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  1. callenRN1507

    Hospitals in Metro Manila Currently Hiring Nurse Applicants

    Anyone tried Medicall? I heard they are looking for nurses...
  2. callenRN1507

    New thread that will lead us to New job and trainings

    Any want to give it a try w/ Medicall? Requirements: * US RN: with active / valid US License such as New Mexico, Illinois, Vermont, New York, etc. and preferably with experience License/Certificate: * Registered Nurse a must * IELTS, CGFNS, NCLEX passers an advantage
  3. are you a usrn holding an active and unrestricted us license? do you wish to utilize your profession as well as your us license here in the philippines? are you looking for a rewarding career that will require your nursing skills and judgment? are you getting tired of being a trainee/volunteer in different hospitals and would want to have a real job that pays well? if yes, then i am just a pm away in helping you land the dream job that you're waiting for.
  4. callenRN1507

    IV Iron on patient undergoing dialysis

    60 minutes thats what i thought...thanks for your response...one last thing though, can iron be dialyzed? I mean, is there a risk of wasting the IV iron if you infused it too early?
  5. callenRN1507

    IV Iron on patient undergoing dialysis

    When is the exact time to administer IV iron during hemodialysis treatment? Is it 30 minutes or 60 minutes prior to the end of the dialysis session?
  6. callenRN1507

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    Bogchi... Thnks for this immediate reply.. follow up question is.. I'm now in Singapore and Registered nurse here. I'm holding BSN in the Philippines. and got my RN in Philippines and Singapore, NCLEX passer in Vermont.. Now I'm trying to find an employer in USA.. Im a Dialysis nurse in Singapore for almost 5 years and prior to that OR nurse in the philippines for almost 4 years.. base on my data how are you going to assess it? And you mentioned H1b Visa, does it cover the whole family? meaning can I also Bring my wife and 2 year old son? Thank you so much.. I believe this was your post from another thread, with your credentials, I think you may have a better chance on finding an employer who will file for an H1b visa since you have a specialization (dialysis nursing) and you also have the experience to back it up. I think it will be best if you search for dialysis centers in the US and if you have the time give each of them a call and see what may happen. You can start by checking this link, http://www.cambridgehealthcare.com/, I dont have a first-hand experience with them but they may worth a try.
  7. callenRN1507

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    sorry about that...to answer your question, if and when you find an employer, make sure that they will be willing to wait for you to process the visascreen (everything in the world is negotiable it just depends on how you are going to convince them that you are worth the wait), or if not and if you have the means then go ahead and apply for a visascreen beforehand. That is to your own discretion. The only reason that I advised you not to process the visascreen yet is just to save money because it is still uncertain if you will be able to find an employer willing to hire you and file an application for your visa may it be H1b or other applicable visas. That for me is just being practical, but again if you are confident (and lucky enough) that you will be able to find an employer who will file for an H1b visa then go for it, take a risk and apply for a visascreen. Life, after all, is about taking chances and you, are the master of your own ship.
  8. callenRN1507

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    "Ok.. In case I can find an employer who can sponsor for H1B Visa? That is if only happens? so what shall be the next step? Coz as of now I only have my NCLEX license and thats all.. pls guide me what shall I do next.. I thought there is so called a que for the application for the immigration visa.. what is that? and how can we be included in the que? pls explain... Im sorry I'm a new here a lot of question will be expected from me..." I am sorry if I forgot to mention about the H1B Visa. Now, if you will be able to find an employer who will be willing to file for this kind of visa in order for them to hire you, then that will be good for you, since you wont need to wait for the "que" as you have mentioned. I think what you meant was the waiting list for immigrant visa specifically under the EB3 category. For you to be included among the thousands if not millions of nurses waiting for the retrogression to be lifted, then you also need to find an employer who will file for one. Try to search about the retrogression issue here in this website and you will find a lot of information about it. Now, you mentioned that you have passed the NCLEX, NCLEX is only good in the United States and with the current situation that they have there, I doubt it if it will be easy for one to find an employer willing to file these visas regardless if it may be EB3 or H1B. What I can suggest is that, if you have the hospital experience which is usually required for you to be able to work abroad, is that you consider other countries as well. Try, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and countries in the Middle East as they are those countries who are in need of nurses. Canada, UK and USA are not that good of an option nowadays because of the global crisis that we are experiencing and other related issues. Also, these countries have a lot of graduate nurses who are really struggling to find a job in their respective country.
  9. callenRN1507

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    I have to say that you definitely need to have an employer first before you apply for a visa screen because you will only need one if you will already apply for a visa (thats why its a visa screen). This is to save money because as most of us know, there is still retrogression in the United States and we may be looking at a 10 year wait or more. That being said, visa screens only lasts for 5 or 6 years (not sure) but the point is if you apply now, there's a big chance that your visa screen will expire first before a visa gets available. It is safe to wait for the approval of your employers petition first before you apply for a visa screen, again, because of the retrogression. This is what I am doing now, since I am just waiting for the approval of my employers petition then what I will do is I will check the visa bulletin monthly to see how it is moving. Once I see the cutoff date becomes closer to my priority date then that will be the time that I will apply for a visa screen.
  10. thank you everyone for the information...now, this may be out of topic but can anyone tell me what are the usual docs that need to be authenticated by prc???
  11. callenRN1507


    what are the usual documents that are need to be authenticated by PRC???thanks in advance
  12. ummm...It seems that I was not able to receive anything that looks like a diploma from PRC...all I had was the Board Rating and the Certificate of Passing...I wonder where my Certificate of Registration went...must be in another mailbox aside from ours...good job:yeah::yeah:...anyways, is the Certificate of Registration the same with Philippine Board of Nursing Certificate???The reason why I am asking this is because an immigration lawyer is asking me to provide a copy of my "Phil. BON certificate..." now, to make sure that I will be sending the correct document, what I did was I had my Certificate of Passing and Board Rating scanned and had her look at it...I have not received any answers from them as of now, so I am trying to look for someone who has any idea regarding this so called "Philippine Board of Nursing Certificate..."
  13. callenRN1507

    Competence assessment programmes

    What visa do I need to apply for if I am required by NCNZ to complete this prior to my registration?
  14. callenRN1507

    Working visa for nclex passer

    Actually the OP was stating a fact not an assumption. When the OP says green card he/she meant immigrant visas and to date the priority as per visa bulletin is still in 2002. As for the working visas, it will depend on your qualification because usually they only give this to those who have specialization (eg. dialysis nurse) and years of experience, having a post graduate degree is another thing. Do you have any of these? If you do then I would suggest that you look for agencies here in the Philippines because I heard that there are some agencies here who offer working visas for those who will qualify. Best of luck to your endeavor my countryman.
  15. callenRN1507

    Paid inactive status

    Thanks for responding, but what do you mean by your first sentence?Just let it go and use the same info...I do not have any problem with regards to being employed in the US since I already have an employer and a petition is already being done for me. I just have an issue with regards to keeping my license whether active or inactive. I hope you would clarify what you meant with your first statement. Thanks again.