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brichielpn08 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Assisted Living.


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  1. brichielpn08

    NCLEX Stopped 85 ?'s

    I took my first NCLEX-PN the same thing with what you have. It stopped at 85 and it lets me go to cc page. HUN! I don't think you pass...I'm sorry...Just try again next time...
  2. brichielpn08

    NCLEX-PN in one week.....4th try.

    Hi all, I am taking my NCLEX-PN in one week. Been reading and studying like crazy and doing practice test everyday. I have been getting 69% to 77% on the practice test. Would that be enough to pass? Last time i took it i went all the way to 205, but still failed. I hope and pray that this will be the last one I am taking this exam. I have a tutor for two and a half months and she is really a great help for me to understand nursing content. Please pray for me. I can't afford to fail again..its too much of sacrifice..my life is on hold because of this exam...Good luck to everyone taking this exam this month...:redbeathe
  3. brichielpn08

    Is There Any Lvn/lpn Schools In Philippines?

    YES they are hiring here in the US...Im sorry to disappoint you..but yes they are hiring. Just past your NCLEX-PN. You are a US Citizen so you dont have a problem. Don't listen to this people.You are not going to work for them. All they do is discourage people who wants to better themselves..Your dream is your ultimate goal. It will happen if you want it to happen..Good luck. Go for it!
  4. brichielpn08

    NCLEX-PN in Manila, Philippines

    The last time i took my NCLEX-PN in Maryland. I got my result within 3 weeks at the same with my eligibility for my next exam since i failed my third time. Hopefully i can get some help here in Manila then take the exam in February. Before i go back to the US..actually might pass by in Australia then back home to the US..
  5. brichielpn08

    NCLEX-PN in Manila, Philippines

    I have my eligibility before i left the US for vacation. I havent schedule the exam yet since i need to study and review again. I plan to be back after the exam and I pass it this time..Thanks..:-)
  6. brichielpn08

    NCLEX-PN in Manila, Philippines

    It will be sent to my address in the US. My address which is on file with the BVNPT will be my US address..
  7. brichielpn08

    NCLEX-PN in Manila, Philippines

    Hi All, I am taking my 4th try on the NCLEX-PN in Manila. How long would be the result in CA if you take the exam outside the US? Can anyone help me on this...Thanks...I don't have a choice. I have to take it there. Then go back to the US after i pass...
  8. brichielpn08

    GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    I dont care who writes the exam, those people here who did write it know themselves. Sure the exam can be a little hard , but is it necessary to put those stupid format in there like SATA's , drag and drop..*** is that? its useless..where in grade school anymore. This exam is the most stupid exam i have ever taken. Im sorry ..for me its the the test of true competency of an individual..Your the one who said it "minimal competency" for all i know minimal means easy q's ...not like a medical q's..this not a medical exam..its a nursing exam...GOT IT!
  9. brichielpn08

    GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    So tell me...WHAT study habit you suggest for me to do to pass this exam? And i hope that your right about this HABIT? cause this my 4th time to try it and i am not about to waste energy and 200 dollars for this next exam.
  10. brichielpn08

    GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    I am sorry for my attitude about it. It is so PAINFUL...Its is the only hope that I have and i know that it will make me a better person I am today with a shot for a better life. I dont blaming anybody..the only thing I know is the people who makes this exam harder. And i hope their are HAPPY. I have a hard time facing life everyday. But i have to get up every morning to face the truth that I FAILED again. I dont have a job, no place to stay..going back to Manila to celebrate the Holidays and get away from here for a while until i am heal and able to study again. But by far i don't know yet...I am down and depressed. I love America. and I guess i am still lucky that this is my home now...Its a country of opportunity...Thanks for all your support...Have a happy holidays !
  11. brichielpn08

    GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    I wouldn;t have to do all of this if ONLY the NCSBN makes the exam a little easier to pass since it is testing your minimum compentency. Something I dont understand here...minimum competency means MEMORIZING THE WHOLE NURSING BOOK so you can pass..cause they made so HARD with all their NON-SENSE FORMAT and TRICKS ...why just just make the whole exam multiple choice ..whatever!...I could have kept my old job..but no i have to give my everything and put all my energy on this damn exam and nothing...I know my capability and i am not stupid..If only NCSBN know what their impact to us who fail this exam..they would know better..I m angry and frustrated cause i lost a lot...and now i will celebrate holiday with this failure to share to all my love ones..Thanks NCSBN...
  12. brichielpn08

    GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    So God gave those nurses who pass with license because their are all well - equipped now. So your saying i am not studying the content the way they are so God didn't let me pass. So how come some nurses who have license already and still makes mistakes on their day to day work? You must be perfect if you have a license already right? I am studying the same book and same content so what's the difference on what i do and i can't pass this damn exam?
  13. brichielpn08

    GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    thank you luckygirl09. you are making me cry! its so painful ..i can't sleep at night. i just don't understand until now why i failed...it makes you question yourself. i did two years of school in the philippines and sacrificed a lot and then here...failure...oh well..i guess it meant to be.
  14. brichielpn08

    GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    The BON must love it so much to make this exam so hard to pass. They don't realized they shuttered someones dream when they put their life on it and study hard and then they can't pass it because all the nonsense format they put on it. I don't understand why they make the NCLEX-PN so hard when the people who's taking it are not REGISTERED NURSES. PRactical Nurses meaning we need practical questions...NOT HARD QUESTIONS...WHATEVER!
  15. brichielpn08

    GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    I did Kaplan too. I find it so difficult to understand. I do all there practice test. and all i get is 30% to 40%. So that's the reason i stop it. Well if it worked for you. I might be wrong then of not doing it. I have to wait for another 45 days to resit the exam and another month or two to study well for it. I dont know if i have energy to do it again. I am really getting disappointed and depressed about myself. I really don't where or what am i doing wrong why I can't pass this damn test when they say they only test your minimum competency...It seems like i am taking a Medical Board ... I have a plan to go home for the holiday in the Philippines and maybe find someone there who can sit with me and tell me what i'm doing wrong..I'm sad because this is the only thing i need to have and to do now to better my life and God didn't give it to me with all those prayers at night or whatever..Thank you for all your support. Maybe and hoping when i come back fro my little vacation . i'm ready or find a heart to do it again and study. But now its just paralyzed me and i feel so numb about it... I wanted so much to be a nurse someday but this exam is the only thing that stopping me to do it..and I HATE IT..I'm sorry.
  16. brichielpn08

    GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    I just feel bad ..so bad because i felt like this time i could have made it. I want to surprise my mom this holiday cause her dream is for me to become a nurse, well its also my dream but something is not making it happen for me. Things happen for a reasons..maybe GOD doesnt want me to pass yet..I dont know. I just hate the thought of waiting for another 45 days to resit the exam and i dont know where to start right now since i lost my job and no money at all..putting too much time and energy to pass it but I failed..so I am hurting right now...

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