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MyMystudentRN has 1 years experience and specializes in pediatrics, geriatric, developmentally d.

I am pursuing my dream of becoming an RN hoping to land a job in L&D. I currently work at an elementary school. Was accepted into an RN program for Fall 2012!

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  1. MyMystudentRN

    Power Foods

    Thank you for this thread!! I am starting in the Fall as well and i always find myself wanting to snack, im doing okay but not good one thing that im starting to do though (even though it can get super expensive at times) is buying lots and lots of fruit and veggies. I've been really into the baby cucumbers and berries. So im trying to get into the swing of eating right before school starts because i know the schedule is going to be hectic and ill have no time to actually cook/pack a home cooked healthy meal. Dont want to do what i did in LVN school (wasted so much money on food )
  2. MyMystudentRN

    At a road block, need advice/encouragement

    Wait so do you work 8-3 or 430-11 because if you work 430-11 if you're trying to keep your job maybe you can go part-timr and work right after school. I had to sacrifice some hours while in NS ill get out at 230pm and be at work at 3-11 worked out pretty well actually. So weigh your options and dont give up and if your job cant work with you (even though you are furthering your education to better yourself) then look for another part-time job if you HAVE to work, if you dont try just focusing on school for awhile until you are comfortable and feel like you are able to balance work and school
  3. MyMystudentRN

    Very confused about lpn or rn

    Well i graduated high school 2006 and was supposed to graduate college 2010...didnt happen...decided i wanted to do nursing and the wait was extremel long for the colleges i wanted to apply to PLUS you had to be a CNA before applying. so instead of having to do the CNA (wait another semester because te deadline passed to sign up for the class) for one semester, take the test and try and find a job (a year would have already passed) i enrolled into an LVN program (16 months) graduated and worked as an LVN for a year before i got my acceptance letter into an RN program (so my planned worked to a T {thank God!!}) so it all depends on what you feel like doing at this point in your life. If you decide to do the LVN program then apply (to Charity, SUBR, LSU) the timing seems right espcially if you cant start applying until 2014. BUT let us know what you decide. GOODLUCK!
  4. MyMystudentRN

    This wait is KILLING me....ADVICE?

    cblnurse2be i havent been to the gym in 3 weeks neither! having to wait to get that letter in the mail then realizing you have all this stuff to get done makes you forget about all that, but honestly i need to get back in the gym ive been just lazy and i feel like blah...but im sure once i get back in it ill feel like another person. thanks for the advice gitanorn !!
  5. MyMystudentRN

    Is an iPad beneficial?

    Hmmmm decisions decisions...
  6. Urgh doesnt it suck! Goodluck
  7. MyMystudentRN

    4th time's the charm!

    Once! Got in on my first try! Congrats on getting in. Where did you get accepted?
  8. MyMystudentRN

    I got accepted into nursing school!!!!

    Yay! Congrats! now the countdown begins for the first day of school:yeah:
  9. MyMystudentRN

    working part time while attending school

    im going through the exact samething right now weighing my options. i start school next semester and im thinking of either working as an lvn in a ltc part-time (ive done this before while in lvn school) or take it easy and work in a restaurant while waitressing like tyvin did (ive done waitressing before and i didnt think it was that stressful) so if im going for the money (i still have to pay bills) ill go for the ltc but if im going for less time working but still making decent wages ill go for the waitressing job. im still confused and dont know what to do. keep us updated on what you decide! good luck
  10. MyMystudentRN

    Counting down

    I got mine a few days ago!! they're all white and do not look all that bad. I actually like them! Im checking off the items on my to-do list as i do em and it seems like its coming but not fast enough! LOL
  11. MyMystudentRN

    maybe i'm not cut out for nursing :(

    I couldnt stand (actually still can not stand) sputum it just grosses me out and doing the sub-acute rotation we had ALOT of trach patients that needed to be suctioned oh...every 20 minutes or so!! I got through it because i knew i had to. You're not going to be okay with everything you come in contact with especially in nursing, we see things we thought was never possible, but its all worth it when we see that those things can be fixed and those people will be cared for and us nurses/doctors/aides etc had something to do with it.
  12. MyMystudentRN

    I just don't know what to do

    Well if you're doing that great in lab i see no problem with her raising your final grade in theory. Just make sure you show her you're doing the best you can ask her if there are any other ways you should try studying for the exams. Make her see that you are really trying. I know i was doing all the work for my stats class doing everything assigned to us plus more but my grade didnt move higher than a 52% i dont know what i was doing wrong i did good with the homework but did horrible on the tests. Talked to the professor and explained to him how i was studying and how i bad i needed to pass the class THAT semester. Lo and behold final grades came and i was ecstatic to see that C instead of that F. I wish it was an A but a C isnt that bad. Hope everything works out for the best for you. Just do not give up
  13. MyMystudentRN

    This wait is KILLING me....ADVICE?

    We can only tell you so much things to do believe me i know exactly what you're going through i just recently found out i was accepted for this fall and let me tell you no matter what i did to keep myself busy i always ended up thinking about that manila envelope!!! And i always found myself calling the school for something! LOL the wait is excruciating but you will get through this. Good luck! im crossing my fingers for you!
  14. MyMystudentRN

    The good "pop-up"

    Wow congrats to every last one of you new RNs!!! I know the feeling of seeing that good pop up window, but lucky me since i live in california i got to wait 2.5 weeks for the official results than another 2weeks to see my name on the BON as an LVN. I just hope i get the good pop up window again for the NclexRN!!
  15. MyMystudentRN

    Is an iPad beneficial?

    I was wondering the samething. I have both a laptop and ipad but laptop needs to be upgraded, dont know if i should get the laptop upgraded to take to school with me or just use the ipad.
  16. MyMystudentRN

    Who has been accepted for fall 2012???

    Ventura College here in California ADN program. For me, i am just going to relax and just deal with all the things needed to get done like immunizations, drug screening, background check, etc instead of reviewing. Congrats to you all and good luck with nursing school!!