Mom thinking about going back to nursing school... NEEDS ENCOURAGEMENT!!!

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Hi everyone!

I of course am new here, and so happy to find this forum!

I am a 36 yo, SAHM... who has been a wife and mother for the past 10 years. Now that my two youngest (twins) will be in school full time next year, I am considering going back to school for a nursing degree... something I have wanted to do for years!

I am so scared of going back to school to begin a career! Is anyone else here my age, have a spouse, kids, home to care for? I feel like I am already spread pretty thin, but this is something I really want to do.

Is it doable? Is anyone else in my position or similar, doing it now?

Can it even be done??? :eek:

Thanks for any suggestions or encouragement! Honesty is much appreciated! :lol2:

I too was just like you, I have 3 kids and was a SAHM for 11 years. When I turned 37 I decided to go back and it was the best decision I made. Although now that I'm in school and I have 3 kids at 3 different schools, we are very busy. Some days the house isn't as clean as I want it to be, but we make it through!!! :nurse:

I just started the journey towards nursing school this summer. I have two boys - 5 and 2. I stayed home with them for awhile and then worked for almost a year before I decided to go back to school. I already have a degree (Political Science) but I was ready for something different!

I took both semesters of A & P over the summer. I am currently taking chemistry, growth and development and math since I received a B in college algebra while getting my first degree. While it takes a lot of time and commitment to get through the pre-reqs, especially when you have other obligations, I'm enjoying working towards this goal.

It's totally doable! It might not be the easiest path but for me, the reward will be worth it!

You can do it! I am your age and have twins myself. I went into the nursing program when they were nine months old. Unfortunately, I didn't make it past second semester. Now I am waiting until my twins go to school (in three more years) and i'm going to try it again. I wish you the best.

Hi I just got into a nursing program after thinking about it for years. I am 37 a SAHM and have 3 kids (12,10and7),house,hubby and animals galore! lol. I quit my job 1 year ago to persue my career(thanks hubby) I am taking nursing 1 and chem together and I'm stressed over it especially math(it's my weak spot but im getting tutored) but I am doing it and finding time (not much ) to do everything else. Yesterday I was doubting myself about actually passing but reading all these post keeps me and encourages me to keep going. I am so glad that there are other people out there in the same situation. So don't doubt yourself just jump in and do it!!!!

Is anyone else here my age, have a spouse, kids, home to care for?

Can it even be done??? :eek:

Yes, yes, yes, yes,

And yes. :)

I'm going to school with one woman who has 5 kids!

It's intense. It's a lot of work. You really need to want it. But you CAN do it. :)

I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old (plus one of the way). I just started my 2nd year. I really love it and I know it's the right decision.

Hi Jen, I was your age when I started taking some remedial classes to catch me up for pre-reqs since I had never gone to college. Do you have a previous degree? Do you know the school that you want to go to yet?

Thank you all so much for your replies! It is so great to hear from other moms! It is such an encouragement! I love to hear your stories! Keep them coming!

Do you have a previous degree? Do you know the school that you want to go to yet?

Yes, I do have an AA in business management, as well as a BA in general management and human resources. I am hoping that some of my credits will transfer... Meeting with a counselor next week.

I also have a couple of schools I'm looking at. One offers an RN program, the other a BAS program. I will be weighing all of my options here. Lots to figure out still!


I think it'll be a little easier because your kids are now in school. My kids are 6 1/2 and 3 1/2 and I started 2 years ago...its been tough! If it's what you want then go for it! Good luck!

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Yes of course you can! Its not easy but hey-what is? I started my pre-req's and almost had them complete when surprise surprise son #1 was on the way and then went back a year later, transferred to a University and was in my last semester for my new additional pre-req's and found out I was pregnant with son #2 the day I took my organic chem final!!!! I wanted to give up but i didn't and now my youngest is two and I just got accepted to start nursing next semester and woohoo I m excited and yes my husband and i are very careful lol but i think u can do anything if u want it bad enough and i dont want my sons growing up and thinking their mom was a quitter or couldn't complete a goal in life as well as the million reasons ive always wanted to be a nurse

I am roughly your age, was a SAHM for 19 years to five kids, two are still at home. When they ranged from jr high up into college, I got a part time job and 20 months ago I started taking a class or two at a time headed for nursing.

Since you want honesty, kids need time and attention even after they are in school. I can tell the difference in my kids' general wellbeing when I have time for them and the times I've been stretched too thin (whether school or other reasons). When I'm not too stretched, problems are usually anticipated or at least noticed early and are much easier to deal with. Even the problems that don't get noticed early, they are easier to sort out when there is time and energy to deal with them.

It isn't a issue of letting the housework go a bit. That doesn't really matter. It is the attentative guidance they need that is the issue. It is being able to keep perspective and judgement to get the right balance between support and independence even when that balance point is changing all the time. I can't give that as well when I'm stretched.

It can be done, many people are doing it. Often their kids turn out okay.

I think waiting was worth it.

My suggestion is to make building your kids' foundations a priority but have other interests also... perhaps nursing?? among them, there is much that can be learned without taking classes, either completely on your own or by following one of the classes that put their outlines, goals, and syllabus online.

That's great that you already have a degree. It might cut down on the number of prereqs you have to take. At my university, for example, second degree seeking students only have to take the science related courses like A & P, chemistry, micro, patho. I'm not required to take comm (which I have a minor in anyway), sociology/anthropology, etc. I started classes in June and will apply for the nursing program in January for a fall start. Not too bad.

I just had an example of trying to balance life and school come up since I posted a couple of hours ago. My 5 year old is scheduled to get ear tubes and have his adenoids removed on Monday. I also have chemistry on Mondays. The surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am, giving me plenty of time to make it to my 11:30 lecture. Then my chemistry professor moved our first test to Monday. A little bit more stressful to have to do surgery first thing and then go to a test but manageable. Then his surgery got moved to 9:30 am. A little more tricky but still workable. The surgeon's office just called with the final schedule for Monday. The schedule kids by age with the youngest going earlier and since my son is an old man at 5 in the ear tube world, he got moved back again to 10:30. Since my professor drops the lowest of our 4 test scores, he has a no make-up exam policy.

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