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brichielpn08 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Assisted Living.


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  1. NCLEX Stopped 85 ?'s

    I took my first NCLEX-PN the same thing with what you have. It stopped at 85 and it lets me go to cc page. HUN! I don't think you pass...I'm sorry...Just try again next time...
  2. I failed 3 times already and this is my 4th time to try it this April 2010. I hope this is the last. I pray and hope that this is the last..Good luck everyone who;s taking the test for the 4th times....May God be with you on that day..
  3. NCLEX shut off at 85

    They said they test your minimum competency, but the test is HARD as it can be. I don't get it. Why they make this test so HARD to pass...where not RN ...where LPN.
  4. According to 'TRICK' I passed my LVN nclex exam.

    Hi ..Thanks for the quick response. I am not moving out of the US. I am in vacation for now, since I am out of the country, I decided to just take the test here in Manila, then hopefully i'll pass, im going back in the States in May. Since you tried ...
  5. According to 'TRICK' I passed my LVN nclex exam.

    Taking my NCLEX-PN for the 4th time. I have been studying like hell now than before. And the worst thing I am taking it outside of the US. Mine is scheduled this coming April 2010. Same as you, its been two years of hell. I graduated top of the class...
  6. nclex-pn review

    Im on the same boat, same weakness area. Physiological integrity is freaking HARD..I have a hard time answering. I can answers most of them but also made mistakes on most of them..can't get my score high..Please HELP
  7. Feel so hopeless in passing the nclex pn exam..

    Don't give up. I too failed many times..BUT..i told myself this test is not the one that will kill me or my dreams of becoming a nurse...I will get it and pass it. 200 dollars is nothing when you start earning money and see your hard license in hand....
  8. Is There Any Lvn/lpn Schools In Philippines?

    YES they are hiring here in the US...Im sorry to disappoint you..but yes they are hiring. Just past your NCLEX-PN. You are a US Citizen so you dont have a problem. Don't listen to this people.You are not going to work for them. All they do is discour...
  9. NCLEX-PN in Manila, Philippines

    The last time i took my NCLEX-PN in Maryland. I got my result within 3 weeks at the same with my eligibility for my next exam since i failed my third time. Hopefully i can get some help here in Manila then take the exam in February. Before i go back ...
  10. NCLEX-PN in Manila, Philippines

    I have my eligibility before i left the US for vacation. I havent schedule the exam yet since i need to study and review again. I plan to be back after the exam and I pass it this time..Thanks..:-)
  11. NCLEX-PN in Manila, Philippines

    It will be sent to my address in the US. My address which is on file with the BVNPT will be my US address..
  12. NCLEX-PN in Manila, Philippines

    Hi All, I am taking my 4th try on the NCLEX-PN in Manila. How long would be the result in CA if you take the exam outside the US? Can anyone help me on this...Thanks...I don't have a choice. I have to take it there. Then go back to the US after i pas...
  13. GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    I dont care who writes the exam, those people here who did write it know themselves. Sure the exam can be a little hard , but is it necessary to put those stupid format in there like SATA's , drag and drop..*** is that? its useless..where in grade sc...
  14. GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    So tell me...WHAT study habit you suggest for me to do to pass this exam? And i hope that your right about this HABIT? cause this my 4th time to try it and i am not about to waste energy and 200 dollars for this next exam.
  15. GREAT DEAL of embarassment....thanks BON.

    I am sorry for my attitude about it. It is so PAINFUL...Its is the only hope that I have and i know that it will make me a better person I am today with a shot for a better life. I dont blaming anybody..the only thing I know is the people who makes t...

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