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  1. WashYaHands

    CIC Certificate

    Information about becoming certified in Infection Control can be found at the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. web site http://www.cbic.org Having a CIC is a certification in infection control does not authorize practice as a CNS. A CNS is a registered nurse who has completed a master's degree program that is accredited to include clinical nurse specialist components (education and clinical practicum) in the curriculum. There may be a master's program with a CNS focus in infection control out there somewhere. Hope this helps answer your question.
  2. WashYaHands

    help with the qa process

    The site for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement http://www.ihi.org has alot of information about hospital quality including ideas, tools for measuring quality, and educational offerings. My QA position was recently eliminated, so I've moved on to other things. I really enjoyed QA. I gained many skills and much knowledge that I can use in other areas. Best of luck with your new position (both of you). Linda
  3. WashYaHands

    help with the qa process

    These resources might help: An Introduction to Quality Assurance in Health Care by Avedis Donabedian Measuring Quality Improvement in Healthcare A Guide to Statistical Process Control Applications by Raymond G. Carey, PhD & Rober C. Lloyd, PhD. http://www.ncqa.org http://www.ahrq.gov Also, do a search for quality assurance in health care. There may be some helpful sites there. Hope this helps you out a little bit. Linda
  4. WashYaHands

    What is a CNS?

    Mary, The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists might have some information related to your specialty. They have an internet bulletin board where you can ask specific questions and touch base with others in your specialty. The url is http://www.nacns.org . My specialty is community health, so I can't offer much in the way of clinical expertise or knowledge of renal management. Congratulations...December is just around the corner. Linda
  5. WashYaHands

    Help finding info about certifications/specialties

    this site might be helpful http://www.nursingworld.org/ancc or do a search for American Nurses Credentialing Center good luck
  6. WashYaHands

    Reward system for hardworking CNA's..need help!

    Hand written thank you notes are nice. We used to have a special bulletin board where anyone could post a thank you note to a coworker.
  7. WashYaHands

    Research Paper ?? and HELP!!

    Since I paraphrased it from the direct quote that I used as an example, it would have to be cited. But, you're right in that If you use a fact that is common knowledge it would not have to be cited.
  8. WashYaHands

    Research Paper ?? and HELP!!

    Here is an example of quotation and paraphrasing with cited references: "Unionization, once a dirty word in the medical world, is spreading" (Eastaugh, 1998, p. 46). Paraphrased: Unionization of medical professionals is increasing (Eastaugh, 1998). Either way you still have to cite a reference unless you are stating your own original idea. The difference is with paraphrasing you are not directly quoting from your source, but you are putting into your words what the source has said. I hope this helps. Good luck. Linda
  9. WashYaHands

    Purpose statement?

    Yikes! After reading some of those posts from studentdoctor.net and noticing one of them has the tagline, "Faking sincerity daily", I'd say they have a lot more to worry about than nurses with doctoral degrees.
  10. WashYaHands

    Nurses' Week Celebration

    I work with 30 people. Ten of us are nurses. During a special nurses week staff meeting it was announced that in our honor the company would be donating $20,000 to the local nursing college to provide ten $2,000 need based scholarships for local nursing students. The student recipients sent thank-you letters and those were shared with us as well. This was the most meaningful gesture I've ever experienced to honor nurses during nurses week.
  11. WashYaHands

    Wording a research proposal for BSN course

    It might be a good idea to narrow down the focus so that you don't have so many variables within the study. For example: Patient satisfaction of Open vs. restricted PACU visitation practices. Patient satisfaction of open vs. restricted ICU visitation practices. Family satisfaction of open vs. restricted PACU visitation practices. Family satisfaction of open vs. restricted ICU visitation practices. Hope this helps.
  12. WashYaHands

    CNS in pain management??

    There is a program that offers an MSN with a self-defined CSN specialty. Prior to beginning the program the student and graduate faculty advisor create the specialty courses. The created courses must meet stringent requirements for curriculum development. The created speciality courses are completed in addition to the core courses. The academic work and clinical practicum that you participate in must be related to the self-defined specialty, and your thesis work or comprehensive exam is centered around that specialty as well. A friend of mine completed this program with a Cardiac CNS specialty. http://web.uccs.edu/bethel/cns.htm scroll down for a brief description of the self-defined option.
  13. WashYaHands


    the "c" indicates that the person is a candidate for an MSN degree. In other words, they have completed their thesis and awaiting graduation.
  14. WashYaHands

    Re-starting a QA job after 8 years.

    Glad I could help and very glad it went well for you!
  15. WashYaHands

    Re-starting a QA job after 8 years.

    My experience is that the informatics, clinical systems and data analysis pieces are vital in QA work. It's just as important as all of the other pieces of implementing a QI project. If you enjoy working with data, informatics, systems, and have an analytic mind it's a nice fit when coupled with nursing knowledge and skills.
  16. WashYaHands

    Re-starting a QA job after 8 years.

    Assuming that you’re working in a hospital QA setting, you can get some information about current practices to improve health care at the following sites. http://www.leapfroggroup.org you can search to find out if your facility participates in the Leap Frog for patient safety survey. And, you can find out how your hospital is doing for various measures. If your facility does participate in this survey, look around on the site to find out about the leap from survey and it’s purpose in the big picture of improving health care quality in case it comes up during your interview. JCAHO also has a site http://www.qualitycheck.org that you can surf around to find out how your hospital is doing with heart attack care, heart failure care, pneumonia and other measures. Become familiar with what JCAHO is interested in with regard to quality of care. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement http://www.ihi.org is an informative site. This organization recently kicked off a nationwide campaign called 100,000 Lives. The campaign focuses on 6 interventions that it is asking hospitals to implement and measure that will improve quality of health care. Since you have a background in critical care, the interventions that this campaign is promoting will make sense to you. Not sure if your particular hospital is formally participating, but it might be good info to know in case they are. If not, the site is packed with very good information related to Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance. QA is an exciting and growing field in health care today. It is especially exciting for the nursing profession to be involved in because we’ve always advocated quality and we have valuable input to achieve it. Best of Luck to you.