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  1. bitter_betsy

    Help- will not finish Hep B immunization before clinicals

    I was only required to start the series prior to clinicals. I had to have 2 of the 3. I received the 3rd shot after I completed my first semester of clinicals. I'm sure it varies by program.
  2. I heard a student question an instructor as to why a nurse would need emotional and/or spiritual support after the death of a pediatric patient. This same student was not aware that pupils dilated and doesn't know the difference between proximal and distal. However their grades are well above your general 3.0. Grades really aren't everything. Nurses are a package deal - and not every package comes with perfect grades. I'd be willing to bet that many fantastic nurses/students have less than stellar grades.
  3. bitter_betsy

    How to fight procrastination and sleeping in?

    This is my biggest concern as well. I have a 1.5 hr commute plus traffic time plus parking and taking the shuttle to campus plus getting to class... This means some days I will be LEAVING my home at 4:30 (I can't even think about waking up at 4am).... I would rather go to bed at 4 am. I can do pretty early to bed schedule most of the week, but I will be keeping my server job on the weekend. Most likely I'll work Friday nights and all day Saturday, but be off Sunday. My fella is a fisherman - so no consistency for him either. The two of us are just a hot nightmare!!!
  4. bitter_betsy

    Failed Nursing 1 by less than a percent looking for advice

    I don't even start school until the 7th - so take this with a grain of salt. I have a friend who also just failed her first semester. She and her spouse were in class together and it was extremely difficult for her while it was practically effortless for her spouse. She failed by only a few points and was initially devastated. I watched any gleam of hope wash out of her face when she realized that she and I will now be graduating at the same time. She eventually realized that (I'm paraphrasing) she needed to re-take the material anyway because she really didn't understand it. When push came to shove, she didn't pass because of multiple things - it wasn't just one test - it was all the tests. Now she is looking forward to her program because she knows what she doesn't know. From my standpoint, it sounds like you need to build a firm base to learn on. I'd venture to say that more than the majority, and nearly all of our questions are based on critical thinking. This is actually a skill that has to be learned just like anything else, and it sounds like you need to learn how to think this way. Most of us students aren't taught how to study in high school and we don't learn how to apply new principles or ideas. It is just sort of inconvenient because you want to graduate sooner rather than later. The problem is, some of that information just didn't click for you. You need every little bit of that information because nursing keeps building on what we are learning. By missing that percentage now, it means that next semester would have just been that much harder for you - had you passed. While you have some time, do some you tube research and learn how to study questions. I have actually been going through a free question bank. Most of the time I get the questions wrong, but I read the rationale and try to understand to point of the question - the thought process maybe. This really does nothing more than gives me plenty of examples to learn by. You should figure out how you learn best. I am an audio learner. I actually have both physical and ebooks for some of my classes. I listen to the ebooks while I'm in the car driving. It makes recall faster for me when I start reading. I promise I didn't know any of this my VERY first semester in college many years ago. It has taken me a long time to learn how I need to study so that I can learn. I hope that in time you are able to see this as a positive thing. I know its disappointing and I'm so very sorry that you are upset. I hope that you will take a little time, investigate yourself and figure out your learning style. You already know that you don't like study groups - I don't either for the most part. I actually do really well where we study alone, together in groups. We will sit around usually on the floor and study quietly. Every once in a while someone will blurt out a question of some sort and we all stop and talk about it together. Then we go back to studying. No straying from what we are doing. I would surely recommend a tutor of some sort, and have them help you learn how to learn. You didn't fail. You just didn't approach from the right angle. Pull yourself back together and try again. I wish you well. You can do this!!
  5. bitter_betsy

    double major nursing and general studies

    No no no. Before you willy nilly decide to graduate you need to understand what financial ramifications that will have on you completing your nursing degree. Once you have obtained that first degree, you no longer qualify for pell grant or other undergrad goodies. So - if you plan to finish just at a different time - suck it up and don't graduate with that one degree a semester early. Talk to your financial aid counselor to see how your specific case works out. Knowledge is power and in this case - it makes a GIANT difference in your financial aid package. I speak from experience!
  6. bitter_betsy

    Terrified...is this normal?

    So - I'm in a long term relationship (terrified to get married again), have a kid in college, I'm in my 40s and I start in January. I understand everything you say. I'm freaking out daily because I've started on all the crap I have to do to even be able to show up to orientation. ITS A LOT!!!! It sounds like you may be experiencing more anxiety than what I would consider normal, but most of what you are saying is just how it is for us. The only thing that concerns me is: "I'm worried I will not be there enough for my kids". THIS... this is most likely a fact. Having said that - there are many single moms that managed to get through this - so its possible. It will depend on your determination and your ability to let your husband help as much as possible - and let some of the smaller things go. Its ok to cook a pizza instead of a whole meal - its ok to get your family to help you study at the table. Its ok to listen to lectures in the car instead of the radio. Its ok to have "mom" time to just study with no interruptions. As moms our children come first - its just how we are wired. But while you are in nursing school - this may not totally be the case. You have to be ok with rolling with whatever school throws at you. It isn't permanent and you'll be able to go back to being exactly the mom you want to be when you graduate - but you have to be ok with making concessions during school. Oh - as we get older we realize that we are human and have limitations. We see our shortcomings in a negative light because we know that our lack of knowledge can have serious consequences. People younger than us don't always know what they don't know and it works to their advantage. They are unaware of exactly how much they don't know and they steam ahead full force into the unknown. I'm not sure about you - but I'd rather be aware that I don't know everything and do my best to learn as much as I can. Good Luck! You can do this!!!
  7. bitter_betsy

    Middle School Diets

    Keto flu sort of exists... when you cut out all sugars your body goes into shock just like caffeine withdrawal. There are symptoms that one experiences when entering a ketogenic state especially if you have been on a crap-food diet up to that point. In my opinion, NO child (or adult for that matter) should be on a keto diet unless medically supervised. I have extreme feelings about the keto diet and I hate it for everyone (including me). First of all let me preface this by saying that 1) I follow a keto diet and have for nearly 5 years now and 2) I am medically supervised by a PhD who specializes in keto as well as my Neurologist and I do this for medical reasons that do not include losing weight. I meet with my PhD weekly and neurologist at least quarterly. I don't want mashed potatoes for brains or bones as I age and I'm doing everything I can to prevent that. Before you attempt to speak with the parents - educate yourself so that you can reply to their misinformation with factual information. Personally I feel that the Charlie Foundation (Mayo Clinic) will provide you with the best source of information at this particular moment. They have recently updated their website to address what seems to be the general masses. I think they caved because previously they would only address children that needed care for seizures. Regardless - their site has appropriate information for your situation and will provide you with a solid foundation to speak to the parents. What is a Ketogenic Diet? Keto Diet Facts, Research, and Variations Keto flu isn't really a word that a kid is just going to throw around. That sounds like she is regurgitating something mom planted in her head. Its also a word from the garbage resources out there. Reputable sources do not refer to keto flu but will instead warn of the actual symptoms you may encounter. Also - laws of physics still apply. You cannot eat as much as you want because ultimately calories do matter. Science always wins. Anyone who does keto typically gains all the weight plus some back - because they don't learn to eat like they should forever. Keto is difficult to sustain longterm.
  8. bitter_betsy


    I grew up in the midwest where snow is very much a fact of life as well as horrible drivers. You are also experiencing a pretty bad winter this year too. I have been driving an hour each way to work for years now. Here shortly - I will be traveling nearly 2 hours to school and another 2 hours home each day. My mind has plenty of time to think about this very issue. We have a lot of deer and other critters that like to dart out into the road, and they build our roads so stupidly that water sits in them and you hydroplane every time it sprinkles. Not snow - but still the same end result of fear. I am so very sorry that you are dealing with this, and I'm also sorry that you failed your first test. It may not be easy - but you CAN do this. I agree that you need to begin counseling asap. Is there an option to do this through school? I would speak with the school anyway because there are so many aspects of this that they can help with. Maybe they can set up a plan for you so that if you are late, it won't count against you. Not that you aren't coming or won't come - but that late will be ok. Because you may have to make extra stops or go extra slow, it would be helpful to have this available to you. For my program, if we are late - we are locked out. If we are locked out or don't come - its $250 per clinical. You should also come up with a bad weather plan..... Do you know anyone at school you can stay with when its particularly bad? Keep a few days worth of clothes in your car so that you can stay if it gets bad. Depending on your school, do they have dorm rooms you can potentially stay in? Find some way to have plans to stay in town when its particularly bad. Most likely you are close to finals for this semester. Do you need to take the Spring semester off? Is that a possibility? If so how would it affect the rest of your schooling? Can you attend during the summer so you are still finished at the same time or do you only have Spring/Fall semesters? I don't really have answers, but I myself am trying to arrange a place to stay for either a late night / early morning, hurricane conditions, or any other reason that pops up where coming home/going back will be a rough situation. My last resort is a hotel and I'm setting aside about 5 nights worth of hotel money "just in case". PTSD is very real but you can manage it. I won't even pretend that its easy - but you've made it through half of nursing school - you CAN do this. I was in a situation and 2 years after I was out of the situation it reared its ugly head about 10 feet in front of me. I held my composure long enough to immediately walk away and then for about 5 minutes I was a complete mess. It took another 5 minutes to pull myself somewhat together. I was at work and didn't have the ability to fall apart. I had to get it together and I did. Its been another 6 months and I'm fairly certain I could maintain composure at this point - but its 3 years later. Do not expect yourself to not be afraid - that isn't realistic and isn't good self care. Be understanding of yourself and your fears. You were in a terrible and traumatic situation - allow yourself to be ok with these fears because they are normal and rational. You can also take control and know that you are afraid, but you have to do this for your future. That may mean - taking extra time, going a different route, carpooling or maybe finding a different and temporary housing solution. The bottom line is that its ok to be fearful - just don't let fear stop you. Oh - and a really good doctor is super helpful too!!! You've got this!
  9. I would hold my head high and move on from that baby. Be the adult and pretend like nothing happened. He's just upset because he doesn't get to play anymore. If he says anything to you just say "I'm sorry for your loss" and walk away. I do not miss dating.
  10. bitter_betsy

    Obese Nurses Risk Their Patient's Well-Being

    You got my attention with the title and I wanted to applaud you on your personal effort. I think that this is a topic that could only be addressed by someone that has been there. If I attempted this same paper, I would not have the same effect as you and I would most likely seem judgmental. I feel like you have a good opportunity to present an educational paper that is nearly always controversial. For lack of others examples, I agree that maybe you could apply your personal experience to the situation. Although being obese is a clinical definition, there are many facets to that definition. I am close to being obese and I'm a 5'0" size 4 in most cases. My mother however is 5'2" and outweighs me by nearly 100lbs - she is not muscular. She has had 2 hip replacements and 2 knee replacements. She can swim all day long (I cannot), but she gets out of breath easily doing any other aerobic activity. She could not perform CPR for 15 seconds, let alone multiple minutes. She also couldn't climb onto a gurney with any sort of help. Since you need to argue why nurses shouldn't be obese can you tackle it from a health perspective - from the lead by example point? If not, can you use specific personal limitations and apply them to a nursing situation? What I have rolling around in my brain is Firemen. In order to become a fireman you have to do all the things - you have to pass the physical test. If you physically can't carry/drag the human dummy out of the burning building - you won't become a fireman. I believe this should apply to us as well. There should be a baseline number of things that we should be able to do - and while some things may be covered under the ADA, I don't think that weight should exempt us from those things. Am I making sense? Hopefully I'm helping. Best of luck to you. Congrats on the weight loss. Much success to you on your new lifestyle.
  11. bitter_betsy

    Best shoes for 12 hours

    I have bought SO many shoes. I hate danskos. I'm ok with Alegrias but I love Abeo. I just bought Nursemates and I haven't worn them long enough to have an opinion yet. My suggestion - Pick one and wear them. If you hate them - don't buy them again. I will say I hated the Danskos the moment I put them on and bought them anyway. My feet hurt for 2 weeks and I kept wearing them. As soon as I stopped wearing them - my feet stopped hurting. It takes me about 12 hours to break in a pair of Abeo. I easily spent $500 on shoes before I found the shoes for me. I figure its an investment. The danskos I gave away - the others I just rotate in and out to get their wear out of them. I'm sure you could sell them if you can't return them. Good Luck!
  12. bitter_betsy


    I have migraines and I really try to minimize them and their effects. I get quite angry when someone says "have you tried Excedrin Migraine?" Yea - if that crap worked it wouldn't be a migraine. Today I even had AIWS along with my beloved migraine. Trying to get your hand to your mouth when your arm feels like spaghetti is interesting. So is trying to read the bottle to make sure you are taking the right med when you can't see. People who don't have migraines but think they do should be issued one. I wish there was a way to induce it so people could actually experience them. Mine aren't usually just a migraine either - its usually prodrome, migraine and post-crap too. If you can walk or form complete sentences - it isn't a migraine.
  13. bitter_betsy

    MUSC Spring 2019 ABSN

    I wrote the truth. I didn't pretend to be something that I'm not, nor did I attempt to BS anyone with some hokey diversity statement. It took me at least 2 full months of having things run though my head before I felt that my response was really reflective of me and just me. It surely didn't come out on the first draft!
  14. bitter_betsy

    Vet prescribed CBD oil for my cat

    Someone told me they use it on their dog with cancer and he is responding well. Sometimes I feel like it makes her chill but she wAs never a spunky cat so its hard to tell really. Its for sure not fixing the litterbox issue.
  15. bitter_betsy

    Vet prescribed CBD oil for my cat

    Thank you... sadly I have both and it seems neither is working. I have the collar loose enough that it slips over her head and I use both the actual litter attractant and the litter itself. None of it is cheap Today she walked over to her new favoriet spot, and started to get comfy. I picked her up and carried her to the box gently petring her. She didnt go in her spot before I left but she probably will since we arent home. Ive tried putting the box there and she will go beside it. I sure wish I knew how to fix it.