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  1. vcoronel127

    Army nurse corps application process

    yes i would advise the AMEDD as well...they can help you get to your goals faster...wish you luck..
  2. where can i get more info regarding this school?
  3. vcoronel127

    Failed my NCLEX; need to know a more productive study plan

    thank you for this advice....i feel more confident now that i know this and everyone's advice. Thank everyone.
  4. yes...you should admit to that mistake...part of being a nurse in the first place is to be honest.--integrity..it's part of the profession you picked....nurses are one of the trusted professions in healthcare...
  5. vcoronel127

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    why is it on hold? do you have a criminal background? I'm thinking this is the only way you can get a hold on your status.
  6. vcoronel127

    Exam Cram helped me pass PN NCLEX

    thanks for this info..now im on my way to buy this book because my NCLEX is next coming month...no more failure this time..thanks guys
  7. vcoronel127

    Google Voice

    is this google voice on the iphone?
  8. I recently took the PN NCLEX and did the Pearsonvue trick only to find out the bad news. I really felt that I passed after I took it because I really studied a lot. =( I will take this again but this time I'm not planning on failing so I want to know how did you guys study and how long did you study everyday? It's really hard trying to study when your working at the same time so I want to know how you all did it for all those that worked and studied at the same time? My work is either from 8am till 5pm or from 11am till 8pm and I'm usually exhausted by the time I get home. There has to be a better way to do this because I'm not losing hope. I will never give up until I pass this because I know that I can. Thanks for any advices in advance...:):)
  9. vcoronel127

    I got hired!!

    Congrats!!! Way to start the new year!!!!
  10. vcoronel127

    Army CRNA program Ft Sam Houston

    i too would also like more information on this. Thank =)
  11. vcoronel127

    LVN-BSN /West Coast University

    i actually got the email today with in this matter. it states that it's not available....here is the link http://www.westcoastuniversity.net/LVN-to-BSN/?sce=LVNemail i dont know anything about the tuition but pls let me know if anyone inquires in this..Thanks
  12. vcoronel127

    Waiting for BVNPT to make a decision

    Wow I'm sorry to hear that...did it say why you were denied? I would figure that they will grant you the license since it was 15 yrs ago...
  13. vcoronel127

    A spare moment to help me out?

    pray....and also do a lot of practice questions everyday. and always read the rationale for every question regardless if you got it right...the day before the test, eat healthy so you mind can retain more information. good luck on your next one and always do your best.
  14. vcoronel127

    Letter of Explanation to BON due to Felony Conviction: HELP!

    I too wrote a letter. I basically told them what happened as detailed as I can. After the story I included how Im a changed person from before. Just don't lie and be honest with everything. The boards understands that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. Good luck and let us know how it goes
  15. vcoronel127

    Waiting for BVNPT to make a decision

    I'm I'm the same boats as you..so let me get this straight...u took the test, waiting for 3 weeks to get your passing results then told u two weeks after that they were sending your application out? 5 weeks?!?! That's alot of waiting to do...