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I took my second NCLEX today and it was horrible. So many medications, prioritizations and SATAs. I had about 215 questions (somewhere around there, I don't quite remember...too anxious to... Read More

  1. by   callenRN1507
    heck mine was yellow...how good could that be??
  2. by   nmaracle3834
    I don't know about that. I took it 5x. The first 3 I don't even remember, plus I took those at a different testing center. These last two I took at the same one and they were both blue. I failed #4 and passed #5. I think the computers may just have different monitors some older versions and some newer so they just may shut off differently because of that.
  3. by   moonlight_tiny

    I don't think so. When I took the test and cut me off at 75. The screen turned gray.

    I passed.
  4. by   Adobo2009RN
    It was " Gray then Blue" for me. I passed.

    Quote from GoA2.7
    I guess That would the last detail I would remember once I take mine.
  5. by   2brichielpn08
    hi..the last time i took mine ..when it shut off..the screen was blue..but according to pearsonvue trick..since i get all the way to the payment page..I FAILED..so did i pass this time since my screen turned blue when it shut off this time???OH by the way..the first time i took it..the screen turns gray when it shut off..and i failed..
  6. by   LPNAwootwoot
    the screen color has NOTHING to do with if you passed or failed. I got the gray screen and passed and some of my other classmates got the blue screen and passed. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   dream1987
    Re: "GRAY SCREEN," does it mean you have failed???? my computer froze and turn gray then it turn blue....neone had the same situation?

    yess same thing happened to me.......
  8. by   Kitty Hawk
    The color of the screen means nothing!

    I wish this rumor would die already, it causes people undue stress.
  9. by   KAYBDT6
    Has nothing to do with pass of fail.
  10. by   abcdwakwak
    Mine turned gray at around 225 questions but I didn't fail. I now have my license.
  11. by   blessednurse87
    That's not true at all..When I took the exam, the computer turned gray, then it turned blue, and I passed...screen color has NOTHING to do with it