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  1. mariposabella

    Has anyone on here went from RT to RN?

    Hi everyone! I wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm just curious if anyone on here used to be a respiratory therapist and is now an RN. I graduated recently and respiratory therapy is just okay, but I really want to be a nurse. I know its not an easy job, and the pay is slightly better, and the nursing field has its issues just like the respiratory field does. But I really like how nursing has a lot more opportunities and I want to be more involved with patient care. Right now I have an associates in respiratory and I want to go back to school to get a BSRT later this year or early next year and then after working for a years I want to apply to an entry level MSN program. I figured that would be easier than trying to do an ADN program and then an RN to BSN program and then doing an MSN program.
  2. mariposabella

    Question about patient care technician/cna.

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I was about to pay $876 for a CNA certification. I definitley want to be a patient care technician. Do only vocational/technical schools offer PCT training? Also should PCT's get certified?
  3. Sorry I dont know where to post this exactly. I want a job in health care while I finish up my degree program. I was about to sign up for a phlebotomy program until I did my research and learned that its very hard for people to find jobs. So I was thinking maybe I will do a CNA training program instead. Do hospitals hire CNAs to be patient care technicians and they train them for EKG and phlebotomy or does a CNA already have to have training in those things before a hospital hires them? I dont have enough money to do all three of them. Just the CNA and EKG or CNA and phlebotomy. Also is it hard to find a job as a CNA outside of LTC?
  4. mariposabella

    Part time jobs while in school

    Hi everyone. I didn't know where to post this on here, but I'm looking for a part time job while I'm in school full time. I'm not going to school for nursing anymore since that didn't work out. So I'm in school getting a B.S in cardiovascular technology so I can be a vascular sonographer. I have NO idea where to look for a part time job. I was going to do an EKG technician program that is at my local technical college that lasts a few months, but it turns out no one is hiring EKG techs where I live at and I read that demand for them is going down since other health professionals are learning about EKG on the job. Right now I'm currently waiting tables and I'm extremely tired of waiting tables and have been for 8 years now. I'm not making enough money and I'm miserable. I really want to get a part time job in a health care setting. I will eventually be doing an 18 month internship after I'm done with my courses next year so that will give me experience in my actual field, but in the mean time I REALLY want a job in a health care setting. Can anyone please give me suggestions? Thanks everyone for your help.
  5. mariposabella

    Midlands Tech Students who have been waitlisted

    They are very vague when it comes to sooner start dates. Bottom line is you might get bumped up a semester, but thats still a long time to wait. See if you can get in some where else sooner.
  6. mariposabella

    Thinking of quitting nursing program...

    Quit ASAP. No need to continue doing something you dont even have a passion for. Go after something you want to do in life. Its YOUR life and YOU CONTROL YOUR LIFE. Just simply tell your parents you dont have any desire to be a nurse. Tell them what you really want to do. If they dont like it then tough. Its their problem not yours.
  7. mariposabella

    Are nurses being replaced?

    Well thats definitely not good news and not want I want to hear. Im so sick of hearing of hearing about greed in this country. How the heck is an MA going to replace a nurse??? That just ****** me off. BIG difference between the two.
  8. mariposabella

    Worried about student loan debt

    I would like to stay in state or go to a CC, but thats not possible and actually in the state where I live in state tuition is the highest of any other state in south east. I did speak to someone at the school and they said I can get in state tuition after I have been there for a year, but I will double check. I would have gone to a CC program, but the waiting list are ridiculous.
  9. mariposabella

    Worried about student loan debt

    Hi everyone.Im going to an out of state school next semester because where I live its almost impossible to get into a nursing program. The only thing is the out of state tuition is $20,000 ($12,000 of it are student loans) for the first year after that it will only be $5,000 a year. I will have a BSN in 2 years. I have already been in school for the past several years and my student loans are already at $20,000. So these student loans are raking up. Unfortunately the school Im transferring to doesn't have transfer scholarships. Is it bad to have around $35,000 to $45,000 in student loans when you graduate from an undergraduate program? Then of course after I work for a few years I do want to get an MSN so Im sure that wouldnt be cheap at all. Arent masters programs $30,000 a year and more? I just wish there was a way to offset these cost so I dont have to pay so much in student loans.
  10. mariposabella

    Anatomy & Physiology (1 and 2) + Microbiology = SUMMER

    Well if you do that you definitley wont have a life. I personally wouldnt have done that because thats a heavy load, but if you are very good with time management, dedicated, and are focused then I say go for it and good luck! I hope you get A's and B's.
  11. mariposabella

    What would you choose? (Placements)

    I would have to agree that experience in two areas would definitely be good.
  12. mariposabella

    Any Aiken Tech or Augusta Tech Fall 2011 Applicants?

  13. mariposabella

    Nursing School: Things To Know Before You Start!

    Thanks for the advice!
  14. mariposabella

    Any Aiken Tech or Augusta Tech Fall 2011 Applicants?

    I was going to apply to Aiken tech since its in state, but I could never find out any information. I even called the school to find out if there was a waiting list or not and the person I called had no idea. Then I wondered if they were more likely to take students who live in Aiken county versus another county. Good luck to all of you though!
  15. mariposabella

    My interview is SCHEDULED!

    Hey thats great to hear. I honestly dont have any advice, but I do want to wish you luck and say maybe you should dress as if you are going to a job interview. First impressions are everything.
  16. mariposabella

    Friends don't understand ?

    Ignore your friend. If she cant understand that school is so important to you then she doesn't need to be your friend. Real friends support their friends. She should respect the fact you need to study and you are working hard to get into nursing school.