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I am in anatomy right now.........I live a ways away from where I go to school. It will be impossible for me to go into lab, other than my actual lab classroom time. In your opinion, can I learn enough from pictures and the internet to do well or would buying a Mr Thrifty skeleton benefit me?

If I can do as well without him, I'll gladly save the cash..............but if it would really help and make a big difference, I'm willing to buy one.

Thank you for your input!!!

When I was in A&P 1 studying the skeleton we never had open Lab either, I just got to see it when I was at school, about 4 hours a week and I did okay.

I guess it depends on how difficult your A&P is. My school it would be impossible to just go by pictures in a book. Especially if you have to know all the bones disarticulated like we did. For example knowing all the little carpals in the hand disarticulated is very difficult without handling them. And the skull disarticulated? Forget about it.

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Buy a sharpie and get a willing volunteer. Draw the bones on them. As stupid as it sounds it really works.

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how much are those skeleton things? I don't know, if you have a camera phone I'd say take a pic and then figure out some way to label it on your phone depending on your phone specifications. Or even if you have video capability on your phone. I think that's what I'll do. I feel ya though, I heard anatomy is a *****, let's just say a beast. Good luck!

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Our instructor would test us by laying out the bone all by itself, putting a little sticker on a certain part of the bone and we'd have to write down what bone we were looking at, what part of the bone (tuberosity, condyle, zippadeedodah) so I'm not sure if you would be able to look at a bone that was shrunk to half-size. It might be worth it since it's so cheap. For the skull, you'll really need to get as much bone time with a full size model to get it all. You'll need to have a skull you can pull apart to visualize all the bones around the nose and cheek areas.

I think it would be a waste of money if you went and bought an actual skeleton. You could learn from pictures online and do you have a photographic atlas for l ab with pictures and labels of the bones?

There are some really good videos on youtube. They helped me tremendously.They probably helped me more than anything else.

Thanks so much, everyone! I think I'll save my money and try some free resources :)

I went on to Craigslist and found a Bucky skeliton for far less than it would have cost, new. I thought it was worth every penny! The Mr. thrifty's aren't too expensive. Might be worth it. After your class, you can sell it on Craigslist or keep it for Halloween.

I have a mr thrifty. "thrifty" is the operative term. It is frustrating how little detail is on this guy.

I think you should make an effort to go to open lap, because it really helps

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