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  1. wanna b

    taking external class

    Hi Everyone, Im currently enrolled and taking classes for RN to BSN online college (taking 4th class). I just found out that my financial aide funds will run out and I now have to pay for 5 classes out of pocket ($12,000) to graduate. If I would have known that I would have to pay out of pocket, I would have not started the program because I can't afford it right now. I have to take a math placement to see where I place, if all goes well I need to take college algebra than statistics, if it doesn't then I have to do remedial AGAIN. I took the remedial classes at the college that I received my Associate Degree and was going to register for statistics in a summer session. At the last minute I decided to take the summer off, so I never took it. My current college is asking for a good reason to take this class externally. Do I be honest and tell them that I can't afford to tack on the extra college algebra class along with any remedial(up to 3 extra classes) if I don't score well, and if they allow to transfer the statistics from my previous school, it will lessen the burden of me finding who will give me a loan. Thanks
  2. wanna b

    St Elizabeth School of Nursing...I GOT IN!!!

    Oh no why are there no responses!! lol I am currently finishing my ADN at Trinitas SON I will be graduating in Dec, and I am considering doing the RN to BSN program at St.Elizabeth. Let me know how it is please..
  3. Hi everyone, I am a nursing student and I will be graduating from Trinitas School of Nursing in Dec.2012. What are my chances of being hired as a new grad? I have volunteered at this particular hospital when I was in H.S then worked in dietary for about 2 yrs. I then transfered departments and was trained to do phelobotomy and the same time went to school and became an E.M.T. I was then offered a job as a dialysis technician at a clinic that is affiliated with the hospital and have worked with this company for 16 yrs. I made the decision to resign and pursue my ADN degree. Do you think my background will help me??
  4. wanna b

    Am I being offered a fair pay?

    What about a new grad from Staten Island NY?
  5. Trinitas School of Nursing at the Elizabeth Kellogg Building New Jersey!! Last semester!!
  6. wanna b

    What will you do after you graduate and take NCLEX?

    When I graduate Im going to get a tattoo. I want a custom caduceus to represent nurses and their hard work.. When its done I will post a pic.
  7. wanna b

    Community college has a 7% graduation rate...

    When I started my ADN program we had 250 students. We graduate in December and our class is down to 90 students (Very Scary). Our NCLEX pass rate is 100%..
  8. wanna b

    Things that gross you out..

    Someone with a trach. They try so hard to cough it out several times (oh just that wet, hollow, gunky sound) and BAM!! that really yellowish, green,stringy, gooey sputum shots out and gets all over that nice clean collar you just changed, and when you wipe it up it just smears everywhere... GAG GAG!!
  9. wanna b

    My thoughts on Mental Health Nursing

    You love your job and your making a difference in someone's life, isnt that what nursing is about? I give you a .
  10. wanna b

    How did everyone do in your Spring classes?

    Hi, I got a B in nursing 231 and I am headed for my last class in nursing at Trinitas...
  11. wanna b

    Is Trinitas School Of Nursing

    Hi guynew11 Im from Trinitas SON (Associate Degree) 2 classes left!! YEAH!! If your from Rutgers they pretty much accept everything. I would call admissions and ask for sure.They look at your A&P 1and2 and has to have been completed within the last 7 yrs or you would have to redo them, chem 105, if your from out of state(which I am from NY and didnt have a problem with it)among other things. They also want Micro which i recommend doing before the nursing classes start. Hope this helps, Good luck:)
  12. wanna b

    Why do you want to be "JUST" a nurse?

    I have been talking about being a nurse since 2nd grade. I use to put bandaides on everything, I even tried to put one on a worm in the gutter lol. While in clinicals last semester I was starting to feel a bit discouraged. When I was getting ready to leave the hospital after my shift I told my classmates that I would meet them downstairs. I didnt tell them why, but I just wanted to go tell my patient that I was leaving and wished her luck (she was in and out of hospitals ALOT). When I appproached her and told her she said "never once did anyone ever come back to say that to her with a coat on and backpack full. You are definetly a caring Nurse" I laughed and said hopefully one day, its a tough program. She said "NO U ALREADY ARE" This is why I want to be a nurse!! I want to make a difference!!
  13. This is to all those know it all people who yell out answers in class or try to finish the Prof. sentence, who mutter under their breath, are beyond cocky, think they are better than you, have all the answers and best of all who critized me!!! I have a few choice words but I will be proffesional ...HA HA HA I've moved to the next level...SEE YA!!!
  14. wanna b

    I am so discouraged...

    Yes listen to her she knows what she is talking about!! Im 38 have 3 kids 13,11,8, granted Im not working but just think about how much time you have on your hands to just read,read, read..Dont worry about your friends,boyfriend/girlfriends school comes first and real friends will understand.Its soooo much harder when you have your own family, I wish I did it when i was younger!!!! Just words of wisdom You can and will do it!!
  15. wanna b

    I am so discouraged...

    YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT!!! All of us on this website believe in you!! Just practice,practice,practice...