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  1. Has anyone on here went from RT to RN?

    Hi everyone! I wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm just curious if anyone on here used to be a respiratory therapist and is now an RN. I graduated recently and respiratory therapy is just okay, but I really want to be a nurse. I know its not an e...
  2. Question about patient care technician/cna.

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I was about to pay $876 for a CNA certification. I definitley want to be a patient care technician. Do only vocational/technical schools offer PCT training? Also should PCT's get certified?
  3. Sorry I dont know where to post this exactly. I want a job in health care while I finish up my degree program. I was about to sign up for a phlebotomy program until I did my research and learned that its very hard for people to find jobs. So I was th...
  4. Part time jobs?

    Hi everyone. I didn't know where to post this on here, but I'm looking for a part time job while I'm in school full time. Sorry I posted this on another forum on here, but no one answered so I figured since there are students on here maybe someone c...
  5. Part time jobs while in school

    Hi everyone. I didn't know where to post this on here, but I'm looking for a part time job while I'm in school full time. I'm not going to school for nursing anymore since that didn't work out. So I'm in school getting a B.S in cardiovascular technol...
  6. Should I take Microbiology this summer? Or A&P II?

    Im glad to see you are so excited. Well really you should just take A&P II on the summer since it does build on the knowledge you acquired in A&P I. Plenty of people have taken A&P II over the summer and have gotten As. If you work hard y...
  7. PLEASE HELP i cant get into nursing school

    I agree with some of the other posters on here. You need at least a 3.5 minimum thats how competitive it is. So many people are wanting to get into nursing. Schools will say their minimum GPA to apply to their program is a 2.75 or 3.0, but in reality...
  8. Question about the TEAS Exam/study guide.....

    What??!! Its $110 just to register to take the test??????????
  9. Is there any way to get the TEAS study guide for cheaper than $88? Also I have been studying for the SAT test and I was wondering if that would be sufficient studying material for the TEAS or is it a must that I buy the TEAS study guide?
  10. I'm just curious.
  11. Hi everyone, Im waiting to get into a nursing program and I want to work as a CNA while I wait. The cheapest CNA program I have found in my area is $675. I dont have that kind of money and Im wondering would it would be worth it to go to my credit un...
  12. WHERE do I buy a TEAS study guide?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can buy a TEAS study guide?? I looked on Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, and Amazon, but I dont see anything. I emailed an adviser for the nursing program Im trying to apply to and she said you can find the TEAS study gu...
  13. Midlands Tech Students who have been waitlisted

    They are very vague when it comes to sooner start dates. Bottom line is you might get bumped up a semester, but thats still a long time to wait. See if you can get in some where else sooner.
  14. Thinking of quitting nursing program...

    Quit ASAP. No need to continue doing something you dont even have a passion for. Go after something you want to do in life. Its YOUR life and YOU CONTROL YOUR LIFE. Just simply tell your parents you dont have any desire to be a nurse. Tell them what...
  15. Are nurses being replaced?

    Well thats definitely not good news and not want I want to hear. Im so sick of hearing of hearing about greed in this country. How the heck is an MA going to replace a nurse??? That just ****** me off. BIG difference between the two.