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bitter_betsy has 1 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Emergency / Disaster.

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  1. bitter_betsy

    White Pants That Pass a Tattoo Test?

    I purchased slip bottoms in nude - sorta look like spanx. Koi originals are all cotton and a little thicker but once you start washing them they get thinner. My friend had figs but I’m not sure they still wouldn’t be see through. Also my Cherokee infinity are decent but I never tried them in white — but try them on because they are certainly some of the thickest I’ve had. Definite don’t bother are any polyester koi (koi lite especially) or any other 95% polyester. Good luck... oh - I bought my slip pants at a department store. Yes they were hot but you couldn’t see my tattoo on my butt.
  2. Sadly Asics aren't asics anymore either. They changed their toe box and they are not nearly as comfortable. I actually switched to brooks - don't love them but they are better than the new asic fit. I wear either ABEO or Alegria. I really love my Abeos (hate hate hate danskos). I also haven't tried clove. I've considered it, I'm just a big chicken because I have heard mixed reviews about their return policy.
  3. bitter_betsy

    How far out is NCLEX-RN scheduling? May 2020 COVID

    East Coast. I checked testing sites from Jax FL to Charlotte NC. It really just depends on where you are and what testing centers are open. Until recently we only had 2 testing centers in our state open, but a few more have opened. As the country reopens, more centers will open and more seats will be available. Honestly I think its going to be a wait and see thing. Don't assume you won't get a date until later. Just start studying and be ready to take it as soon as you get your ATT. No anxiety yet! I chose my test date based on a 4pm slot! I was NOT getting up at 4am to drive 2 hours to take a test and I don't sleep well in hotels. Keep those things in mind when choosing your date!
  4. bitter_betsy

    Recommendation Request: Dosage Calc Understanding Books?

    Check out booklist for the school that you will be attending. Purchase that one and start on it now. Even if its an older version - its essentially the same. Good Luck.
  5. bitter_betsy

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    While I have a 4 year degree - I only spent 14 months in an ABSN program. Time in program doesn't make a difference between nurses. I'm salty about having to work so hard for my GPA when I carried a 4.0 for my first undergrad degree (Computer Science - Information Technology)... It was suggested that we didn't work while in our nursing program (and I couldn't if I wanted decent grades - it took a 95 to get an A), I studied constantly, and some of the techs who are in an ADN program were able to work full time and carry a 4.0 - and their 89.5 was still an A). Programs are different. My education came from mostly PhD prepared nurses at a medical university. The ADNs near me come from mostly BSN prepared nurses at the local community college for the combined total cost of just 1 of my semesters. Today we are all fighting for the same spots to take the NCLEX. Next month we will be taking care of the same patients. Nursing is a team sport and we are all in this together. I've learned from ADNs, I've certainly learned from diploma nurses - they have all the good tricks - and I've learned from BSNs. Our education is ours to use to the best of our ability. At the end of the day we are all RNs. There really is a lot of the nurses eat their young stuff. As a single mom - ADNs have their place. They have to be properly trained because they can and do pass the NCLEX. The programs are usually less expensive and usually take less time to complete them (getting the nurses to work faster, with less $$ out of pocket). Its a super important option to get nurses trained and out there practicing where we need them. I really do get your frustration - but we can't direct it at the ADNs because it isn't their fault we chose the longer / harder / more expensive / whatever program. That's our choice. Its also our choice to reach down to help someone else up and to reach up to be helped up. We need each other and now more than ever we should be reaching for hands to help whomever, however we can. It doesn't matter how long it took or how much it cost to get where we are - it only matters that we are here now and we need to respect and appreciate each other for our similarities and differences.
  6. bitter_betsy

    Failed Adult Health, What Now?

    It is difficult to really disappoint parents. The only time I am disappointed is when my daughter doesn't trust me enough to tell me the whole truth - the first time. She makes choices that I don't love - but they are her choices and she has to deal with the consequences. Your parents want the best for you. Nursing has good future opportunities from the outside. If it isn't for you - it just isn't. Or maybe it isn't right now. You could also be a school nurse. You could do so many things. Do not feel pressured because you may lose your scholarships or because it may cost more in the end. Chances are its going to cost less if you end up where you want to be. When I was trying to get into nursing school - I wrote every school down on a white board. I wrote all of my options under each one. I wrote requirements and everything else. Do the same for your life choices. Write down what you see as your choices right now. List good things, bad things, financial things... write it all down. Then go to your parents with it and say - I need some help. This is where I am. This is what I think you want for me, but this is what I think I need. I'm not sure how to do this in the reverse - but my daughter and I have a deal. She asked if I would be able to financially bail her out of certain situations and I frankly said no. But I did agree that if she asked for my advice and I didn't say NO straight out, that I would be willing to help her in any way that I could - she just had to ask me first. She knows now that 1) she has to ask for guidance and 2) I can't specifically say NO and her go do it anyway. Trust your parents. Write it all down and go to them for guidance. You may cry. They may cry. It may take more than once.
  7. The NCSBN was available for $14 but now it doesn't look like its available anymore. If your funds are limited, and you have to pay $70 - I don't think I would do it unless you are testing in 5 weeks or less. I've read a lot about the "Lacharity" prioritization and from what I can tell its about $40. I don't have that, but I would get it and a couple of the free apps and maybe the Saunders book if you can afford that too. The goal here is to do as many questions as you can. or maybe... Go to nursing.com and sign up for their free account (free because of Covid through May 15). They are a great resource. Chat with them. See what they have available within your budget.
  8. bitter_betsy

    Failed Adult Health, What Now?

    Even after sleep - I don't think I understand the scholarship/loans enough to really give guidance. Do you have an instructor there that you are comfortable with - someone that you can talk to - not necessarily from your program either, but someone that understands how things work there? I feel like sometimes people get in a rut with their jobs and they don't think outside the box at all. They do what is comfortable. So the financial aid people only tell you X because X is what is easiest for them and what they do 99% of the time. Y is a possibility but it requires a lot of work and effort on everyone's part. It seems reasonable to me to request them to hold your scholarships so that you can take a semester off to "reflect and study" so that you will do well the next time you take the course. Maybe that's logic and reason and doesn't coexist with financial aid.... I'm just trying to help brain storm!! In any event - I am sorry that you are experiencing this right now. Life is hard enough without this extra stress.
  9. bitter_betsy

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    I understand your frustration. Coming from a BSN program where I studied my butt off, ended up with a 3.6 GPA and guess what..... if you do the math - thats a 92 and in my program that's a solid B. In the local ADN program that would be a 4.0. Not like I'm graduating with a ceremony anyway - but somewhere else and I would have graduated with honors, here I'm a middle of the road student. In the end - no one cares but us. The goal is NCLEX. If you ask me - its harder for us to pass the stupid thing because we are taught to think critically, so I'm looking at all the answers analyzing all of them, critically thinking about them when I should just glaze over and pick it. You do you. Just keep going. Find a new friend - he sounds like he missed therapeutic communication class and doesn't sound like a supportive friend.
  10. Nope - too weird for me. Weird on so many levels.
  11. bitter_betsy

    Failed Adult Health, What Now?

    I'm too tired at the moment to think about finances... I'll come back to that at a later time. Realizing that you spent this semester learning from home certainly puts you at a disadvantage. I was certainly distracted this semester as well and didn't feel I had the same type of support available (I did, but it wasn't like being able to walk into an office, throw my bag on the floor and cry and feel better when I left). Before you give up on nursing (unless that is really what you want to do - it does happen for some people) - look into a few things. 1) see if there is any grace for failing during a semester when you weren't allowed to be on campus. Maybe they will hold your scholarships under the circumstances - the worst they can say is no. 2) Don't worry about paying back your student loans right now - if the grace period ends (mine are 9 months but they were 6 the first time I graduated) then just call for a forbearance - they almost always grant them while you are still in school. It does start over after you complete school, so it isn't "wasted" on that time in the middle. You get a do-over. 3)delve a little deeper into how you are understanding adult health. How are you studying and how are you learning? Your pre-reqs were all about memorization - but adult health isn't. I am assuming that Adult Health is similar in nature to Med Surg - which is how everything in the body works and works together. It isn't enough to know that one can suffer from right sided or left sided heart failure - but you have to understand what happens during right sided heart failure (everything backs up, peripheral edema, etc). and that it can lead to left sided heart failure - where you start getting crackles and blah blah blah. You need to know what medications will be used to treat this and what their intended effects should have and what the adverse effects are. I did a lot of questions to learn, but that's how I learn. I did over 3000 questions in Prep U for Med Surg and over time all the pieces started coming together for me. I can't say that I would have done well in Med Surg I if it was all online. I would have certainly done better in Med Surg 2 if I would have been on campus. 4) What are you passionate about? My daughter wanted to be a vet when she was younger. I always joked with her that she was going to have to put her hand up a horses butt... know what? She did it. She's not a vet. She realized that she hated grinding their teeth because there was a balance between keeping a horse on their feet and enough pain meds to make them comfortable. Luckily she had the opportunity to work on a farm while she was in middle and high school and even was able to be present when they had to put down one of her favorite horses. She put a tube down a horses throat and delivered a foal that didn't survive. All the bad and grinding some teeth made her change her mind. I know its a little rough right now. Whatever you are passionate about - try to go do it. I realize life is on hold or closed at the moment - but If you can - try. I'm also not kidding about the welding thing - you don't always need a 4+ year degree to make money. Maybe not welding specifically - but don't rule out things that don't require 4 year degrees. Also - I'm here to tell you that while money makes life much easier, it doesn't necessarily make you happier. Happiness comes from within. Money makes things tolerable. Student loans also get paid off. Mine were paid off precisely 2 years before I started them over again... Tech jobs.... many don't require a CNA. Once you pass Fundamentals in Nursing school - that usually gets you in the door. Not sure if you will make more $$ or not, but it can be an option. It will also help you determine if you really like being in nurse type situations (you do different stuff, but you see first hand what goes on). So talk to me about your passions - and why didn't you go that way to start with?
  12. bitter_betsy

    Failed Adult Health, What Now?

    So WHY do you have to take classes this semester? Can't you just take one off and study? Taking on a double major or a minor when you didn't pass a core class isn't going to benefit you in the long run. I'd pretend my job for the semester was watching videos on Registered Nurse RN, Cathy Parkes or get a subscription to Nursing.com. If you want to be a nurse - you don't need anything to fall back on. Besides - you can fall back on becoming a welder for $6,000 and about 12 weeks (no one wants to be a welder but they make a lot of money, always have work and it doesn't take long to become one). If your program only provides 4 years of aid - you are going to come up short a semester anyway. I sort of understand where your head is - but how will you pay for that last semester of school? Get a job as a tech, to help defray expenses and study your butt off. If you can, go to school part time (because most institutions cover at least half time) then do so. In the Spring - go part time again. Focus on passing these core courses. Spreading yourself thinner doesn't make passing them easier. Nursing school just gets harder the further you get in. Have you sat down to focus on why you did not pass so that you can change what needs to be changed so you can pass next time? I'm sorry I'm not really answering your question - but passing Adult Health is more important that adding extra stuff.
  13. bitter_betsy

    Help with my paper!

    You are probably done now - but keep in mind that an LPN cannot provide teaching and can only care for stable patients.
  14. I am so stinking new at this - I have NO idea what I am talking about - however in some states nurses (with proper education) can become coroners (and usually it is an elected position). I admit I don't have a clue how one would go about getting to this position, but it seems to me that a nurse would be beneficial in medical investigations and people that have expired don't ask questions. Maybe police departments? I really don't know - I just thought I'd throw it out there and maybe someone who knew what they were talking about could add to it or you could run with it and figure it out. Good Luck. I do understand how you feel.
  15. bitter_betsy

    NCLEX after 15 years of graduation

    You didn't say where you live now but if that state is somewhere other than TN - call that BON too. Good Luck. You will probably need a refresher of some sort.
  16. bitter_betsy


    I thought I would answer some questions for ya'll.... someone noted a difference in fall and Spring prices - that is because if you accept student insurance fall does not include the "Summer" semester insurance and "Spring" semester does. The tuition is based on number of credit hours + your insurance basically. I also saw someone else post something in regards to sim lab... unless they are doing something new - you can't get into sim lab on your own. It has to be class sponsored and they are super stingy about hours down there because they are "expensive". Got questions - send em my way. Things change every semester so I may not know the answer - but I can certainly do my best. Good Luck ya'll. Rest now while you can...

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