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Rehabilitation, Sub-Acute, Geriatrics, LTC, Psych
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Dani_Mila has 3 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Rehabilitation, Sub-Acute, Geriatrics, LTC, Psych.

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  1. Dani_Mila

    MD RN License Renewal

    Yes, unless you have an advanced nursing license such as NP license? Choose the current license that you are planning to renew.
  2. How was your transition? I have been planning to transition from LTC/SNF to a hospital setting. however, I feel scared to do so. I have almost 3 years of experience in skilled/rehab unit, STC, and LTC.
  3. Dani_Mila

    Terminated while on probation. Scared!

    Is your new job a LTC?
  4. Dani_Mila

    Why do RN's avoid LTC positions?

    This is what I have been telling my co-workers. It has become a norm because we (staff) let them (management) do so.. I tried to tell my co-workers that we all need to speak up because they will not listen to one voice, but apparently no one wants to speak up. We all want to leave, but we don't want to find another job that is going to be the same thing and we will have to start over again.
  5. Dani_Mila

    PLEASE! Save my life! (PCC Experts PLEASE)

    Foley is normally listed as OTHER orders. And it is normally written as "Foley Catheter 18 Fr" or something like that.
  6. Dani_Mila

    Memory care-Can you pass meds in the dining room?

    At my place, passing meds in the dining hall is not allowed because of privacy and dignity issues. Also, a GN is not an official RN. Once she passed her NCLEX and becomes an official RN, then she can earn her title of a RN.
  7. Dani_Mila

    Why do RN's avoid LTC positions?

    This. This is why I want to leave LTC. You summed up basically where I work at. It is really disheartening. It used to be 2 nurses on my short term care unit, but now they are changing my unit to long term care with 45 patients and 1 nurse, 2 CNAs at night. It was tolerable at first, but now it is crazy. For profit facilities will allocate the budget and even lower it just to cut down on expenses. I am overworked and doing a 2 nurses job with a salary of 1. I am looking for another job, but my area is too suburban. There aren't a lot of nursing jobs, 1 community hospital, the rest are case manager jobs.
  8. Place is located in Elkton MD. Looking at options and people's opinions who has experience or heard of this place
  9. Dani_Mila

    Moving Resident off Covid Unit without Negative Test Result?

    Is this recent?? Are you working in the hospital now?? I am currently opting to leave LTC for hospital since I am almost done getting my BSN. LTC work culture is no joke. Lots of issues that needs to be addressed sadly
  10. Dani_Mila

    Weekend Staffing

    At my job, they have a system of making staff work every other weekends. I for one don't mind working on the weekends. That, and I get a weekend differential.
  11. Dani_Mila

    Narcotic Question

    Same method at my job
  12. Just reading this post made me realize that it is quite common in other facilities. Sometimes I have to gmhunt to supervisor for the key. He just gives it to me and I get what my patients needed since the supply room is barely stocked. One instances was someone was noted to be stealing supplies, hand sanitizer I heard so the supply key is witheld again, but it didn't take that long
  13. Dani_Mila

    Increasing anxiety due to LTC

    I think now that this post is 7 years ago but I am wondering how you are doing?? Did you find another job??
  14. LTC? Hospitals? other nursing facilities?
  15. Dani_Mila

    MD RN License Renewal

    I successfully renewed my license. Thanks!
  16. Dani_Mila

    MD RN License Renewal

    Anyone know the process? Do we need CEUs? I read something about not needing it but a refresher course is required?? I just graduated about 3 years ago. My license will expire in 4 days. It is an endorsement license.