ 

These are the links to the most recent versions of the books I used for the 2nd time I took it and they made a big difference. They were so wonderful and really helpful. The pharmacology one really helped with the meds.

NCLEX-RN 101: How to Pass!

Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy!

You've got this!! 😃

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I went to school in the 80's. I didn't pass my first time either. I took a program called the Kaplan course. And I passed with flying colors. I have had an incredible career for the last 40 years. Half of that time I worked in the Emergency Room. Sounds like you are committed to see this through. Keep that positive vibe and you'll be an excellent nurse. 

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The key to passing the NCLEX is practice questions. There is such a wide amount of information covered that practice questions will give you hang of how to answer questions not just knowledge base. I recommend UWorld for the most accurate questions as far as difficulty and type. Spend 2x as much time reviewing answers as you do taking the practice tests. Write notes and star the challenging ones and come back to them every few days with spaced repetition. In 1-2 months you should be ready after at least 1200-1500 practice questions. Also focus on your weakest areas system wise - cards, neuro, endocrine, etc. 

I did not select an answer unless I knew 100% that was the correct answer. It is better to not answer than to get the answer wrong (no points) and have extra points deducted in addition to getting it wrong.

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Don't sweat it. Hurst Nursing Review. Not only will I guarantee you'll pass the NCLEX in under 80 questions, but it will also make you a better nurse! Good luck 👍 

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I would tke a deep breath, praise yourself for all the studying that you have already done, take the experience as a learning opportunity for improvement. It also may help to start visualizeing yourself as if you have already passed the test! It is a brain trick that helped me to calm my nerves.

I used a total of 1 month to prepare for the  NCLEX. First 2-3 days were devoted to learning EVERYTHING about the NCLEX: it's logarithm, how to read the questions - read every question twice, even if you think that you understood it from the first time. I focused on my breathing too. Box breathig technique really worked. 

I used the last 2 days before the test to rest my brain. Had a brief overview of the labs and meds, that was all. I intentioally refused to know about my cohort friends' NCLEX experiences to avoid getting distracted or comparing myself to their test results. 

I am not the best test taker. Shockingly, NCLEX did not seem too hard. Best of luck on keeping positive attitude, remaning calm, and focused! 

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