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pinkiepieRN has 8 years experience and specializes in adult psych, LTC/SNF, child psych.

I started out as a psych nurse, thought there was greener grass and am now coming back to psych. I've never stopped using my psych skills and never regret having not worked med-surg.

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  1. pinkiepieRN

    I am not "such a good nurse!", a vent

    Did this patient even have capacity to refuse? I've spent so much time working with involuntary psych patients that I realize even though people can be declared "incapable" of making their own decisions, it's a ****** to get people properly medicate...
  2. pinkiepieRN

    Psych Nursing - Boring?

    PM shifts are definitely more patient time centered. It's also for me when less groups tend to be going on and patients have more "down time".
  3. pinkiepieRN

    Why nurses don't want to talk to a ward psychologist?

    I'm sorry if I missed this somewhere, but what is your *ROLE* as a psychologist on the unit? Is it to counsel staff or act as a clinical liaison between staff, patients and families? I guess it could be both but I'm wondering if you're trying to st...
  4. pinkiepieRN

    Driver's license and other documentation

    This seems like a silly question, but here goes. I'm on contract for 13 weeks. I've got mail forwarded here and will be putting this address down as my "permanent" address for certain things until I otherwise have somewhere else to go - but what ab...
  5. pinkiepieRN

    Psych RN out of state relocation

    I hear the "Institute of Living" in CT is pretty awesome.
  6. pinkiepieRN

    Switched to Psych, HELP!

    How's it going?
  7. pinkiepieRN

    Ped Psych RN

    Maybe not your cup of tea, but you could always consider Adult Psych. Adult Psych often has more medically complex patients (depending on what your unit accepts) and there's of course the obvious co-morbidities, like asthma, COPD, HTN and obesity. ...
  8. I would love to argue with you, but you've got an interesting perspective there. I have anxiety myself and have taken prescription anxiolytics before. *I* don't think they effected me like that but YMMV.
  9. Without more specifics, it's hard to make a generalization to your posed problem. Anxiety medications alter neurochemistry but I don't believe they alter thinking in such a way to "dull common sense". Most anxiety (and psychotropic) meds have warni...
  10. I've been a nurse since 2009. My professional history looks like this: 2009-2012: adult psych (community hospital) I left because I felt unsafe with the patient population (high substance abuse, very high patient turn-around, unenclosed nursing stati...
  11. pinkiepieRN

    workplace accommodations for ADHD

    Understood. While that is possible, it won't always be possible. A lot of the nurses on nights are newer and I'm in charge maybe 50% of the time. This is something my NM has been thinking of for everyone, not just me but I triggered her to think a...
  12. pinkiepieRN

    workplace accommodations for ADHD

    I was diagnosed with ADHD in December and put on meds. I have a long acting stimulant (Vyvanse) and a short acting one for when the Vyvanse wears off (Zenzedi). I am easily distracted and have difficulty finishing tasks. I have exceptional documen...
  13. pinkiepieRN


    Working nights definitely helps. The pace is slower, the teamwork is better and the team is more cohesive. I'm more extroverted in my personal life and sometimes say things that cause me to insert my foot in my mouth but I try to keep things quiet ...
  14. pinkiepieRN

    Night shift alterative hours poll

    They've adjusted my shift to match that of someone who just retired. I was working 11-7:30 x 5 days/week but now I work 11-8:30 x 4 days/week. It's 40 hours vs 36 and it's hard to stay into day shift like that, but I was already here until 8 most d...
  15. pinkiepieRN

    misconceptions about nursing pay

    Nope, definitely not the Masters. I have 7 years of experience.