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    Working in FL

    I am moving to St Petersburg Fl and would like to know if I can work at a hospital while obtaining my FL license?

    RRT -Want to be a PACU NURSE!

    Try applying at a military hospital if you're close to one. I didn't have experience, but got hired on. I got hired on for SDS and had to cross train in the PACU for six weeks. If I wanted to I can work PACU permanently, when they need help I work there.

    DISCHARGE from PACU? Who does this?

    Most if not all military hospitals d/c pts from PACU. Peds with BMT's, most breast bx, and others are d/c'd from Pacu. We have no problems with these pts returning to ER. Most of the surgeries are anest. with local mac. If a pt have gen. anesthesia they must come to SDS.

    Brand New and in the PACU!

    Hi NewArmyRN, how do you like being a nurse in the army and what hospital are you at? I'm considering becoming an Army Nurse as well. I'd started the Nurse Candidate application only to find out that I would be too old once I finish my BSN. How was OBC? Our working days are Mon-Fri. No holidays and off most training holidays. I'm in Georgia at an army hospital.

    New Grads in the PACU

    I am an LPN and I also work in PACU and Same Day Surgery at a military hospital. I have been a nurse for 3 yrs and have been in the peroperative services for almost 2 yrs. I love PACU, but i'm wondering once I graduate with my RN Degree and look for a job will they hire me on since I already have experience? I oriented in PACU for six weeks. If I did not want to become an RN so badly, I would never leave my job.

    Dothan's Wallace Community College

    Those of us who were accepted into the program get an automatic spot in the fall program. Hopefully I can get closer to home.

    Dothan's Wallace Community College

    Not having enough students to apply is exactly what happened to me. I was accepted at WCC for spring 07; however, on the first day of class I learned the classs being cancelled b/c there were not enough students for the program. I was dissappointed, but I believe God has another plan. When one door closes another opens, so i'm hoping to get into CVCC in Phenix City alabama.

    Too poor to become a nurse?

    Someone mentioned FAFSA, go to fafsa.ed.gov for the official website. You shold have your tax information with you because they will need this information. Your filed taxes are better. I believe there is a lot of scholarships that can help you also. Check to see if there is a foundation at your school for those who need financial assistance. Some schools have a foundation that little people know about. You can do it, don't allow obstacles to get in your way, because trust me things will happen, but presevere through it all. I started LPN school when my youngest was 4 weeks old. I was already hormonal, I was blessed to find a teacher that told me to fight the good fight of faith. Wow, that day I had planned on dropping out because I didn't have the money or materials that I need. The instructor made a couple of call and needless to say the dean of Instructor walked me to the book store with his own personal chheckbook. I lie not. He told me if I needed help for the rest of my program to apply for a scholarship that he was apart of the board. I got financial help every semester. Yes, I had pell, but my pell wasn't enough.

    US Navy or England

    navynursetobe, please tell me how long was the process before you knew you were accepted into the Nurse Candidate Program? I've started my application for the program.
  10. I started my application for the NNCP, but I don't know what will gaurantee me a spot in this program. Has anyone applied recently and what is the process like after you've turned in everything? How long does it take for the selection and if you've been turned down or not selected, why? I need to know before Ipass up my slot for an LPN-RN transitional program.

    Dothan's Wallace Community College

    Petra1, please excuse me I was trying to say A&P as in anatomy and physiology.Have you taken ant prereqs and also will you be applying to the generic RN prgram? Oh! yes, since you believe in God and if God be for you then who can be against you. The Almighty is in your favor.

    Dothan's Wallace Community College

    I've heard great things about the school. Petra you should be able to get accepted. Have you taken the compass exam? It's a reading comprehension exam. Try to take A7P as soon as you can because these are important classes.

    Dothan's Wallace Community College

    Thank you Petra, I hope that you get into whatever program you apply for.

    Spring '07 class, where were you accepted?

    ABerryGirl, Congratulations:smiley_aa went to SPJC in 1983. WOW, really telling my age, but i'm glad to be alive. I still have a brother, aunts , and a host of cousins there. Have you heard of any Herrings, Sands, Burgess'? I live in GA.

    Spring '07 class, where were you accepted?

    I got accepted into Wallace Community College in Dothan, AL.

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    Hi, my name is Katrina. I will be starting LPN-RN bridge program in Sping 07, i'm very excited. Would you all give me some pointers on what to expect?