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Firefighter, EMT-B, BLS instructor - currently pursuing a position in family nursing

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  1. chuckster

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    I wonder if myoglobin is on to something with his hypothesis. My NCLEX experience is from quite a while ago but was the full 265 questions. More surprising was the number of calculation questions on my test. I stopped keeping count after 20 but I'd g...
  2. chuckster

    Is this for Me?

    A couple of thoughts. Your age is not a barrier to getting a nursing education, however, your plans should absolutely include the BSN. The overwhelming preference by employers in most parts of the US, despite an alleged nursing shortage, is for BSN c...
  3. chuckster

    Improving immigration status

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've looked at finding an employer in the past, but unfortunately without much success. Perhaps the situation has changed of late and it it certainly is worth re-examining, even if it is a relative long shot. After doing so...
  4. chuckster

    Seeking Advice in Philadelphia!

    You may be able to do what your want for less than you've budgeted. Like you, I had a previous non-nursing degree and went to CC for my ADN (in my case, DCCC). My cost (less than $6k) was less than you've indicated in your post, mostly because it was...
  5. chuckster

    Improving immigration status

    When the on-line CRS calculator came up at less than the typically needed points, I then contacted a Canadian immigration attorney. His determination, was also that I was ineligible, though I did not get an explanation of why this was the case.
  6. chuckster

    Improving immigration status

    Hi - for a variety of reasons, I’d like to immigrate to Canada but was recently assessed as not eligible. I'm wondering what, if anything, I can do to change my status. A few words about my situation. I’m a second-career RN (BSN), with a background i...
  7. chuckster

    ADN vs. ABSN

    The least expensive route to becoming an RN is going to be getting your ADN from your local community college. As others have already noted, there is an overwhelming preference for BSN's and depending on your location, you may face considerable diffi...
  8. chuckster

    Utah RN pay, Salt Lake City area

    Bumping this. Curious - is this still the case in 2015?
  9. chuckster

    Utah licensure by endorsement

    Have a couple of questions regarding Utah licensure by endorsement that I hope someone can help with. The form appears to state that all applicants must submit fingerprints (2 sets). The instructions go on to state that Utah residents can have the fi...
  10. chuckster

    ACLS class as a student? good or pointless?

    Ran across this older thread and wondered if things have changed. With the current large surplus of health care personnel in my area, nearly all nursing positions and even most openings for UAPs state that both ACLS & PALS are required to apply. ...
  11. Link to full article (via Medscape): Medscape: Medscape Access The ADN vs BSN topic has been beaten almost to death, but there has not been a lot of objectivity in many of the arguments. This recent article in Nursing Economics is a dispassionate loo...
  12. chuckster

    Staying late, not getting paid.

    I sympathize, but while it may unethical for your employer to effectively require you to put in uncompensated time, as seems to be the case here, it is probably not a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as has been suggested. The FLSA sp...
  13. chuckster

    My next move -seeking advice-

    Not sure why you think the LPN will shorten your path to ADN by a year and half. Things vary from one Community College to the next but LPN's at my CC only skipped one semester of the nominal five semester (two year) AAS-Nursing program. Most nursi...
  14. chuckster

    Ball State MSN-FNP program

    Thanks Cauliflower. I'm not bothered by the self-study aspect of the program - this seems to be the trend and in any event, is something I'm familiar with from my RN-BSN program a few years back. I used to be bothered by having to handle all the aspe...
  15. chuckster

    My next move -seeking advice-

    Both ADN's and Diploma nurses are anachronisms that are likely to disappear in the not-too-distant future, with the active support of the ANA abetted by a poor job market all but ensuring that extinction.The nursing job market is glutted in most (tho...