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Dani_Mila ASN, RN

Rehabilitation, Sub-Acute, Geriatrics, LTC, Psych
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Dani_Mila is a ASN, RN and specializes in Rehabilitation, Sub-Acute, Geriatrics, LTC, Psych.

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  1. Dani_Mila

    Please I need HELPPPP! I failed NCLEX-RN five times.

    Agreed. When I failed the first time, this was my guideline on what to improve on. It helped tremendously.
  2. Dani_Mila

    LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    This is the part that I hate about LTC. So true
  3. Dani_Mila

    At a crossroads

    I also had an interview this week and I got the job. However, I got a very bad impression of the management during the interview. Its a pat cut, but it is sooooo close to home. However, its more days to work which I am not used to their shift changes. I am not sure, but I am leaning to not taking the job at all.
  4. Dani_Mila

    Advice for a new grad

    I would take it if I were you. It is better not working at all. I would choose the rehab portion as that is the closest you will get for a med-surg in this type of setting
  5. Dani_Mila

    Scheduled and PRN Doses

    This too. I would request for a psych consult for this patient
  6. I have seen nurses copy my documentation word for word. Ridiculous.
  7. Dani_Mila


    I would educate her and write her up. She has been written up about it before. Apparently, she is not listening
  8. Dani_Mila

    Scheduled and PRN Doses

    What is the PRN order? A PRN order should have Q4h or Q6h, once daily, BID, etc
  9. Dani_Mila

    Please I need HELPPPP! I failed NCLEX-RN five times.

    I failed first time with 75 questions. I used Kaplan. Then, I changed my study habits. I did Uworld, Lippincott, Saunders, Prioritization book. I live and breathe NCLEX questions. I do questions everyday and reading/soaking information from the rationale. I did that for 3 months. Passed it with 75 questions. I also prayed a lot to God, Jesus and St. Therese, St. Jude, and St. Rita. They are the saints of the impossibles. I suggest you pray to them and ask for guidance if you are religious (Catholic faith). Good luck!
  10. Dani_Mila

    Hired on the spot? Take it or look elsewhere?

    Thank you for the reply. Yes I think I will not take the job. The interview felt rushed and did not even ask me if I even take it. They probably assumed because they severely needs nurses. They just gave me a schedule right away which is very surprising and crazy. I will continue to look for another job and hopefully land a hospital job that will give me an excellent training.
  11. Dani_Mila

    Quit GN Residency or Commute 2 hours

    I have been doing it for 2 years. It is almost a 2 hour commute. However, my parents live nearby therefore, I leave DH for 3 days and stay at my parents for work and then spend time with DH for 4 days. Its stressfull because sometimes our shift does not match. He has rotating shifts. Looking for somewhere closer, but the options are very slim in my area (I live in a rural area not a lot of healthcare facilities)
  12. Dani_Mila

    How long to run a code?

    At my facility, you do a code (CPR) while calling 911. Then, they handle it from there and take the patient to a nearby ER
  13. Dani_Mila

    Hired on the spot? Take it or look elsewhere?

    This is another reason I want to leave my current job. I live far and travelling can be exhausting. I have been working at this place for more than a year and have not seen a raise. Although I make a lot of money based on weekend differentials (I work every weekend - 25% with base pay), my base pay is still the same a year ago. I have not brought this up yet which I should. I have a coworker who is an LPN and have recently received a raise. Although he worked longer (7 years), when the facility was bought by another company everyone goes back to 0.
  14. Dani_Mila

    Hired on the spot? Take it or look elsewhere?

    The job is so tempting because its very close to my house which means I get to spend more time with my husband, my house and puppy compared to traveling and staying away for a day or 2. I am also wondering how this place will be work/duty wise. I spoke with my former co-worker who recently left the job at where I am currently working at. She stated that the current job she is working at pays more that the old facility but expects a lot from their nurses. They require their nurse to check the boiler because the facility just fired their maintenance worker. I found it hilariously sad and told her to get out of there. Based on her tone, she kind of regrets leaving and this is what I am concerned about. Regretting on working at a job that is worse than the current one I have now. The new place also require two reference letters which I find odd. When I applied to SNF/LTC, they just want the phone numbers to contact the reference. They also haven't mentioned about pay increasing at certain date. It seems like the pay rate is the flat rate you will get.
  15. Dani_Mila

    Transition from Nursing home to hospital...

    Hi, I know its been 5 years, but I am just asking if you found a hospital job? I am currently in LTC and almost going to hit the 2 year mark. Have you transitioned to hospital? How is it?
  16. Dani_Mila

    A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    I remember he mentioned that it is based in Florida. He travels there once every month for clinical. IDK the name of the company, I too have skepticism about this.

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