Anyone know of a site to find out if credits are transferable to other schools?


Is there's a centralized site where you can find if schools in the nation are transferable to other school????

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If you go to the school's website in which you are planning on attending you might find that they have a link or page where you can compare your courses to theirs and see which courses are transferrable. You also might try calling the school and asking the admissions department directly.


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In a word, no. Schools have many and varied requirements for transferring credits, what will and won't be accepted. You'd need to check with the school where you are interested in attending, and see what they will and won't take from your completed credits.

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no. Each state differs in expectations and then each school has their own. Need to talk to an advisor about your degree program.


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Go to the website of the school you wish to attend and check for a credit transfer section on the site. Most school will have a section with the different schools and what they will accept as transfer.

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The process of accepting previously-earned credits for transfer is individualized and differs from school to school. To get a definitive answer, you will need to contact each school's admissions department and inquire about what they'll accept.


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Here is a link to a Web site where you can enter the name of your school(s) and courses you've taken: It will show you a list of schools your credits will transfer to and for what courses they transfer as. A lot of general courses transfer to several schools. However, not many nursing courses do (some will apply to lower-level courses toward graduation if you are doing RN-BSN). Hope this helps :up: