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  1. by   PCCUer
    as long as it says "Delivery Successful" under your account and you got a good pop up, that means you passed. i took my test on a thursday and got my Quick Result on a saturday afternoon.

  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from sirens6
    Hello, My name is Adam, I just took my nclex-pn today and got kicked off right at 85 questions. for lack of a better term, the questions caught me with my pants down. I am really stressing about the results just like the rest of the threads I've read. Anyway, after reading the the previous threads I learned about the PVT and was wondering if it also works when the test is taken on the weekend like i did today. I tried it and got the good pop-up, but I am wondering of that is a glitch because of the weekend and all. what do you think?
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    Good luck
  3. by   jehmapely
    My family and I are firm believers of the PVT! My father took the NCLEX-RN on the 27th, and after a few hours, we did the PVT and got the "good pop up". Then we did the "Quick Result" option on the 29th, and he passed! Thank God! =D PVT is a blessing to our family; it has helped us to calm our nerves. I'm currently a nursing student, and I'm still hanging in there, and hoping and praying by God's grace, I'd graduate in summer 2012.

    Cheers to all the new RNs. God bless us all!
  4. by   rossbe
    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out.. I am waiting for my delivery to be confirmed.. and well it's not happening does aynone know a round about time that will happen?
  5. by   Alli1218
    I took NCLEX-RN Saturday and left feeling so emotional. I only had 75Q's, but it definitely was challenging! Later that I night I decided to try the PVT as I heard the rumor about it in nursing school. I got the "good pop-up" which gave me a glimmer of hope! I got my unofficial results on Monday that I passed!I officially consider myself an RN
  6. by   maudimar
    I took the NCLEX at 0800 on Saturday, January 29th. My computer shut off after 75 questions and I felt so emotional. I thought for sure I had failed because the questions were so difficult. I learned about the PV trick from a classmate. When my status said "Delivery Successful" I tried to re-register and I got the good pop-up. It helped relieve some of my anxiety, but I was still skeptical because it was the weekend and the same day of the exam. Well, I got my official results today and I PASSED!!! So the PV trick worked for me. I hope this helps some of you out there. :-D

  7. by   Readytohelppeople
    This trick is 100% correct, it really works, took the test on 1/21/2011, right after I did the PVT, I got the good pop-up, this was Friday,on Sunday Morning I checked the Alabama BON and what do you know, my L# was there. :-) I pray that you all do well.:spin:
  8. by   HP_Atom
    It worked for me as well! Got my results in and passed! woohoo!! Thank God!
  9. by   RN2BENAUSTIN
    It worked for me and so far everyone in my program has done it. We have all passed and we have all had the "good pop up". Thanks for the tip!! Also, we are in Texas and I called the BON 24 hours after taking the exam and they confirmed the news. You don't have to wait 48 hours in Tx...just fyi for fellow Texan Nurses
  10. by   TexnMedic
    Well FML that was a hard test. I got all 265 questions. Completely mindtarded right now. When i pressed next on #75 and saw question #76 pop up I may have said the F word out loud. Not sure because I had the sound proof headphones on. Got home and waited for the "successfully delivered" to show up under my status. Went and did the trick and got the "good" pop up. I sure as hell hoped its true because I wouldnt wish 265 questions on an enemy. I was there for 5 hours! Bow your heads and lets pray for me lol.
  11. by   RNBSN88
    I took the NCLEX at 8 am in Alexandria, VA Feb 1st. I had 75 questions. I did the PVT today and got the good pop up! I hope it's true get my quick results tomorrow! My State BON is Missouri.
  12. by   matilda123
    I took the nclex Monday 1-31 at 0800. I did the trick Tuesday morning, and got the good popup. Wednesday morning I had a license number and active status on the state licensing agency website!
  13. by   akyl
    I took my NCLEX RN in Cali on 1/18. It took two weeks to find out the results. I found out that my school sent our transcripts in on 1/21. The whole time, I was just checking the BRN website and doing the pvt everyday and was getting the good pop up every time.

    Today, I woke up early in the morning and found out my name is posted on the CA BRN Website! I am officially a nurse!

    This trick really works! I read almost all the posts and I know this is true. This was the only thing that kept me sane the whole 2 weeks!