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Hi everyone, I took my NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time and Failed. I took it last Monday 10/02/06 and no results on the website. I stopped at 101 or 102 but I know I failed for sure cuz it was getting... Read More

  1. by   Nursing28
    Lena: Thank you, thank you.....you are so sweet
  2. by   buddhanah
    I know exactly what you are feeling. I took mine OCt. 2nd as well and failed for the 2nd time. The hardest thing for me is to bump into people at the hospital from my graduating class and I suddenly feel the urge to hide my ID badge so that they dont' see that I havn't passed yet. By now it's been nearly 6 months since I graduated and Im starting to think I will forget everything I learned about being a practical nurse. For some reason this time I wasn't as devastated because I ran out of time at 210 questions and I just knew I was screwed. I got most of my tears out that night and I fell asleep with a migrain headache. I sat for the entire 6 hours with just one 2 minute break because I knew I was running out of time. How can anyone possibly pass that stupid test after sitting for that long. I realize that i have to start all over again and do what I have to do to pass but first I have decided to nurture myself, take a couple weeks to recoup and deal with some issues of my own like self confidence and self worth. Just Regroup, take a break and do something fun! I know when I do pass it will be the happiest day of my life because it will mark the end to the torture we have both experienced. don't give up. the nursing field needs us. we can do this!!!!
  3. by   DUECSON
    Did someone say that 28 passed her boards? If so i'm very happy for you. I had a feeling that you probably did better than you thought. I'm sure everyone leaves the testing site feeling defeated. Congrats to you. I hope I can say this a year in a half from now. :blushkiss
  4. by   Nursing28
    yes I did passed Duecson. Thanks.......I celebrated by going to Magic Mountain last night with boyfriend and friends. I was more scared of the darn rides than the actual NCLEX itself. I already got a job and very excited. Wishing everyone the best of luck on their exams and for the people who is waiting for the results.................................
  5. by   hlfpnt
    Congratulations Nursing28 !!!!
  6. by   BabyRN2Be
    Congratulations, Nursing28! Never second guess yourself when it comes to the NCLEX. I'm also glad that you got to treat yourself by going to Magic Mountain. I lived in CA for 14 years and never got to Magic Mountain.:roll

    Congratulations on passing the NCLEX, and I hope you enjoy your new job!!
  7. by   nadu13
    Congratulations Nursing28!!!!!!!! :hatparty: :smiley_aa
  8. by   rafRN
    hi everyone,just log in to read all those who failed the nclex.You inspire me all coz i wasnt interested to take the nclex anymore.I said to myself,if i fail the first then i can still study and give my best on the second.But unfortunately,it didnt turned out the way i wanted.Sometimes u really feel bad most especially if u gave ur all.And now,gosh....i dont know wat style of study will i do!!!!i've got all the reviewers and read every book that they say was effective.i have taken a lot of exam,but it's just the nclex dats stopping me to leave.
  9. by   rags
    rafRN did you try the review study plan mentioned here by Susanne?
  10. by   rafRN
    Quote from rags
    rafRN did you try the review study plan mentioned here by Susanne?
    hi rags,

    no!I haven't tried yet suzanne's study plan.but i asked her already.i'd like to give it a try hope it'll work this time.But i studied already the whole saunders during my first take of NCLEX.There's just one thing i know i find it difficult with d exam,it's the prioritization thing!!!!!!!does suzanne study plan work?
  11. by   Marivel
    I know how you feel. I want RN behind my name so bad! I took the boards 3 times and failed... I am so burned out of studying I don't even want to pick up another book. I am in Oregon and you can take the boards every 46 days for 3 years... so am guess I will try again... but I sure am scared to sit for it again.. I hate to fail... I came this far.. all my friends are passing first time and they are all working... I was a patient care assistant for about 4 months.. it sucked because I went to school to be a nurse and I couldn't even work as one. I ended up taking my LPN and I passed that.. but I so desperetly want the RN... hang in there. I am feeling so depressed but you have to think, it is not the end of the world, and no one died... we can do this!
  12. by   rags
    rafRN, I haven't used it AND tested yet. I am workig on it right now. Do you think the first time it was anxiety that got you rather than the knowledge and understanding you have then applying it to the NCLEX questions? The 2nd time around did you think about the first test while you were doing it and wonder about if you failed again? Positive statements and positive thoughts keep the mind more clear and allow you to concentrate on the test at that point and time.

    Marivel ~ I am getting ready to test for the 3rd time as well. I had never been a CNA and had to in order to keep my job after failing the first time. I decided that for some reason at some point of my nursing career I am going to have to use that experience to get me through something and that it needs to be a learning experience. The 2nd time, I guess I am just not ready yet. I will be the 3rd time around because I have done my CNA job with even more a learning format.

    Just a thought
  13. by   Marivel
    I graduated a year ago last June. I ahve taken the boards 3 times.. and I have a scheduled date. But I am having a hard time studying.. I can't get myself to do it again.. what is Suzane's study schedule everyone is talking about... I do have high anxiety... but most of all I know I will fail again.. then what another career, but I really want to be a nurse... I feel so guilty doing anything, because I know I should be studying... any ideas???