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  1. BecomingNursey

    Nurses and holiday exhaustion

    Thanks! You too 🙂 Hoping for safe travels for all of your family.
  2. BecomingNursey

    Nurses and holiday exhaustion

    Mine too. Due to my husband and I both having to work Christmas. It broke my heart that neither of us could be with our daughter.
  3. BecomingNursey

    Am I Too Old to Start School?

    No one is too old. Age is just a number. We had a man in my class who was 58 and he made better grades than any of the rest of us. He was ridiculously smart and dedicated because he knew nursing was what he wanted. You can do it if you really want to!
  4. BecomingNursey

    When you just don't want to go to work....

    I look at my schedule to see who I work with that day. 😂 lol
  5. BecomingNursey

    Ask a CRNA any question you want

  6. BecomingNursey

    Should I call the director or no?

    Thank you all for the advice. I'm going to wait and see how the PRN thing goes first and go from there. I have to figure out day care for my daughter also so that will give me time to get that arranged before I decide. I do need the critical care experience but I want to make sure that it's the type of critical care I can get the experience I truly need. That's why I came here because I knew you would all have opinions and thoughts that I hadn't considered get! Thanks everyone :)
  7. BecomingNursey

    Should I call the director or no?

    Oh! And yes. They have 7 full time positions open in the CCU/ICU/SICU!
  8. BecomingNursey

    Should I call the director or no?

    Thanks for the advice! I actually got a text message from her today saying she put in a requisition form asking for a PRN position to be given to me and that she would be in touch as soon as she heard something. So hearing that from her, should I tell her of my interest in something full time or wait for the requisition to go through? I don't want to seem too confident because obviously I don't have an offer but I really enjoyed the interview and I'm regretting only applying for a PRN job.
  9. BecomingNursey

    Should I call the director or no?

    Soooo I had an interview yesterday. I'm looking (end goal) to become a CRNA. Currently, I work full time in a Level II trauma center Emergency Department and I do honestly like my job BUT I can't see myself doing it forever. So I interviewed yesterday for a PRN Critical Care position to start gaining experience for CRNA school and to ease myself over from ER to CCU. I got to the interview and I wasn't nervous at all. The director was super friendly and put me right at ease! She interviewed me and had me do a peer interview (on the spot) with 3 of the nurses from the CCU. I talked with them for a good 35-45 minutes and enjoyed our talk! I felt like it went really well. I'm starting to think I would like to apply for a full time position, not just a PRN job. Should I call the manager and let her know that? Or should I wait for her to contact me regarding the PRN position? Thanks for any and all advice!
  10. BecomingNursey

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    ALT and AST of 4467 and 6671. Patient coded after going to the unit and died.
  11. BecomingNursey

    Pregnant in nursing school

    Got married, found out I was pregnant 4 weeks after the wedding (4wks pregnant). I was in my first year of nursing school, a newlywed, pregnant, throwing up every day and working full time and I made it. Was I tired? Yup. Did I ever sleep? Pretty much, nope. But I made it! Where there is a will, there is a way!
  12. BecomingNursey

    Odd interactions

    God bless Canada 😂😂😂
  13. BecomingNursey

    Odd interactions

    That is the most disgusting this ever. How sick are people?!? God Bless America.
  14. BecomingNursey

    Odd interactions

    My oddest experience was a paraplegic patient I was taking care of asked me if my husband and I liked to "swing." I asked the patient ; "You are talking about like the swing, in a park, right?" Nope. The patient meant the other kind of "swing." Nope nope nope. 😳
  15. Hello! I just wanted to share (somewhere) what is going on with me right now! I can't really talk about it at work (I don't want a target on my back) and my family kinda understands but not the way my AN family will. Anyhow....So all throughout nursing school, I started trying to figure out what I wanted to do after school. ER, ICU, med-surg, etc. Then, during my OR rotation I discovered nurse anesthesia. I really enjoyed it and set up two days to shadow CRNA's on my own, outside of nursing school, to get a closer look into what they do. I really enjoyed it! Fast forward to now. I've been a nurse for a year and a half. I work in the ER currently and really do love my job. But looking at it, there's NO WAY that I will be able to be an ER nurse until I retire. I'm young and plan on working as long as I am physically able until I retire which could be 40 years from now. I got to thinking, what am I going to do in my future. Where do I see myself in 40 years? Unfortunately, I don't see myself in the ER. I started thinking of how much I enjoyed following the CRNA's and all of the critical thinking that goes into it. So I emailed the director of the CRNA's at my hospital and requested to shadow. I wanted to make sure I still enjoyed it 2 years later, as much as I did during nursing school. My shadowing day was yesterday. I was so nervous that I wasn't going to love it anymore. But my fears were relieved instantly. I absolutely loved it!!! And so my journey to CRNA school begins!!! I'm applying to begin a RN-BSN program online. I still have a few pre-reqs to take so I will (hopefully) begin the one year BSN program starting next fall. I've already ordered a guide to begin studying for the GRE. I have a job interview on Monday for a ICU in the hospital across town. After I gain some ICU experience, I will begin studying for the CCRN. Any other tips that you can offer to strengthen my application would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading my excitement filled post. I know it won't be easy, but I know I really, really want this. I really enjoy the critical thinking and relieving the fears of patients before surgery. I also want to better myself and make a better life for my family.
  16. BecomingNursey

    an 'easier' specialty

    I am an ER nurse and yes, is it hard? Absolutely! But do I consider it any harder than med-surg or any other specialty? Nope. That is degrading and immature to think we are the only ones who "have it bad". I couldn't do what med-surg nurses do. There's no way. You couldn't pay me enough. Good luck in your job search, just be aware of how your words can sound to others.