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Dani_Mila has 4 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Subacute Rehab, Geriatrics, LTC, Psych, Hospice.

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  1. I just started working in a telemetry/step-down ICU unit. It has been 2 weeks post orientation I'm not a new nurse but it is my first time working at a hospital setting. I had a pt who was admitted due to COPD exacerbation (non-smoker, family member...
  2. Dani_Mila

    LTC to PCU? Freaking out!

    Hey how are you? Just checking up, have you started your hospital job yet?
  3. Dani_Mila

    Failed out of RN program completely, what now?

    I would probably do some self-evaluation and ask myself why I failed the first and second time. Sometimes, you know why and you have the answer to that question. I would suggest to never give up. I would probably step back for a little bit, work as a...
  4. Dani_Mila

    Struggling With New Job

    It's definitely a learning curve for me. I still don't know when to call the doctor or what, at my other job if we need to doctor we cal the house sup and he comes and check the patient. It is really difficult also there are things I've never encount...
  5. Dani_Mila

    New Grad on Orientation...Developing Slowly

    OP, I know this is an old post but I feel like I am in a similar situation. I am on my 4th week and I have been handling 2 patients still. However, I do sometimes help out with one of my preceptor's patient with assessments/meds/documentation, so som...
  6. Dani_Mila

    Struggling With New Job

    Show is your transition so far? I'm in the same predicament. I work in acute rehab and got a job in the hospital and I feel so lost. People are nice but they do give you that "newbie" look. I am definitely overwhelmed to the point that I'm having sec...
  7. Dani_Mila

    LTC to PCU? Freaking out!

    Oh absolutely! Whatever goes in your mind is the same for me. I am worried as well on if the new coworkers will be helpful or how they will treat newcomers. So far, I've seen most of them asking each other if they need help so that's a start, but the...
  8. Dani_Mila

    LTC to PCU? Freaking out!

    I know what you mean. I'm rusty too with lung sounds. Heck, I need to learn how to read EKG strips because one my floor everyone is on cardiac monitors. I'm also rusty with head to toe assessments. At the rehab/LTC, we mostly do focused unless you ge...
  9. Dani_Mila

    LTC to PCU? Freaking out!

    My hospital is very small too. It's a community hospital. I would also maybe try to review things you don't remember.I bought a med surg book that I'm going to try to review since there are a lot of things I have forgotten because I don't use it whil...
  10. Dani_Mila

    LTC to PCU? Freaking out!

    Hi how are you! Congrats btw about your new job! 5 weeks is not enough in my opinion. My friend who also went from LTC to a stepdown unit said it should be at least 10 weeks. I was given 8 weeks with an additional of another week if needed. You need ...
  11. Dani_Mila

    Do LPNs really get a shorter orientation time?

    They up the pay rate now to $30. $18 is what CNAs make.
  12. Dani_Mila

    Feeling Very Sad At New Job

    Are you Filipino? Because if you are, it is quite unusual for FIlipinos to demean their kinsmen. Normally, Filipinos help each other out. When you mentioned about the nursing staff as being cliquish, that is a warning sign there. Unfortunately, it is...
  13. Dani_Mila

    Feeling Humiliated and Discouraged

    At my job, when my supervisor went on 2 months vacay, they were eyeing me to be the supervisor. I declined so many times, they even tried to be slick and put my name as the supervisor on the schedule list. Supervisor/Charge nurse is so overrated. Sur...
  14. Dani_Mila

    Philippine doctors to nurses in the US

    Don't have the answer for you, but your article reminded me of the time during my clinical when a Filipino nurse was working in the hospital. He was a Filipino doctor in the Philippines but became a nurse in the US. IDK why he decided not to pursue i...
  15. Dani_Mila

    Went to ER accused of Abandonment

    Nope this would not be job abandonment. There was a supervisor in the facility and that person can take the keys. This is an emergency situation and technically someone has to actually relieve you. You also left the report sheet and the supervisor ha...