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  1. Amiodarone

    Hello All! The other day I was thrown into a rather uncomfortable position. A patient came into the ED where I work and the patient initially presented in asystole. After working the code for 10-12 minutes we were performing another rhythm check and ...
  2. News Flash Everybody Farts!

    Psh. As they say...**** happens. [emoji23]
  3. Worried about phenergan IV push

    Our hospital policy on Phenergan administration has changed within the past 2 years also. Our policy is 6.25 mg of Phenegan is the maximum dosage allowed to be given IV. If the physician wishes to give more than that it must be IM.
  4. When is it time to leave ER?

    I'm at my 2 year mark now and my job has seriously been causing some health concerns for me. I've recently started having panic attacks (severe) again. I haven't had any since graduating nursing school and now the panic attacks are scaring the crap o...
  5. EMS Radio Reports

    40 Bed ER. Charge Nurse normally answers unless away from the desk. Then any nurse can answer. We always do room assignment upon arrival unless very, critically ill then a room is assigned over the radio. Our system works well for us.
  6. Do you hold drunks against their will?

    Nope. If the patient is drunk, I don't care if they are A&O. They're staying until they sleep it off with or without restraints. That's their choice. If they walk out that door and something happens, that's my nursing license. They are allowed to...
  7. How long did you wait to take NCLEX

    I graduated May 7th, received the ATT letter on May 13th, the closest date I could test was May 31st. I tested May 31st and passed the first time. Everyone I spoke to told me to take the test ASAP so I did and I didn't regret it at all. I was the fir...
  8. Nurses and holiday exhaustion

    Thanks! You too ? Hoping for safe travels for all of your family.
  9. Nurses and holiday exhaustion

    Mine too. Due to my husband and I both having to work Christmas. It broke my heart that neither of us could be with our daughter.
  10. SIlly question

    Yup. It happens a lot. I normally don't pee for between 8-12 hours at a time. Not a good thing. But just the way it is.
  11. 1 month new ICU job. I want to run

    While yes, I agree that ER is a totally different animal than Critical Care nursing, ER still takes care of acute and critical patients. Our focus is simply changed from a more rehabilitation stand point and getting that patient back to where they st...
  12. We were all wrong about nursing home nurses

    Not all of us were wrong, because not all of us have said that LTC nurses aren't "real" nurses. I couldn't care less what job someone may have as a nurse. They're a nurse. We all have different specialties that appeal to us and that we're better at ...
  13. Thanks ixchel :) I need a hug!
  14. 12/12 This week I have learned (as I struggle to stay awake)

    I've learned that I have grown a back bone since becoming an ER nurse and that I'm going to stick up for my (and other people's) patients if I need to. If a little old lady that has been stuck 8 times by ER staff for a line and blood still doesn't ha...
  15. I learned that I'm on the verge of burnout. I've learned that I must take care of myself first, everyone else does! I'm learning that a new hospital might be a good opportunity for me. I may need a change to change my attitude and get my fire back ...