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  1. bitter_betsy

    CMA playing "Nurse Manager?" CMA boundaries? NPD?

    If you are offered the position, I think you should ask for a couple shifts to make a determination. Explain your confusion over who will be administratively and clinically managing you and that you would like to meet them / work with them for a day or two just to make sure that you click. Don't mention "right hand" just that you want to make sure that you are truly welcomed back into the flock and you know what and where your position is. That might not be acceptable for some place you hadn't worked before, but not knowing the circumstances under which you left and how many people are still there and how you may interact with each of them.... I'd want to spend just a little time checking it out. Besides, Right Hand may be really good at what she does and although not a nurse, may actually be a super helpful person.... or not. Face the situation straight on. Either say no and move on, or run head on into and see where you land. Don't take a passive back seat and hope that everything works out. If you start out quiet and hate it, the situation will never improve. I wish you much luck and healing.
  2. bitter_betsy

    Not connecting or feeling good about nursing program

    I honestly do not mean this in an offensive or negative way... is there anyone in your program similar in age to you? As others have said, you aren't there to make friends, but it does help to have someone to bounce ideas off of, deadlines and just for general decompression. Having said that, it has been very difficult for me to find common communication grounds with some of the students in my cohort. If you don't click - move on. Don't worry about it. There is certainly a generation gap in communication developing and no matter how many conversations I have with my daughter about how to effectively communicate with her & her generation - it just does not make sense to me. My own child looked at me when she was home from break and said "thats fantastic momma, lol". Who uses LOL in a verbal sentence? Do your best. I myself am a loner. I study alone and for the most part am always alone. I have a younger student that looks to me like a mom and I help keep her assignment dates on track. It keeps me on my toes because I never know when she's going to ask me about a deadline. Use the school resources as much as possible and just do your best. Get tons of hugs from your family at the beginning and end of the day. It IS possible and you CAN do it. I passed Med Surg by answering thousands of questions. Literally - I did 2000 associated with my book and who knows how many in ATI and on my phone app. Questions - constantly. Don't give up!!
  3. bitter_betsy

    MUSC Spring 2020 ABSN

    @drakesghostwriter I would wait until Tuesday and find out if PrepU is required. I know that it can be torture to wait, but it may save you $$. They were deciding if Prep U was going to be mandatory when we were going through. If you just buy the ebook, you may be going back to purchase the other stuff and in the end will cost you more. Some things I have learned - buying ebooks from the publisher is almost always better. Ebay sucks for books because you never know what page stuff is really going to be on (cheaper but not worth the effort to find the sections). It is also beneficial because the publisher has a reader included so if you are driving, then your car can read the text to you. This may seem minor, but depending on where you life - traffic can REALLY suck. Those who live in Summerville have a nasty commute. Even coming from West Ashley is dreadful on days - never mind hitting school bus traffic!! That is a whole new level of SUCKS. For me I appreciate PrepU and its the best way for me to study. I do 50 NCLEX questions per day, its just how I learn. I read the rationales and that is how PrepU works also. My grades are better when I use PrepU. Its expensive, but in my opinion worth the time and effort. It wasn't an option for our HA class, but for Foundations, Women's Health, Med Surg and Peds - it was worth every cent!
  4. bitter_betsy

    MUSC Spring 2020 ABSN

    @emilylooney https://shop.lww.com/Lippincott-CoursePoint--for-Hogan-Quigley--Palm---Bickley--Bates-Nursing-Guide-to-Physical-Examination-and-His/p/9781496356673 Sorry - this would have been helpful.
  5. bitter_betsy

    MUSC Spring 2020 ABSN

    @emilylooney https://nursing.musc.edu/academics/student-services/college-of-nursing-booklists That is the link to where the booklist is located (it is a pdf - you want Spring 2020 ABSN booklist. This is the description for Health Assessment: Hogan-Quigley, B. Palm, M.L., & Bickley, L.S. (2016). CoursePoint+ for Hogan-Quigley, Palm & Bickley: Bates Nursing Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking (1st ed.) Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Includes ebook, PrepU Health Assessment, Lippincott advisor, resources, Stedman Medical dictionary and vSim Health Assessment ISBN: 978-1496356673 Do not shortcut anything with vSim or PrepU - you will just end up spending more money and it will hurt you in the end. PrepU really helps when you use it. vSim is a requirement and there is no way around it. We were guinea pigs and PrepU was optional - its entirely possible that portions of it will be required for grades now. This is a direct link to Lippincott where you can order what you need at a discount. lippincottdirect.lww.com You just put in Medical University of South Carolina and it brings up the books available from them at the discounted price. The issue with Health Assessment is that the ISBNs do not match. What I would actually do, is be prepared to spend about $250 on this stuff and wait and speak with Dr. Kinyon on the first day of class. She is amazing and will tell you exactly what you need to do. She doesn't love technology but she will tell you exactly which pieces of that you need. If you just need the book, you can get it from anywhere (I'm pretty partial to ebooks now). If you need the digital stuff that goes with it - just order it from Lippincott. You can always post here and I'll help decipher the answer too. You have Health Assessment on Tuesday and I will check and see if you have posted anything Good Luck!! Are you ready???
  6. bitter_betsy

    I’m so over Nursing School

    It isn't just you. Most of my cohort - including me - is over it also. It doesn't rightly matter if we are "over it" or not - we aren't done yet. No point in quitting now. For us - we have a 16 month program. The most we have gotten off so far is 11 days between semesters. We will get almost 3 weeks off in December - our first real break. We graduate in May. I haven't slept more than 5 hours a night for at least 3 weeks now. We are nearing the end of the semester and EVERYTHING is due. I'm either in my car (listening to a recorded lecture or the textbook or something regarding nursing school), the shower, a class room, a clinical, in bed or usually my butt is in my chair at home studying. I don't have advice, but I am gonna go take a nap.
  7. bitter_betsy

    Ati predictor

    If you have access to all of ATI - there should be a boatload of tests (Practice A and Practice B) that you can take. In addition, there should be questions that you can answer for each section (under the Learning System RN tab). When you take the Practice tests it shows you which questions you got wrong and points you to the section of the book to study. I would start with the practice tests, and then move on to all the other questions. I do at least 50 questions a day and I’m just 3rd semester. I’m hoping that I will have answered all the questions by the time its time for me to take it.
  8. bitter_betsy

    Ati predictor

    What part or parts of ati do you have access to? Any? All of the books are available to download through your login. Have you checked for those? Next - I would go to Cathy Parks on You Tube (LevelUp RN). She previously taught straight from the ATI books but has had to modify her teachings. She would be your 2nd best bet (or in addition to actually) getting your hands on ATI books.
  9. In May, I will be graduating with my BSN. This week I spent the day in the Peds ER and I absolutely loved it. Sadly, I do not get to pick my precepting location or preceptor next semester. All assignments are made for us, and we don't get to make any changes (we also don't get to make requests). The semester before us ruined all those options for us. We are building a new hospital (Level 1 Peds Trauma Center - Magnet designation) and it is expected to open around the beginning of the new year. The current ER is fully staffed and has been for quite a while. They are not hiring new PCTs at this time or in the foreseeable future (potentially until the opening of the new hospital). Another student in my cohort is already a PCT in the department, so even if 1 job becomes available it will probably be offered to her first. As students, we are treated like internal candidates and can apply for any open positions. They will start having interviews in February for us to participate in. How can I set myself up to get a job here? I plan to get my PALS certification (as well as ACLS) during next semester. I also plan to see if the nurse that I worked with yesterday will allow me to shadow her for a couple weeks next semester as well. What else can I do to set myself up to be the best candidate on the list? I'm the oldest in my cohort, so that can either be a blessing or a curse as well - but I realize age is always a factor. I have tried searching posts, but I'm not coming up with what I'm looking for. Suggestions please?
  10. bitter_betsy

    Is this legal? What are your thoughts?

    Where I've worked we always have "take a day, get a day" - meaning if you call in to get a day off before the holiday, then you get your day off, your holiday off and another day off (or maybe even a whole week off) - all without pay. Now if you were sick and brought in a doctors note, then "take a day, get a day" didn't happen. The thought process was that you were scheduled but now someone else has to come in and they most likely have to pay them at least time and a half for OT plus double time if on the holiday - all because you wanted an extra day off and didn't request it properly. I never asked if it was legal - I just showed up for my shifts and went in and got paid extra when others called out.
  11. bitter_betsy

    Just be professional, period.

    Where I'm at, if the social media stalkers from my school saw this at my hospital - that person wouldn't be employed today. I'm surprised, but we are actually allowed to have our phones on the floor to look things up (provided our nurses ok it first and we are with them not off in a corner texting) just because there aren't enough computers for all the staff and all the students. However - even our personal fb pages are monitored to ensure that we aren't posting inappropriate pictures in our uniforms. We were even counseled the other day that if we stop for groceries in uniform, we must still be in full uniform (including shoes). I don't have much tolerance. If its an emergency and they are on their phone - they aren't taking their job seriously and are putting someone in danger (maybe even me) - I'd write that instance up in a heartbeat. Then again I'm old and crotchety.
  12. bitter_betsy

    How do you wear your Apple Watch?

    So this is great news!! I need to do some research. I thought that they didn't work when they weren't on your wrist. Thank you!! For now I'm wearing mine on my wrist - the thought of it just bothers me though. We are allowed to use our phones in clinical when our nurses say that we can look something up like a med (there are never enough computers available), but I see everyone on their phone way too much - seems like we can't breathe without our devices.
  13. bitter_betsy

    How to be organized in med surge clinicals

    We know who our patient is the day before and we have to submit our labs and meds and one piece of our documentation related to their diagnosis the morning of clinical (so we have to go to the floor the day before and get all of our info to do said prework). On the few days we haven't had to do this, I keep a small notebook in my pocket, write down their meds, labs and do a quick search of their diagnosis to really understand what is going on with them. I stay after everyone else leaves and look up the remaining information that I need to complete my paperwork. Honestly, once our clinical instructor lets us go, I just stay attached to my nurse and that usually results in me getting to do everything else that I'm allowed (it also means I sometimes won't do a 2nd assessment on a really sick patient). I just stay with the nurse and go with them through all their patients and assume they are all mine. It results in me getting to do and see more things that if I just hover over my patient. I've had some of my best experiences with people that weren't my patient. At the end of the day, I will sit down at the computer and get any information for my paperwork that I need, follow up with the nurse to answer any outstanding questions, then I go home and complete the documentation while its all fresh in my brain. Am I following the rules? Probably not, but my instructors don't complain because I am never sitting down and the nurses are always happy with my participation. I've even had nurses request me for the day because they had something they wanted me to specifically be part of as a learning experience. I know we have to do documentation, but if clinical becomes about paperwork more than it is about learning, we will never make good nurses. I know nurses have to document, but if they only know how to document and not how to coordinate patient care, they won't make it past that first year. - just my opinion!
  14. bitter_betsy

    NCLEX New Format 2020

    Ok - so we are actually free from all this everything they are talking about? This is good to know. I started doing NCLEX questions during first semester. I don't want to waste time studying between now and then doing the wrong thing. I'm trying to do between 25 and 50 questions a day now. The rationales help me more than anything!! Thanks for the info!
  15. bitter_betsy

    NCLEX New Format 2020

    Can someone point me to accurate advice regarding the NCLEX format between May and July of 2020? Some things I have found said that the format will not change by then, some says it will be testing questions. The ATI website says they need to better assess clinical judgement but I have not found anything definitive that says wether the test will be any different or not. I'm already starting to do practice questions, but I want to study appropriately if I'm going to have to do fill in the blank and what nots. Any and all info is appreciated!! Thank you!!
  16. bitter_betsy

    Is 63 to old to start nursing school?

    Thank you - Danskos hurt my feet something awful - well truthfully the 2.0 did. I bought them and gave them away. They only have the white in Professional. I love my ABEOs but they don't make them in white. After my final today I stopped at the store to pick up leather paint... Gonna try painting/dying an old pair of my favorites. I have plantar fasciitis so my feet are kind of particular. I don't think I've tried SAS though. I'll have to look into those. Thank you Kindly!!

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