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I don't care if my nurse reads "Little Golden Books" in her down time. I like to read true crime books, and books about famous people who you thought had it all in life but it turns out they had many problems even though they had everything a person could want. I like to watch true crime stories on the ID channel, I also like to listen to music, and go for what I call "strolls" in my wheelchair in the evening it helps me decompress from the day.

I also like write and post positive things on AN from time to time to remind nurses that they have patients who think they are just plain awesome!!:yes: But I don't tell anyone that I post on AN, Because what happens on AN, stays on AN!! LOL.

My point is though if you get enjoyment out of reading books like that, why care what anyone else thinks? If I was your patient and you told me you read books like that I'd say that sounds interesting. There is A LOT worse things you could do with your time. Read on.:)



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I'm 20 and play Pokemon games when I'm feeling #over studying. My Starmie is unbeatable.

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I can guarantee you that your patients would NOT be horrified because what you do at home is of no concern to them. Most patients barely even understand who the nursing student is or what she is there for. And you have patients in your first semester? You have no reason to think about what they do after your shift is over, nor do they have any reason to concern themselves with your personal life. I assure you they are much more concerned about the reason that they are hospitalized to begin with.

I'm 20 and play Pokemon games when I'm feeling #over studying. My Starmie is unbeatable.

This post is bloody brilliant. I think you're my soulmate. :inlove:

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That is too funny. I also read Anne and the LHOTP books. I also read the Blue Castle also by L M Montgomery over and over. And I love Harry Potter.

Too funny, loriangel14! Yes, I love the HP series, as well. Great minds think alike! :D



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I don't think there be nothing bad in your behavior, in your spare time you can and you have to do what you like.

I too love read, i love watching tv series (such as Law&Order, ER, etc), documentaries, sports (i like basket, football, soccer, volley, and so on) and i love go out for jogging, but above all, I love spending time with my family!

Furthermore nothing of your hobbies makes you less able in your work, therefore, in my opinion, you must not feel guilty!

PS. excuse if i have made mistakes, i'm italian and my English is not perfect.



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Going to echo what others have said. I think it's great you have something you enjoy that helps you relax. Believe it or not, this will be a great thing to help you de-stress through nursing school. I am 37 and love young adult fiction too. My kids keep reading books and suggesting them and I get sucked into another one. My most recent read was the Gone series. Good luck with school!

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I'm 29. I got into the Harry Potter books when I was 15. I plan on getting a Harry Potter tattoo at some point. I don't really give a hoot what my patients think, my hobbies are none of their concern.

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Do you mean to say you think your patients expect you to be hitting the books night and day with no time for leisure or relaxation?

Patients really don't pay too much attention to what you're doing when you're not there with them. What you're doing on your own time is certainly not a topic of interest to them, y'know being that they're sick/in pain/dealing with a terminal condition/etc.:sarcastic:

Don't feel bad. You have to have hobbies to stay sane.



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You all are AWESOME! Thanks for making me feel better, I thought I was the only one who liked some of these younger geared pleasures in life! I suppose I should keep indulging, as long as they don't distract from my ultimate calling ;)

You're barely 18! There's nothing weird about liking younger geared entertainment ?. You are young.

But even if you were 60...nothing weird about it. Just do you.



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I'm no longer in nursing school (27 y/o BSN working in management in a LTC/SNF) and I like My Little Pony. There are various pony figurines in my office, as well as a cupcake shaped tape dispenser and most things pink (though it does *not* look like a Dolores Umbridge office). When I was allowed to wear fun scrubs, I had Hello Kitty, Snoopy, butterflies...and I didn't really care because I liked them and most of the patients and staff thought they were fun too. Don't sacrifice who you are for nursing. IMHO, nursing isn't a particularly stuffy profession. Sure, sometimes there's a dress code with the same color scrub every day. There's also casual Friday, complete with jeans and dressing down!

Book-wise, I love young adult fiction (I didn't read enough as a teen) and think all of my peers would agree that Harry Potter is the stuff we were raised on. I remember being in 5th or 6th grade when it started coming out, so it was a big part of growing up for me.

Movie-wise, give me Disney. I love Finding Nemo, Tangled, Frozen, The Little Mermaid...and most cartoony things out now.



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I binge watched Gossip Girl on Netflix, all 7 seasons.