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  1. I think for the sake of fairness it should be noted that everyone, no matter their income bracket pays sales tax, gas tax, registration fees etc (which is what I see as "regressive taxes as you stated). As far as State tax goes that completely depend...
  2. THAT might be a cool idea for us rather than the current system we have. I like it. Simple and easy... with coverage for those that choose it. If I understand it correctly... rags
  3. triquee, Everyone should be taxed. Equally. rags
  4. You have made a lot of assumptions about me in your statement. I don't think you were able to comprehend what I wrote because you are too angry at what you have been hearing. I said nothing of "lazy" "Republican" "wasteful lower class" (or my gender)...
  5. "I can assure you I have never had a "handout" in my entire life. Also, as someone who has worked with the poor who you no doubt would classify as being lazy and wanting handouts I do take offense to your statement above. It's tough for people to "pu...
  6. True for some but honestly do you think that percentage is very high??? "Or essentially defrauding millions of hard working Americans out of their retirement and savings funds..." Our government is doing this so it must be right. Right? I would like...
  7. "Furthermore isn't it logical for someone who makes 1.2 million dollars a year to pay just a little bit more in taxes than someone who makes 28 thousand a year?" No. it is NOT logical. The beauty of where we live and way our county is structured has ...
  8. Where do you put your stethoscope?

    Around my neck. Every RN I work with... Around the neck. Every Doctor I work with... Around the neck (but it may not ALWAYS be THEIR stethoscope as they like to borrow the nurse's). and... we aren't even on TV! We must look SOOO cool since we are li...
  9. I have no idea what to do

    Many small hospitals (150 bed or less) in Wyoming are always hiring and offer relocation assistance. They will let you apply for license after a job offer as well. I also saw an ad just yesterday that was offer $10,000 sign on bonus and relo assistan...
  10. Maternal Newborn vs Low Risk Neonatal

    Will Do!!! Rags
  11. NCLEX lab values, therapeutic dose medication

    That's funny! I like that... rags
  12. Maternal Newborn vs Low Risk Neonatal

    Thank you, karnicurnc for the words of encouragement. I must admit though that the word... NCLEX.... made my little heart go up a few beats! But this time, it's for me. Not simply to get my licences after all that hard work getting through nursing sc...
  13. Maternal Newborn vs Low Risk Neonatal

    Thank you so much flutterbynurse. You make some very valid points that will play a part in my decision. And... BTW... Your right there is nothing "normal" about a LII. Those little turds can keep you on edge your whole shift trying to figure out "jus...
  14. No. I don't think it should be mandatory for anyone. I feel the same about the seasonal flu shot. rags
  15. Not sure if this thread should be in the NICU or Ob-Gyn Nursing discussion board . . . So, I am putting it in both :dncgbby: I work in a hospital that combines L/D, PP, Normal Newborn and LII Nursery, and PEDS all together in one unit. I do everythi...