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sjalv has 1 years experience and specializes in CVICU.

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  1. She is not telling her to take the discussion elsewhere, she is giving her additional places to get feedback. The Facebook groups that I am a part of have over 20,000 members. You get at least 5-10 responses within the first hour of posting something...
  2. sjalv

    Nursing Dreams and Nightmares

    I've dreamt before that a patient of mine started coding and I knew they were, but my body couldn't perform compressions. I could yell for help, push the code button, position the bed supine, but my arms were like jelly when I went to do compressions...
  3. sjalv

    How do you get into the ICU?

    CCRN is a certification, nothing to do with any board. 'board certified' tends to refer to physician certifications upon completing a residency and passing their respective boards. I think to say getting your CCRN makes you 'board certified' is misle...
  4. sjalv

    How do you get into the ICU?

    I got hired into an adult CVICU before I even graduated ADN school without any tech experience. It really depends on where you live.
  5. I keep my stethoscope, headphones, a phone charger, some nonperishable food as previously mentioned, and an IV drug reference book, although each med room on my unit has one so I rarely use that.
  6. sjalv

    Quitting my 1st RN job

    I'm not sure if you are asking me or if you were just clarifying that that was the question you were trying to figure out, but in case it's the former, I'm not too sure. On one hand, you have ICU experience, but it's not pediatric ICU experience. The...
  7. sjalv

    Quitting my 1st RN job

    Disclaimer: I'm speaking as a nurse who started in an adult CVICU, and that's still where I am. Obviously our hospitals' orientation programs and environments differ, as we don't even do transplants at my hospital and I'm guessing y'all don't do open...
  8. sjalv

    Lifestyle of a Nurse

    1. I have never had a shift where it is stressful all 12 hours. Usually it's most stressful at the beginning if the patient is new to the unit or has had a sudden change of condition and requires many interventions (I work in the ICU). I have great c...
  9. sjalv

    New Charge Nurse

    I have only ever asked for an assignment change after having a difficult patient (as in, delirious and unresponsive to reorientation attempts) for 5 nights in a row. Another time, a nurse and I asked our charge if we could switch patients as she had ...
  10. sjalv

    Hands off my vent!!

    I would be calling security. I work for a hospital that can and will ban visitors for interfering with patient care. I fortunately have not had this issue yet.
  11. sjalv

    Do nurse practioners round with doctors?

    I work in a CVICU and the NP's round with the intensivists almost always. However, the surgical NP's do not usually round with the interventional cardiologists/CV surgeons. They do that solo.
  12. sjalv

    Versed IV push or Ativan IVP

    Zyprexa, Seroquel, or Geodon are preferred. Others have mentioned a Precdex drip but I echo the sentiments that it rarely has the desire effect. We still use it in my ICU though. To answer your question, though, I'd use Ativan over Versed.
  13. sjalv

    Precepting New Grads

    I have been a nurse for over a year now in the same unit where I was a new grad. It is a CVICU and let me tell you, my clinical experience during school sucked. One of the biggest things that helped me succeed as a new grad in critical care was my pr...
  14. sjalv

    I don't want to work as a CNA during undergrad

    I never worked as CNA prior to becoming a nurse, and there was a slight learning curve when I became a nurse. It was embarrassing not knowing how to change linen with a patient in the bed and other things, like tricks for easier clean up when pt has ...
  15. sjalv

    What type of soap do you use?

    I use a face mask from Lush before every shower (right now, I'm using 'Don't Look At Me', which is one of their fresh face masks, but otherwise I use their Mask of Magnaminty). In the shower, I use Dark Angels by Lush for my face, then a Bath & B...