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RN since 2006. Married 25+ years with 3 children.

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  1. rags

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    I think for the sake of fairness it should be noted that everyone, no matter their income bracket pays sales tax, gas tax, registration fees etc (which is what I see as "regressive taxes as you stated). As far as State tax goes that completely depends on the state in which you live. If you think about this the "uber-rich" as I believe they have been referred to most likely pay even more in these taxes as they do consume more products and utilize more gas in those SUV's that many like to complain about. As for the bantering on the Heirs (ones that have inherited something) I still don't believe that I or anyone else has a right to it just because they feel it is unfair. Sounds a little whinny with a dash of jealousy. Would you (Note: you being nobody in particular) feel the same way if the shoe was on the other foot and were one of these heirs? Our ridiculously high national debt and problems with our tax & health systems are far more encompassing than just its relationship to healthcare. It really has to be addressed as a whole rather than just one piece of it. Everyone in Washington is completely out of touch and out of control, no matter their party affiliation. That is just how I feel about the whole thing and I will apologize in advance if I have again upset you or anyone else with my post. NOT my intent! rags
  2. rags

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    THAT might be a cool idea for us rather than the current system we have. I like it. Simple and easy... with coverage for those that choose it. If I understand it correctly... rags
  3. rags

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    triquee, Everyone should be taxed. Equally. rags
  4. rags

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    You have made a lot of assumptions about me in your statement. I don't think you were able to comprehend what I wrote because you are too angry at what you have been hearing. I said nothing of "lazy" "Republican" "wasteful lower class" (or my gender)... I simply believe EVERYONE should pay their FAIR share of taxes. No more ~ no less. You have a lower income you pay less, you have a higher income, you pay more BUT... Everyone pays the same percent (that is %) of whatever that income is and no matter how they came by that income i.e. paycheck, wellfare check, OR inheritance (I added that one in the spirit of compromise ) I realize this is a touchy subject right now and it is very personal to people on both ends of the spectrum. I never intended to raise anyones blood pressure. Now... I would like to say... I think nurses are necessary and under appreciated by the hospitals that depend on them. They are only concerned with covering the bottom line, increasing the workloads as a result without compensation. (think this might be a bit more on topic) rags
  5. rags

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    "I can assure you I have never had a "handout" in my entire life. Also, as someone who has worked with the poor who you no doubt would classify as being lazy and wanting handouts I do take offense to your statement above. It's tough for people to "pull themselves up by the bootstraps" when they don't have any boots." I apologize for offending you with my statement but believe you have completely misunderstood my comment. I am not referring to the people the programs were set up for. The one's in need when times are tough, but rather the ones who have chosen to use them as a lifestyle. That said, I could argue this point further with you but we both realize this is not the appropriate post for this debate.
  6. rags

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    True for some but honestly do you think that percentage is very high??? "Or essentially defrauding millions of hard working Americans out of their retirement and savings funds..." Our government is doing this so it must be right. Right? I would like to mention too that "inheritance" came from someone's prosperity that was most likely due to hard work and perseverance. You think we should punish their family for that and instead give it to other's that have done NOTHING but accept the handout they believe they are entitled to? I don't. rags
  7. rags

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    "Furthermore isn't it logical for someone who makes 1.2 million dollars a year to pay just a little bit more in taxes than someone who makes 28 thousand a year?" No. it is NOT logical. The beauty of where we live and way our county is structured has allowed people to progress and better themselves through hard work. We should not punish people for their accomplishments. We should all pay the SAME percentage of tax no matter our current income. Get less of the takers off the grid and make them work for their living too instead of riding on the heals of others. But ... that is totally a different topic and really has nothing to do with nursing. rags
  8. rags

    Where do you put your stethoscope?

    Around my neck. Every RN I work with... Around the neck. Every Doctor I work with... Around the neck (but it may not ALWAYS be THEIR stethoscope as they like to borrow the nurse's). and... we aren't even on TV! We must look SOOO cool since we are like the movie stars! I never knew... I think what your instructor told you sounds like a personal opinion for where she likes to carry hers. Just a guess... rags
  9. rags

    I have no idea what to do

    Many small hospitals (150 bed or less) in Wyoming are always hiring and offer relocation assistance. They will let you apply for license after a job offer as well. I also saw an ad just yesterday that was offer $10,000 sign on bonus and relo assistance in (in as they stated it) "Majestic" North Dakota. Cheyenne Regional Medical Center had an ad right next to that one. Good luck to all of you looking. rags
  10. rags

    Hospital now paying a price for understaffing?

    I think part of the problem our hospitals are having is directly related to the amount of control our government has over healthcare already. They dictate some of the care that can be done as well as what they will pay without regard to what is best for the pt. I work in a hospital and I see this on a regular basis and that is what I have formed my opinion on. I don't think we really need more of the same direction if want things to start heading in a different one. Just my 2 cents. rags
  11. rags

    Maternal Newborn vs Low Risk Neonatal

    Will Do!!! Rags
  12. rags

    NCLEX lab values, therapeutic dose medication

    That's funny! I like that... rags
  13. rags

    Maternal Newborn vs Low Risk Neonatal

    Thank you, karnicurnc for the words of encouragement. I must admit though that the word... NCLEX.... made my little heart go up a few beats! But this time, it's for me. Not simply to get my licences after all that hard work getting through nursing school. I think that makes a HUGE difference! Any good ideas on a book that offers good study questions or review for the Low Risk Neonate? I think that is the directions I am going to go. That really is my passion and most definitely more of a comfort zone for me. rags
  14. rags

    Maternal Newborn vs Low Risk Neonatal

    Thank you so much flutterbynurse. You make some very valid points that will play a part in my decision. And... BTW... Your right there is nothing "normal" about a LII. Those little turds can keep you on edge your whole shift trying to figure out "just what are they doing???" rags
  15. No. I don't think it should be mandatory for anyone. I feel the same about the seasonal flu shot. rags

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