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  1. mcruss

    American nurses in Germany??

    My husband and I will be moving to Germany in the upcoming months, and I'm eventually looking to work as an LPN in a military hospital or clinic...Anyone out there from Ramstein or Landstuhl?? I would love to hear about whether or not they hire civilian LPN's over there??We are very excited about moving to Germany !! Thanks, Tricia
  2. mcruss

    Excelsior and the College network??

    Wow, I had not heard that....SCARY !!!! I'm really counting on getting my RN through Excelsior...My husband is deployed "over there" for 6 months, and I'm working full-time and doing the single parent thing....and I'm counting on doing it at my own pace...... Anyone else heard this? Or have any additional info to offer? I thought the study guides looked good from the college network.
  3. I went to a seminar yesterday from the College Network company?? There were 5 of us LPN's there and 3 ended up signing up...Has anyone purchases these study guides? And are they really helpful? I'm definitely interested in getting my RN through Excelsior, but was wondering if the College Network was a helpful step in that direction? I'd appreciate any input...... Tricia:)
  4. mcruss

    Excelsior graduates...Are there any?

    How long/where where were your clinicals? I've heard conflicting answers....
  5. I know this question has been asked a million times before....But are there any people who've successfully completed this program?? I'm an LPN considering it..... Thank you! Tricia
  6. mcruss

    I may lose my hubby

    My husband has been in Oman(middle east) for 2 weeks now, and will be gone from 3-6 months. This is our first deployment...We barely survived the one year Korea stint apart. But, I just keep going day to day....I work as an LPN in a Peds clinic for now...until he returns and I can get back to my surgical floor nights position.... It is very difficult for me and the girls....And while AnaClaire's post was beautifully put, I disagree with always wearing a "coat" of strength in front of my children....Obviously for the most part I do, but we allow ourselves to cry about it together when we are missing him terribly.....I grew up watching my mom being the strong military wife while my dad was flying B-52's over Vietnam...Only recently has she shared with me stories of how difficult it really was for her...stories of crazy things she did to get through.......Let's face it, it's a different day and age now...Nowadays most military wives work, and don't have the time or energy to join the wive's club....You just have to make the best of it.... I know I haven't given any really good advice here toyou, but I'm always here if you need me..... Tricia
  7. I'm starting my first LPN med/surg job on Monday, and have been told that I can take the with benefits position, or the per diem position.....It's a difference of 2.22/hour. I'm tempted to do it for a year at least, to catch up financially. I'm just curious what some of you have done. Of course, my family is covered under my husband's Air Force benefits, so we're okay for medical and dental already..... Any input of pros and cons would be appreciated.
  8. mcruss

    What are you worth?

    Interesting read.... Mario-How much time do you spend taking your picture??? Is it really you??
  9. mcruss

    I Passed My State Boardssssssss

    Wonderful !! I take my boards this Friday....and hope to have the same results to share as you !!
  10. I take my LPN boards next Friday......wish me luck !! I've been offered a med/surg position at one of the hospitals I did clinicals at...I'm so excited !! I can't wait to start !! I never thought I'd choose med/surg, but I just fell in love w/the place !!
  11. mcruss


    There is a wonderful book out..I think it's called "eating for IBS". It's a cookbook basically and has wonderful suggestions. I learned alot by reading it. You may want to check it out. I suffered from bouts of constipation and alternating diarrhea. It was horrible. I learned what foods to stay away from and also went on Zoloft.
  12. mcruss

    Free LPN Nclex practice test?

    Does anyone know of any online practice tests for the LPN nclex exam? I'm due to take it in October and am trying to take every practice test I can. Thanks !! P.S. How do I select an avatar for myself??
  13. mcruss

    Somebody Probably has access to YOUR License Number!

    I believe it !! I don't have a license# yet(I test in October). However, I had my social security number stolen by a guy in California, and he bought several cars, opened sev. checking accts,etc.....And I never would have found out had I not gone to purchase some cd's at the bank... I never give out much info. now to anyone....Not that I did before, but you never know !!
  14. mcruss

    Had to take a mental health day today.

    Oh, that is just horrible !!! Poor thing...I'm glad she was able to admit that she definitely deserves better..Oh my goodness, my heart is breaking for her..and you....My daughters are only 7 and 3, but to imagine that someday I may face this is just plain scary..Thank goodness she has you to help her through....My mom has helped me through a broken heart or two(or three) and I know how much I appreciated it......You sound like a wonderful woman ! Tricia
  15. mcruss

    My daughter is sick....

    Another dumb question---Have they ruled out kidney stones?? I'm sure they have...but that describes how I feel when I get them.... Be thinking of you both !! Tricia...only 9 weeks to graduation !!
  16. mcruss

    My granddaughter was adopted today

    I am adopted myself and thank God everyday for giving me such a brave and selfless birthmother...It must've been the toughest thing for her to do.. I know that I have been afforded every opportunity to thrive and grow w/my adoptive family..My bio. mother was in no position to keep me either... Thank goodness for these strong, loving women !! Tricia