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  1. HippyDippyLPN

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Lmao at dick flicker! That's just awful really
  2. HippyDippyLPN

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Not patients but I do know a Thor Basil lol and he loved his name. My sister ( who is very intelligent book wise not street wise) actually wanted to name my nephew Fabio. Thank god we persuaded her towards something else.
  3. I honestly had no idea LPN's could have associate degrees in the US. I have never met another LPN that had anything but a certifications. Even our community colleges do not issue associates to LPN's. LPN's are way under utilized in today's nursing field. All of this everyone must have a bachelors then a masters then a blah blah stuff gets old. I am getting my RN so I can actually have options instead of being limited to LPN or RN. But I am done after I get it...no desire to manage other nurses or become a NP. The thing is we ARE nurses as called by all of our BON's so I am not sure why we are pretty much compared to the skill level of PCA's. I actually had a military hospital call me the other day for a PCA job. They actually consider LPN's to basically have no more scope than a PCA. I declined. If the health field in general is going to Keep scaling back the LPN role then quite honestly they need to get rid of the LPN licenses and just make it RN because the different amount if schooling between a pct and a LPN are huge and I constantly see that comparison that they are the same.