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  1. HippyDippyLPN

    People being spiteful about grades?

    Just lie if you feel you have to say something. Honestly I wouldn't care what your pre req classmates think (I don't). I am there to make stellar grades, not friends, so i would tell people too bad so sad but then again I'm a bit of an arse lol.
  2. My bridge program at a local CC is much less competitive than the regular RN program. The bridge program is it own program and doesn't mix with the traditional RN students at all. Students are gaining admittance to the bride with 3.1 GPA's (min is 2.8, 40 Max spots, 60 usually apply) and with the traditional RN program you really need in the high 3's to get in. Hours worked as an LPN does not matter but they tell you if you can't keep up in clinicals your out.
  3. HippyDippyLPN

    Did you work during your bridge program?

    I'm plugging away at my LPN to RN program (part time student), I also though work full time during the day and have two kiddos 2 & 4 years old. Financially I can afford to not work (or perhaps gain PRN employment) for the remainder of my time in the bridge. After a year of carrying 9-10 credit hours per semester and working full time, I'm hitting a wall and would like to quit but am worried about job chances after graduation. I have a 4.0 but it is becoming tougher to maintain as the classes become harder, I just simply run out of hours in a day. What do you all do during your bridge, PRN, etc? If you do not work are you afraid you will not gain employment as easy after you pass RN boards?
  4. Our government cannot get one single thing done but yet they still get paid. I used to be a democrat, now I am neither, both parties lie, cheat, and are out of touch with middle class Americans. I am so frustrated that I pay $75/visit(which is on top of our premium we pay each month) for anyone in my family to see any kind of doctor but the lady down the street keeps poppin' her kids out for free and they can go to the ped all the time because it doesn't cost her a dime. I am a bit off topic here and usually I don't get fired up about stuff but this makes me mad that this policy is being pushed back. When I go to work and can't get anything done i face being fired, our government does it and they vote themselves a raise and a vacation. Ugh.
  5. HippyDippyLPN

    Financing lpn to bsn

    I am taking out loans through financial aid myself but my program is only 6k per year and I think that's a steal now a days. You could pay per semester if your able to work that much or find a job that will help finance your schooling.
  6. HippyDippyLPN

    Delta college! (Rant)

    That's a invasion of privacy. The only personal thing my college needs to know are the things that are pertinent to receiving financial aid, other than that it's no ones business how you pay your bills or your relationship status. Definitely file a complaint with the BBB and do not let anyone tell you what you should be. In my area becoming an MA is not a smart choice, the job field is more saturated than nursing and you have less options.
  7. HippyDippyLPN

    Oldest patient

    In LTC I took care of a lady who was 101. She was sharp as a tack and up until the end could mostly take care of herself, died peacefully in her sleep one night.
  8. HippyDippyLPN

    Is nursing right for me? (First year of college)

    I graduated high school with a 2.4. I graduated LPN school with a 3.8. I am starting my LPN to RN bridge this fall and get to skip many pre reqs because I tested into college level courses, including math which I took intermediate algebra 3x before I passed it in high school. I was too busy socializing to be bothered with hard work in high school and just assumes I was "not smart enough" so I had (in my young immature mind) an excuse to do poorly. I paid and am paying for all of my schooling, I wanted to do well, so I did. Don't let previous schooling be your track record, prove yourself wrong. I did and am doing so now, I'm proud of myself for being the student I could have been all along!
  9. HippyDippyLPN

    Do you work while in the transition program?

    I will be working full time while I do pre reqs for my bridge part time. I plan on completing all co reqs during this time as well so that when I enter the clinical portion I will only need one to two days off a week for that. The bridge program at my CC does put you in the second year of the ADN program but you have less clinical hours to be completed than the regular ADN students. We are a seperate clinical rotation than the regular ADN students as well since its accelerated.
  10. HippyDippyLPN

    Where to start when it's time for a job change?

    I've always had luck with applying to the doctor's offices within large hospital systems, that way you can apply to all the openings your interested in without having to type in all of your information over and over. You could try Internet job boards, like careerbuilder, but they get thousands of apps so I have never had luck with that. Most of the time I would look at who the hiring place was and just apply directly to their website instead of careerbuilder. Good luck although you should have no problems getting a job with your experience!
  11. HippyDippyLPN

    advice on new job search please

    I always request for them not to contact current employer, if they aren't positive they will not hire me I didn't want my current job to know. My current job was fine with me just giving current co worker references and its a large hospital system.
  12. HippyDippyLPN

    breakdown at work

    Yes as long as you did it away from patients, it happens! I cry when I get super frustrated, the 2 times it happened I took a 15 minute break and cleaned my face up in the bathroom till I could regain composure. My fellow nurses always understood, it's a release and although somewhat embarrassing, I think it's healthy as long as its not a common occurrence. You gotta get the stress out somehow!
  13. HippyDippyLPN

    Online PN classes?

    If there was you wouldn't want to do it!
  14. HippyDippyLPN

    need advice about speeding ticket

    Your telling me that there are people who get their first DUI resulting in only a misdemeanor, and I go 20 mph over posted speed I may get a felony? I know this is off topic but damn those punishments are skewed. I agree with PP that its a bit extreme that speeding tickets are being involved that should only matter if your transporting.
  15. HippyDippyLPN

    LPN online bridge programs

    Yes that is how it is here. With all of the LPN's graduating from brick and mortar schools, online degree earners aren't really considered. Many nursing homes will not hire as well due to lack of really any clinical hours. And out of many people I knew who started online bridge programs, only one actually completed it.
  16. HippyDippyLPN

    Can a new LPN work anywhere besides a nursing home?

    I wouldn't say we are having a hard time finding jobs (at least I'm not) but yes generally hospitals are not an option most LPN's do not have. There is still employment in many of the areas listed above. Just be aware you may have to put a year in at LTC to get into the other areas we can work. Also if you are interested in hospital type care many of the hospital systems in my area hire LPN's for their urgent cares, not sure if its like that everywhere.