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  1. nadu13

    Help...nclex refresher courses

    Hi there ... I would definitely recommend looking into Hurst Review ... you can do it either online or in person if it is available in your area ... once you you have reviewed all of the content then recommend using UWORLD ... good luck you got this!!!! :)
  2. nadu13

    Passed NCLEX with Second Attempt

    Yes we did ... woohoo :)
  3. nadu13

    Passed NCLEX with Second Attempt

    Congratulations ... I am so happy for you :)
  4. "I brought my own instrument; what else do you need?"
  5. nadu13

    Passed in 75 with an Infant!!

  6. nadu13

    NCLEX October 2017

    Not sure with California ... all I hear is that they take a long time
  7. nadu13

    NCLEX October 2017

    Yayyyyy ... congratulations ... one of BEST feelings in the world 🙂
  8. I used U world and Hurst together ... Im my opinions that was a great combination ... I pass with 100 questions ... good luck ... you got this :)
  9. Hey sorry to hear about you not passing but you got this ... this was my fourth time taking the NCLEX and I used UWorld and Hurst ... I PASS ... if anything, I would recommend using Uworld.
  10. nadu13

    Studying medications for nclex

    I didn't really study medications. I just learned from what came up in my q bank on Uworld and Hurst Review. There is too many medications to try and memorize
  11. nadu13

    Nclex pn stopped at 85 with good pop up

    Thank you :)
  12. nadu13

    NCLEX October 2017

    Congratulations ... woohoo
  13. nadu13

    FINALLY I Passed my NCLEX-RN

    Congratulations ... God is good ... Amen
  14. nadu13

    Pct trick anxiety!!

    Congratulations .. you pass ... go out and celebrate
  15. nadu13

    Nclex pn stopped at 85 with good pop up

    Thank you ... you deserve it .. definitely go out and enjoy ... this was my fourth time and the joy I feel in my heart everyday waking up to know that I am a nurse is the best feeling ever.
  16. nadu13

    Nclex pn stopped at 85 with good pop up

    Hello ... congratulations in advance .. I took the NCLEX PN on October 13th and I did the PVT and I got the good pop-up and found out I pass on the 15th so in my case did work. I've read if you get the good pop up 24 hrs later then you PASS ... keep us posted