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  1. Where is that cohort at?
  2. West Coast University - BSN Program

    Thank you Dianah.
  3. West Coast University - BSN Program

    Psata. You don't know me so don't assume. I dont attend WCU and don't plan too. I just happen to be browsing the forum and I have responded on other threads not just WCU. If making a statement about not harshly attacking people who inquire about a sc...
  4. West Coast University - BSN Program

    I am not a student of WCU nor have any affiliation with it. Just Stated there was no need to speak so harshly to individuals on a forum that should be positive and for people to receive feedback. WCU is not where I am attending or plan to attend. No...
  5. New Bsn student

    From Website Online University | Online Degree Programs | WGU Degree-Specific Admission Requirements NOTICE: There will be limited clinical opportunities available in select hospitals in California, Texas, Florida, Indiana and Utah. Because of limit...
  6. California Virtual Lab prerequisites

    There is only one school that I know of for sure which is Western Governors University who contract with who does online science classes with online labs. I think Azuza.Pacifc might as well. The majority of schools do not take the...
  7. West Coast University - BSN Program

    Wow! What harsh words spoken to someone inquiring. There was no need to judge an individual based on their choice of schools. It is an individual choice. They are grown and can make decisions for themselves. No need to speak negativity towards anyone...
  8. FAFSA

    Log in to your FAFSA account and it will tell you what awarded aid you will receive.
  9. Years of experience before moving?

    I agree with hppygr8ful and eekxitsem. I was born and raised in California. From Northern California but have been in Southern California for soon to make 15 years now. It is too expensive, the nursing jobs are not easy to get, there are a lot of gr...
  10. Reserve Army Nurse

    You can do reserves in a similar MOS and go to school for your BSN and when you are done check with the recruiter about reclassifing to RN after you receive your BSN and get your license.
  11. Reserve Army Nurse

    To be an Army Nurse You Need A BSN to receive commission as a nurse. I plan to get my BSN to get back in the Army as a nurse.
  12. Major hospitals in L.A?

    I agree with everyone who has responded. Torrance Little Company of Mary Hospital is a great hospital too. I would not go to Centinela Hospital. Hear too many bad stories about the. Long Beach Memorial is awesome. Los Alamitos Memorial is a good ho...
  13. Prerequistes at National University

    I am a student at NUs Los Angeles Campus. You do just like you would do any other class. Not like a nursing class. I work full time and have done my A&P classes and Micro there. 8 weeks of work. Study the material, finish the labs and pass the ex...
  14. Western Governors University

    Yeah he gave me all the deadlines for the hospitals. I Chose the October cohort at Cedar Sinai. The app deadline is July 1st.
  15. Western Governors University

    Hey Kandy, Everything is good. I am finishing two classes right now then I will go for my TEAS. Are you talking about the personal statement? I submitted that last year and the only thing left is the Psychology class I need and the A&P 2. I am do...