My birth story offended our OB's now they want me fired!

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You might remind your management that nurses, not physicians, are responsible for evaluating, hiring, and managing nurses, and that your annual evaluations indicate that you are doing just fine in your job. Tell 'em to grow a pair, as it were, and stand up for nursing, and tell those physicians that they will be just fine without physician input on evals and assignments, thanks. You (and they) can look it up in the ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing.

Exactly! When patients get in a tizzy and tell me they're telling the doctor on me, I inform them that my boss is NOT a physician, but a nurse.

Furthermore, the OBs are not trained as charge nurses and therefore cannot assign nurses to patients. If they would like to have that ability, they should also be willing to work for the money that the charge nurses receive.

You know full well if a nurse said "I can't take care of Dr. McSteamyDump's patients," it wouldn't matter. We would have to do it anyway.

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My old OB read it

My question is, how was this physician privy to your post?

BTW, congrats! (Sorry I didn't say that earlier!)

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If you get a lawyer involved and a legal fight results in reinstatement, you will be returning to a hostile work environment.

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Whether you intended to or not, you weighed on a hot-button issue for where you work. The OB/hospital birth vs midwife/home birth is a touchy issue and you've pretty much slammed the OB/hospital method and more specifically, the OB's themselves. I agree the OB's should be more willing to take criticism, although that may not have been the best way to do it.

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I think when you post on the internet, whether FB or AN or any site, you risk being identified.

As there was some action taken or being contemplated, I am going to close this thread and strongly urge you NOT to discuss this anywhere.

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