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Dani_Mila has 2 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Rehabilitation, Sub-Acute, Geriatrics, LTC, Psych.

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  1. You can go to the MBON website and click on "look up license". This is how I found out about my active license
  2. Dani_Mila

    MD RN License Renewal

    Anyone know the process? Do we need CEUs? I read something about not needing it but a refresher course is required?? I just graduated about 3 years ago. My license will expire in 4 days. It is an endorsement license.
  3. Dani_Mila

    Want to leave LTC

    WOW! only 2 weeks of orientation doesnt sound like that's enough. But it seems like you got the hang of it right now. I have been searching for any jobs beside LTC, but not a lot of options near where I live unfortunately.
  4. Dani_Mila

    How to give a 2 week notice

    CONGRATS ion your new job. I can so relate with this. My facility was bought by a new company who only cares about making money. The work ethics has gone downhill and new employees and lots of agency workers. I have been wanting to leave but cannot find a suitable job for me. I am so frustrated and done with this job.
  5. First off, CONGRATS. Genesis is a good company. My facility used to be owned by Genesis and I was hired by them. 31 bed unit is not bad. Are you the only one on the floor? My unit requires 2 nurses as it has 56 beds. Honestly, if I were you, I would work for about 6 months to 1 year to get that experience and get out. I do not like LTC setting because of politics and most places are for profits, meaning more money and less care. I am trying to leave LTC, but it has been taking quite a while.
  6. Dani_Mila

    Should I try LTC?

    Take dialysis, I work in LTC, rehab unit, and it is very demanding. I get too many patients and very understaffed.
  7. Dani_Mila

    Want to leave LTC

    I work in LTC. Sub-acute rehab floor to be precise. I have been wanting to leave my job for a while and I have been searching a lot. I have been working at this place for about 2 years now and I feel stuck. I want to work at a hospital, but I am scared of the unknown, will I be able to handle it especially the acuity level, the demands? At my facility, I get about 23-28 patients. I work night shift. I feel like the workload has been too much lately, requiring to write skilled notes for every patients, no support from management, no pay increase after 1 year of working. I am hitting 2 years and still no pay increase. I always get anxiety before work even after 2 years! Lots of agency nurses in this facility therefore care is not consistent and patients always asking me to fix things because "other nurses don't do anything" which I find overwhelming. It is very far from my home about 65 miles. Therefore, I end up staying at my parents house for 3 days just to be closer to work. I do not drive so I take the public transportation. I was offered an interview at a hospital 30 miles from home, but decided to decline because of transportation. I was also offered a job near my house, another LTC, but the pay is low and was hired on the spot...without even me knowing...to me it was a red flag and felt uneasy so I decided to decline that offer as well. My question is for anyone who easily transitioned from LTC to hospital jobs, how were you able to do it? Thinking about it just now I feel anxious. I really want to leave my job, but because I know the setting, protocol, and I am in school for my BSN, it is making it harder for me to leave, but I feel like I really have to go. As of right now, I am looking into other jobs, but I do not see anything that I am interested in. I live in a small town, not a lot of hospitals or healthcare settings. Therefore, choices are quite limited.
  8. Dani_Mila

    Scheduled and PRN Doses

    This too. I would request for a psych consult for this patient
  9. Dani_Mila

    Scheduled and PRN Doses

    What is the PRN order? A PRN order should have Q4h or Q6h, once daily, BID, etc
  10. Quick background: I am an RN that started her nursing job at a SNF/LTC. I work on a sub-acute floor that is mostly LTC despite it being sub-acute. I have been working there for almost 2 years (night shift) and decided I need change. The facility is long commute almost 1h and 30 minutes driving distance. The job is fairly easily because I know the patients and the facility. It is a 12 hour shift which I love/no rotating weekends. I recently found a SNF that is desperately hiring for licensed nurses, a 5 minute distance from where I live. They have a hiring event/job fair with refreshments and tour of facility and promotes offers job on the spot. I decided to go. Scenario: I went into the facility and ask the location of the hiring event. The job post stated, on the spot interviews, on the spot offers, and sign in bonuses. Instead, I was given a application paper to fill up. I applied for full time RN position (staff nurse) and night shifts I waited at the lobby. Patients looks clean, facility looks clean, no certain smell. This was good. Then, HR met up with me and stated interviewing me. She asked me for ID, SSN, nursing license etc. I was like . Of course, I did not bring any as it was suggested just to bring an photo ID and license number. I thought it would just an interview and come back later for documents when hired. She mentioned about pay rate. Pay rate seemed low for a 1-3 years experienced nurse. This place pays less than a dollar of what I am making. I make more with the differentials and with this new facility's differentials, it is still considered 4 bucks short. The facility is owned by a company that used to own the facility that I am currently working at. Cheap company and for profit that I know for sure. She introduced to me to the ADON. ADON showed me the schedule and an example of what schedule would be like if I decided to work there. I was a bit overwhelmed because I was not used to 8 hours shift and working on a rotating period. My other job, I just have a 3 set days, 12 hours shift. I have no set floor or cart. I will be in both rehab floor and LTC unit (2 different floor) rotating every week. Patients will be about 27-35 patients on nights. Orientations would be 2 days in classroom and 3 nights on the floor (2 nights at rehab and 1 night at LTC). She walked me out of the exit door and asked me for any questions. I mentioned that the pay rate seems a bit low for almost 2 year experienced nurse and she stated that it will be mentioned to the ADON and things might changed once I start working. I was like umm aren't you the ADON? Again, I was confused if I was hired or not, since I did not have a verbal assurance. I went to the HR and asked her if I was actually hired and she stated that I was. Told me to come back certain days to provide documents. She stated to let her know if I changed my mind. Then, she let me go. When I got home, I realized that she did not mention about sign on bonus nor did I remember to ask. No tour of facility, so I do not know how it is. Left the facility feeling confused and ambivalent. What do you suggest to do if you were in my position? I did pros and cons and I realized that the only pro option in this facility is that it is 5 minutes driving distance near my house (I do not drive/ only permit, but I am working on it!!). The cons are 8 hour shifts, pay is lower than what I am earning, high turnover of nurses for sure since they are hiring on the spot, disorganize (same as my job, not really new). I didn't get to see other applicants. My DH suggested to just apply to a nearby community hospital (10 min drive). I prefer rehab/LTC because that is what I know. I am nervous about acute setting this why I push the hospital option aside so many times, but I am willing to learn with adequate orientation. Not a lot of skilled nursing /LTC facility in this area. Only 2 in this small town which limits my options.
  11. Dani_Mila

    Home Health Nurse pay??

    26 bucks as an ICU nurse at a hospital is very cheap. I currently make 28 at a SNF. I would ask for a pay increase. Even 28 bucks is still cheap imo.
  12. Dani_Mila

    Paramedic to RN

    My former nursing classmate was a paramedic prior to nursing school. Now she is still working as a paramedic at her old place and as a nurse at a facility
  13. Dani_Mila

    Where do patients go?

    LOL Sub-Acute indeed. Like you said, patients get admitted only to return back to the hospital after 2-3 days. SNF nowadays like to admit any patients that they can because they need to meet with the profit expectations of the facility.
  14. Dani_Mila

    Feeling forced to be the house supervisor

    Thanks the name is not really my name and nowhere similar to my last name. It would not be too bad because like you said I know the facility already. I have seen my supervisors do their work already and how they handle admissions. And I sort of have an understanding of what their "duties" entails. What I am concerned about is when certain events occurs and I do not know what to do due to lack of supervisor experience. For instance, a disruptive patient? How to handle that situation? And other unexpected situations. Also FYI, they only pay 28 bucks for RNs. With that in thought, what do you think a supervisor makes?
  15. Dani_Mila

    Online Rn-bsn programs?

    University of Rhode Island. 100% online
  16. Dani_Mila

    Maryland Hospital hiring ADN New grads?!

    My community hospital is hiring ADNs but expect you to enroll into BSN within 24 months after hire I believe. Also, it just became part of Christiana Care Health Network which is a magnet hospital.

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