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Let me very clear to those that pm'd me about what comments I made on this thread. I didnt mean anything, I held my comments... For the simple reason on what I would have said would have been insulting to the thread owner.. But since your so inclined to know here it goes. I would not have waited to see the responses of anyone on here before I took action for my child, I realize and believe that there are many here with a huge knowledge base but again I wouldnt have waited for an opinion. I would have gone and then possibly returned and then posted something about it, but I would not delay in the possible treatment.

This is not posted to insult the thread owner in anyway shape or form. I do hope your child is ok and all is just a simple explanation of why your child is orange. Like I said I do not have children but I also will state my mind and hold my opinion if someone will possibly get the wrong impression.Which is what occured.



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You're absolutely right, and I think a lot of us feel the same way. If the health of my child was at risk, I would not have waited for a bunch of faceless opinions, no matter how knowledgeable they might have been.



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I pray all is ok ...I agree, never wait to get answers on a board. I am a mommy. No waiting for me. Kids are tricky lil beings. Esp lil ones. when they get sick, they CRUMP FAST. Next time your instincts tell you something is wrong, do not be afraid to listen to them and never ever feel foolish. Mine have saved me and my kids on more than one occasion. My daughter especially. Just on a low-grade fever (100)and vague symptoms, I rushed her to a dr at 11 mo, cause "something was not right"--- DAMN STRAIGHT...kid had RSV/AND bacterial pneumonia brewing. Thank Goodness for my instincts and an astute physician.

Pls update us ASAP!

Smilingblueyes - I can't agree more about mum's intuition and a GOOD doctor. I once took my older daughter to the doc because she didn't want the piece of chicken I'd cooked her for her lunch. "Wow, this isn't like her." I thought the doc would berate me (bringing a kid in to be seen because she refused a piece of chicken??) but turns out she had mono. Go figure.

I hope our little orange friend is okay and that her mum comes back quickly and tells us how she's doing!!




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It's allright Zoe..... the only thing that kept me lashing out with a "THIS ISN'T ASK-A-NURSE!" comment was that she was getting told to take the baby to a doc STAT. I didn't want to hijack that important message.

However, it is a little odd that she sought out (this was her first post) and consulted an anonymous message board for such info, instead of hauling azz to a doc or ER. :confused:



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The worst that can happen if you go to the ER, a bill for a visit.

The worst if you don't go, ?????

If it were my child, I'd opt for the bill!

Please let us know how you make out.


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Let's cut her a little slack,otherwise she won't come back and tell us how the baby is doing...she'll be too scared!:chair:


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Those buckle fx are sneaky little boogers! My son had one and I had written it off not broken cuz he could move it and all...oops!! Felt SOOO BAD when they brought the xray in!!!! 6 weeks in a cast - it was his left radius...poor guy! "See mom?!? I told ya?" ouch!

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Again thanks. The reason she has turned a shade of orange was the carotene in her vitamins. This has taken a load off my mind and made me blush. Oh well. Other than that she is healthy as a horse. A baby horse.


Did she eat an excessive amount of vitamins? Did she eat all the Freds? (flintstone) vitamins that day??? Maybe you should check the inventory ... she might think their candy.



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Really pleased everything turned out well,Mary!


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Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE

Did she eat an excessive amount of vitamins? Did she eat all the Freds? (flintstone) vitamins that day??? Maybe you should check the inventory ... she might think their candy.


good thought, zoe.

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