My birth story offended our OB's now they want me fired!


I'm a postpartum, L&D and nursery nurse. Had my baby 3 weeks ago and was called in for a meeting with my manager today. I posted my birth story on facebook for all my friends to see. I had a planned home birth, with midwife and had a 10 pound baby girl naturally at home. It was a wonderful experience. However, one of my coworkers must have forwarded the story to all of our staff and OB's. At the end of my story I compared and contrast my home birth with my last hospital experience which was a traumatic hospital shoulder dystocia. I didn't mention our hospital name or any OB's or nurses names, but it was clear I favored my homebirth experience. My old OB read it and became extremely offended... he gathered with a few of the other OB's and complained to my manager and nursing officer saying they "don't want me taking care of their patients anymore OB or postpartum because they don't trust me."

Now, instead of firing me they are giving me the option of working med-surg (which I have never done) until the OB's "cool down." How can they do that? I shared my personal experience. I provide great care to moms and babies. I never try to persuade my patients to a homebirth, most would look at me like I'm crazy. But apparently, if the OB doesn't like you, you're gone. What would you do? What are my rights? I have done nothing wrong so it seems so unfair and unethical. How can they become offended at my personal experiences and try to get me demoted.

My passion is moms and babies and if these OB's don't like me and want me off their unit, I might need to get another job. It's really sad because I love what I do. Thanks for your insight.


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What specifically did you post?


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I wouldn't post the specifics but we all are curious..


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My birth story is really long! But I will post the last part of it where they obviously took offense:

...By the time the midwives left for the day, the bathroom was spotless, all the sheets were washed and about 95% of the evidence we’d had a baby at home had been completely cleaned up. These midwives have this home birth thing down to an art! And even though I made them work for their money, it was amazing experience being able to birth in the comfort and safety of my own home, surrounded by love and competent caretakers.

What else astounds me is the way my complications were managed. I’ve now had two shoulder dystocias (where baby’s shoulders get stuck), one in hospital with an OB and one at home with a midwife and they was a huge difference in how they were treated. In the hospital, everyone went into panic mode, my OB laid me flat on my back legs spread and practically ripped me to get the baby out. Then my baby was taken away for 6 hours for observation. At home, my midwife stayed completely calm and confident, somehow managed to maneuver my baby out without injuring me, and gently let my chunky baby girl transition in my arms. There was no sticking tubes down her throat and nose, no blood sugar checks just because she is big, no jabbing the baby with needles or putting gunk in her eyes, and no rough scrubbing the baby down as soon as she comes out. And when you think about it, what OB would be willing to jump in a bloody bath tub for a shoulder dystocia? Now that is a midwife who loves her job!

I’m so blessed to have this experience. So is my husband. My mom who witnessed it. My children who grew to love our midwife. My baby who was delivered gently into this world and birthed in her own home.

Instead of spending my recovery in a hospital I get to spend it in my warm, cozy bed with my sweet smelling newborn at my side. My husband and mother are serving me so well. Friends and family are helping with the children. I am so blessed. I feel like this just wasn’t my experience. But one we all had together. I praise the Lord Jesus for his grace, beauty and provision through it all. But most of all I thank Him for this precious, healthy, beautiful baby.

Grace Caroline.

View her birth slideshow here:

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Wow...very special know what.....I'd talk to a lawyer and not discuss this .........but I don't think they can fire you for a personal story and no names/identifiers...........I'd talk to a lawyer and no talk about it on internet anywhere.

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I am kinda with Esme on this one :/


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Yeah I don't see why this would qualify you for a demotion, they can't kick you off the unit for an opinion. But this is why I no longer have Facebook, I know one too many nurses who have been in a similar situation with posts not referencing their work specifically but presumptions were made. Even if you were able to lawyer up and keep your job, that doesn't mean those offended still would back off.


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Frankly even though you didn't directly insult your hospital, it does seem as if you are insulting the hospital birth experience...and considering your job that is very awkward. I don't blame them for getting upset.

In the future, don't overshare your life. Does everyone on your friends list want to read about you giving birth? Probably not. Maybe just write it out for people who want to read it.

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You might remind your management that nurses, not physicians, are responsible for evaluating, hiring, and managing nurses, and that your annual evaluations indicate that you are doing just fine in your job. Tell 'em to grow a pair, as it were, and stand up for nursing, and tell those physicians that they will be just fine without physician input on evals and assignments, thanks. You (and they) can look it up in the ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing.

It has always been my experience that OB docs come in two flavors: The ones that love women, and the ones that hate them. Sounds like someone needs to stand up to group numbah two and tell them to MYOB.

And yeah, maybe you shouldn't put it all out there on FB.

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I'm taking a different tack on this: Your hospital and the OBs that practice there have a 'product' to sell- that being hospital-based childbirth. You made several rather pointed, disparaging remarks about their 'product' on a VERY public forum. Even by not identifying the facility directly in your post, your 'audience' knows EXACTLY what hospital you are talking about.

Imagine a McDonald's employee publicly declaring the awfulness of Big Macs and Egg McMuffins (without coming out and saying "I work for McDonald's BTW") and the absolute splendor of Burger King. Anyone with half a brain would KNOW the McDonald's employee was 'dissing' their employer.

You did the same, and I would say that if you live in an at-will state, that you are EXTREMELY lucky to still have a job.

Your 'birth story' did not offend these physicians, your 100% negative description of the 'product' that you also 'sell' is what got you in trouble.


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First of all, congratulations on the birth of your daughter! She's beautiful! All of your kids are :) The birth video was sweet and to hear her cry.... awwww!!!!

Second, it sounds like the Dr went on the defensive probably because he was too lazy to take the time to birth your other two correctly. Is there a HR dept or lawyer to can talk to about this? Don't let him push you around for this because from what I can tell you didn't do anything wrong.


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I'd say take the med-surg job and maybe after 6 months to a year see if you can transfer back to OB. Don't post anything on FB that your coworker may see....

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