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Does anybody else notice that a lot of threads that would formerly been booted posthaste to the Breakroom side get to stay here now? Clickbait? Marketing about how many posts come to AN? Yep.

Personally, I think it's great. Cute pet videos can't be far behind.

In other news, my friend Esme is still not back ... send me PMs and I can forward them :)

How is she doing?

Specializes in ER, TRAUMA, MED-SURG.
LOL! I was curious and searched the name. I think she's been completely booted. No profile, no threads, no comments, except for where she was referenced in separate threads. She's a ghost!

That must have been some awesome snarkiness. Even He Who Shall Not Be Named didn't get that treatment.

I always miss out on the "goodies"!

Anne, RNC

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