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Disabled and in a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy. Been a patient many times in the hospital for operations to help me walk, ALWAYS had great nurses...This made me develop respect for nurses.. You all rock!!! :)

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  1. Wheels28

    Your work does not go unnoticed

    During these difficult times please remember the work you do does not go unnoticed! As someone who is disabled due to cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair I have so much respect for nurses and always will. I remember when I was 7 years old being in the hospital being surprised that nurses worked at night, I remember a nurse telling me “No matter the time or what is happening in the world nurses will always be here to help those in need”, which is really true given what we are dealing with today, it’s your profession that is there on the front lines helping, not even fully knowing what you were dealing with, doing the best with what you have to get the job done. I don’t think your profession gets the credit it so deserves for the work you do. I wanted to remind you all, you have people who are thankful for your profession. I do my part and wear a mask and social distance. Stay safe everyone!
  2. Just a patient--- I consider nurses major assets to healthcare. I’m disabled due to CP and in a wheelchair. They have helped me so much during all of my operations, kept me pain free, helped through the hardest parts of my life, and explained stuff sometimes better than the doctor. I could go on. If someone were to ask me what profession I respect the most, without hesitation I would say nurses. Your profession does so much yet gets little recognition, I’ll never understand that. Please know you have patients who think you are a MAJOR ASSET to healthcare and don’t know what they would do without your profession. You all rock!
  3. Wheels28

    Sen. Maureen Walsh Response to Backlash

    Just a patient--- I was very offended to hear the comments about “playing cards.” She obviously doesn’t have a clue. I have been a patient many times and have never witnessed such a thing, what I have witnessed was nurses hardly sitting down, often running around like crazy people trying to do their job with an unrealistic workload. I’ve saw them comfort patients who were going through a rough time, and family members who just lost a loved one. Your profession has 3 million members any profession that has that many MUST be important. When tragedy happens, nurses are on the front lines ready to go and help the sick and injured. I’ll never understand why your profession doesn’t get the respect it so deserves, you see things and do things that many people could not do. Just know you have patients who respect and are grateful for people like you. You all rock!
  4. Just a patient---My heart goes out to this nurse and her family. It boggles my mind why others think its ok to assault a healthcare worker, being disabled and in a wheelchair, I have been in the hospital many times and the ER a few times and never even thought about assaulting a healthcare worker. I wouldn’t like it if my nurse hit me because they were having a bad day, so why would I hit them because I’m sick or hurt. Many people don’t realize they will have a harder time getting care (because who wants to care for someone who might assault them) and may also delay other patients care if more staff is needed to prevent another staff member from getting hurt. I have always been respectful and polite towards staff and I have never had any shortage of help when I needed it. It’s a shame, it’s hard for many people to show respect to others when it’s so easy to do and doesn’t cost anything. Always remember you have patients who respect and appreciate the work you do! Stay Strong Nurses!
  5. Wheels28

    I was slapped by a patient

    Just a patient-- Sorry this happened to you. I'm disabled and in a wheelchair and have never even thought about assaulting a nurse. I hope they face some jail time. Always remember you have patients who respect and appreciate the work you do. Stay strong!
  6. Wheels28

    The End of An Era

    Thank you for your service and for caring for others, judging from your posts you sounded like a great nurse. Enjoy your retirement! ☺️
  7. Wheels28

    financial donation to a needy patient

    Just a patient--- As others said it's NOT a good idea to give them money. They may come back and ask you for more, best just to refer them to the proper services. With that being said sometimes, the best gift you could give someone is an ear and your time, in their time of need. I have never been homeless, but whenever I was in the hospital and going through a hard time, it meant a lot when my nurse or CNA would sit and talk with me about what was going on with me or just about life, or went out of their way to get a snack I liked ect. The patient may remember the time you spent with them, the kindness and care you provided for the rest of their lives. Like the saying goes "it's the little things that matter".
  8. Just a patient---As a big supporter/fan of nurses it's upsetting to read stuff like this, she was just doing her job protecting the patient, and this guy goes crazy on her, glad she's ok. I hope she gets a nice settlement and he goes to jail. Sadly he will probably get just probation. It's scary he would do that to anyone especially a woman when other people are around him. Stay strong nurses!
  9. Wheels28

    Exciting Changes Coming To allnurses

    I hope all nurses users will always have the option of always being anonymous, part of the reason why I think this site is successful is because people can come on this site and vent anonymously. I would hate for that to change.
  10. Wheels28


    Just a patient- How sad nurses are being treated like this. I have cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair and I have always been respectful towards staff. The only thing I ever thought I was "entitled" to was good care and friendly staff. It's a shame most people don't feel that way, it's also sad that reimbursement is based mostly on customer service and not the care provided. I have found by being nice and respectful, staff is willing to do extra stuff if they have the time. Anytime my family visited me they were respectful as well. Being respectful and kind cost nothing and is easy to do, it's a shame people don't hand it out too often. Always remember you have patients who respect and appreciate the work you do!
  11. Wheels28

    Too ugly to be a nurse..?!?

    Just a patient--- You sound like you are being way too hard on yourself. I'm disabled due cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair, I have been in the hospital many times, and I have to say I have NEVER judged a nurse or CNA or any staff on their appearance, I judge them on how knowledgeable they were, if they were friendly ect... I've had some nurses who were not the best looking in the room but were great at their job and I would request them whenever I was in the hospital because they took such good care of me. If someone doesn't want you as their nurse based on your looks that says a lot about THEM as a person, because it's what's inside that matters. Give me a knowledgeable, friendly nurse that is "ugly" looking, over one that looks like a model and doesn't know what they are doing is mean and ignores my call light any day. I have also noticed that some of the ladies who think they are ugly, are the most prettiest in the room in more ways than one. I know it's easier than done but don't pick yourself a part you'll drive yourself crazy, focus on positive stuff about yourself and (I'm sure there are many). Remember smarts and personality matter the most to MOST people. Give nursing a try if you think you'll enjoy it, if not you might regret it later. Hope this helps.
  12. Wheels28

    Dropping the "Nurse Card"?

    I wish I could like the post above a 100x.. There no reason to talk and drive, nothing is that important. The person talking on the phone won't be any good to the person on the other end if they are in jail or pass away from an accident. A few months ago I witnessed someone in the car beside me texting while driving, I was thinking to myself what so important they can't pull or wait. Cell phones have taken over our lives, long before we somehow managed to live life. Some will make the argument times have changed,have they really? or have we just been conditioned to think we need everything NOW? Smartphones were designed to be addictive, that tells you everything need to know right there.
  13. Wheels28

    Miserable nurses

    Just a patient- as others have said, this nurse very well may have just been having a bad day. Wanting her fired is a bit over the top. I have had experiences (thankfully not many in the hospital) in life where workers were rude but I never wanted them fired. I just let it go. We all have bad days. It stings when someone projects their anger on you, unfortunately that's how some people deal with things or if they have had enough and need a break. I had a nurse who cared for me right after my operation, when I called and asked for my urinal (I couldn't reach it) she was very snippy with me, used a very nasty tone, but about 15 minutes later without me even calling her, she entered the room and asked if I was done. She told me she wanted apologize for the way she acted a few minutes ago, I accepted. I later found out (she told me) she was going through a separation and had a five year old daughter who was very upset that mommy and daddy don't live together anymore and it hurt her to see her daughter so upset. She told me "I'm normally very friendly and happy and a bit of a push over but this really got me today" I understood. I had her for 2 shifts after that and she was a great nurse and friendly. My point is you never know what someone is going through. I'm sure it wasn't easy for my nurse to apologize but I bet that made her feel better knowing that I wasn't upset with her or worst wanted her fired. I'm very easy going, but I have my days as well.
  14. Wheels28

    Nurses' Week - Upended.

    Just a patient--I'm disabled due to cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair. It's so sad to me that a profession that does so much for others and makes a difference in the lives of others can't get any recognition not even one day. Anytime I have been in the hospital, I would say how much I appreciated them. I would sometimes bring food and such for the nurses on the unit shortly after I got discharged, it felt nice to do something for someone who helped me through some rough times in my life. Its a shame employers don't feel the some way. Just remember you have patients who don't what they would do without you, and are very grateful for the work you do. You all rock!!! Happy Nurses Week!!
  15. Wheels28

    Older Student, Unprofessional Nurse During Clinical

    Just a patient-What you experienced is not unique to just nursing, you have/will encounter people like that everywhere. We have all talked about others, I have done it. Was the nurse out of line, in my opinion yes. I have a feeling if that nurse heard someone talk about her like that she'd have a major problem with it. I curse but that is one of few words I don't say. Using the word she used was very unprofessional, especially where a large group of people can hear her. In my opinion a person using that word to describe someone is immature. Talking like that is no way to gain respect it's, an easy way to lose it. However, it's how YOU choose to respond to a situation like that. In the case you witnessed the nurse who she was venting to choose not to respond. She very well could have been laughing at the nurse for talking like that and wasting her energy, and chose not reply. I'm disabled due to CP and in a wheelchair. I've had people tell me being in a wheelchair is easy, that having all of the operations I had were easy, I could go on. What it has made me think about is how NOT to speak to others. I can tell you as someone who usually had a room by the nurses' station I have heard nurses talk about patients', it was usually the ones who were being unreasonable or nasty towards them, and they did not use such strong words. In the end be the nurse you want to be and others to look up to. Hope this helps.
  16. Just a patient--- Something I have noticed is many RN's who have only been practicing for a short time, going back to school to become a NP. Could having a nurse with 20 years plus experience for example at the bedside become a thing of the past? I know nursing is a broad field however, I think at some point the NP field will become over saturated. Curious as to what your thoughts are?