My granddaughter was adopted today


Today was a bittersweet day for me. Today I assisted in the competion of my granddaughter's adoption. My daughter came to me 37 weeks ago and told me that she was pregnant for the 4th time and she hoped I would not be angry with her, but she was going to put the baby up for adoption. She told me that she was not in any position to care for another infant and that she had made this decision as soon as she found out she was pregnant. I supported this decision and helped her find an adoption agency and choose the parents for her baby. During the pregnancy my daughter had several difficulties, including, chronic placental abruption and preterm labor. She was on bedrest for several weeks during the pregnancy. When she was 36 weeks, her ob did an amniocentisis for fetal lung maturity. The results came back positive. She was scheduled for a repeat C-section for friday. She contacted the adoption agency and invited the adoptive parents to come to the hospital for the birth. I was the nurse and was able to share both the joy of the adoptive parents and the sorrow of my daughter and family. Today the adoptive parents took their new daughter home. My daughter and I are grieving, but very happy that the baby will have a wonderful home and life. I am writing this in tribute to my daughter, who unselfishly and with great love gave the most precious gift to wonderful people who would not otherwise have an opportunity to be parents. She did not condem this child to poverty as would have happened if she had kept her. She cries for her loss, but smiles through the tears because she knows she did her best for her child. She is the bravest , most generous person I know. I want her to know her decision was the right one, and I love her very much.


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Speaking as someone who has adopted a child I applaud her good sense and bravery.

Thanks for sharing.



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Speaking as an adopted child, ditto.


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My family will be praying for your family. Adoption is a very unselfish and caring act. Your daughter has brought lifelong joy to this family.

Love and prayers.


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hugs and prayers coming your way


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I am adopted myself and thank God everyday for giving me such a brave and selfless birthmother...It must've been the toughest thing for her to do.. I know that I have been afforded every opportunity to thrive and grow w/my adoptive family..My bio. mother was in no position to keep me either...

Thank goodness for these strong, loving women !!



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That was a thoughtful and loving tribute to your daughter and her courageous decision. And, a powerful tribute to her loving mother who wrote it. My thoughts are with you both.


What a unselfish, giving and loving thing to do. I know it's hard for her and for you.




266 Posts many lucky people here! I think the act of adoption is the most awesome. I've been blessed with 5...3 of my own and 2 step-kids....I consider them all mine! If I had the chance or $$ I would love to bring another child into our home.

The strength your daughter showed is beyond words. She gave something to another human that they could not do themselves. I pray that this beautiful daughter will grow up with an appreciation and love for both of her Mothers.....the one who loved her enough to let go and the one who was there to catch her.

As a grandma 42, I know the love for grandchildren is a strong bond. While I can't imagine your heavy heart in letting this dear one go, I pray that God will give you the strength and peace as you know that this little angel from heaven will always have a special bond with you, even if she never meets you in this life.....perhaps she will laugh the same as you or exhibit some small trait that you granddaughter twirls her hair when she is tired......just like me;)

I wish you both much love, peace and comfort. I'm proud of you both. God Bless you!:kiss

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Hugs to you! I also can relate to the effect adoption has on a family. From both sides.

God Bless you both~ no...all three, as you journey through life together in spirit and in love...



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Originally posted by WashYaHands

That was a thoughtful and loving tribute to your daughter and her courageous decision. And, a powerful tribute to her loving mother who wrote it. My thoughts are with you both.


I couldn't have said it better. :kiss


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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family tonight--also with that darling baby that her lifetime will be filled with love and happiness. What a wonderful gift to give to some family who wants to have a child of their own. God Bless:kiss

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