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nurses assistant way back when...
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knottygirl has 2 years experience and specializes in nurses assistant way back when....

Late Bloomer...Summer quarter soon, gotta bust those A's out...No kids so no excuses 1 dog 2 cats...seven year old dreds...determined...lo-key @ 29 and forever

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  1. oh...ok...thank you!
  2. knottygirl

    Coastal College of Georgia info

    I'm taking 4 classes right now...anatomy 1101, psych 1101, english 1101, and Med Term. Next quarter will be the same thing, four classes...math 1101, intro to health care, intro computers, nutrition and diet therapy. Except for intro the health care they'll be online. Unfortunately ccga doesn't have a spring admission. The only way I could do it now is to apply for the 2012 slot because this upcoming fall (2011) will be too late. I even thought that maybe I can take anatomy (2130) next quarter but they don't offer the 1st class in the spring semester, nor does savannah tech for the winter quarter. So I'll just keep going with my plan and hope I can get into the LPN program. @gapeach70, thank you for that. I'm not sure who I signed up for but I'm taking it online. I love math, hopefully I wont have too many problems!
  3. knottygirl

    Louisville vs Lexington

    Youre right about that, when I watched the elections this year both Fayette and Jefferson were blue, and Lexington almost always has a blue mayor. I guess what I mean concerning something to do is that I'm referencing venues, events etc. Any city can have a plethora of bars but what else is there to do? lol, let me know you where u go and I'll check it out when I come home for xmas! lol