Misread Schedule.


I just landed my dream prenursing job. Today was my second day and I thought I was supposed to work 3-11, but I got a call at 9 saying I was supposed to be in 7-3 today. I feel absolutely awful about it. This is so very very unlike me. I emailed my manager apologizing.I feel like my reputation is ruined.. Is there anything I can do?


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Apologize, grovel, and apologize some more. Nothing else you CAN do. Besides, I bet you're not the first of your co-workers to screw up on reading the schedule!

Oh, and make darned sure you are ALWAYS on time now :)


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Okay big girl.....take a deep breath. No one was harmed in the incident! Yet I still cringe when I remember (over over 28 years ago) showing up to orient on the wrong day. The supervisor was so annoyed! Another time I thought I was working 6:30 to 3:00...turns out I was supposed to be working 6 - 2:30. 1/2 hour can make a big difference when you are opening out patient surgery!

If this the biggest mistake you make as a nurse you are so lucky. I cannot believe you and I are the only ones who have done this! Shift work, 24/7 schedules, rotating shifts and hours, the most experienced nurse can make a mistake.

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I think most of us have made a mistake like that before. Don't do it again, but don't think that your reputation is ruined, unless you had a reputation for being perfect and infallible.


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I did that once. Came right in but I felt terrible. I can't believe they waited until 9 to call you! I got the call at 7:10 and went right in. I also (cringe) have a bad habit of thinking I am supposed to work on a certain day and show up only to find out I am off. I finally learned to read a schedule :)


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I did that once. It's one of those dumb things we absolutely hate hate hate to 'fess up to, but we have all done it -- or most of us anyway. Mine was having a day off and not rechecking the schedule when I worked my next shift. I had been changed from 3-11 Thursday from 3-11 Friday. Whoops!

They called and I had no clean uniforms and I wore business casual and a lab coat. Never was I so glad to have a shift over with!

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You're not the first person to do this and won't be the last. Apologize and move on.

I picked up 4 hours of overtime to turn an 8 hour shift in to a 12 hr shift. I assumed I was working 3p-3a because that's how I usually arranged my extended shift. Actually looked at my calendar at 10:45 to see that I'd signed up to work 11a-11p. I called right away and drove like a jerk to get there at 12:30.

It happens and as long as you make a point of it being rare and being otherwise really reliable, it's not the end of the world.

I always kept a photocopy of the schedule in addition to writing it in my calendar just to be able to double check my schedule after that.

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I was up all night once, thought I was off - the copy of the schedule I had actually said I was off.

Yep. Got a phone call at 0615 that I was on the schedule. This was half my fault and half the fault of the individuals who kept changing the schedule without notifying staff it had changed. Once it's in print, who in their reasonable minds would think to keep checking it? (Even now, this last schedule, there were THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS. I actually called the unit on the day before Memorial Day to see if I was scheduled - I wasn't. :) But I was on the copy I had!)

Prior job: came in, sat down, got ready for report - uh, you're not scheduled today. Went home...

It happens. You'll also oversleep/undersleep, get your times screwed up, not know what day it is, and look at the wrong person's days at some point in your career. We're human - and everyone's done it. You apologized and you'll be more careful from now on. :cool:


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When I got my PCT job (fresh CNA with 0 experience) in an inpatient rehab, I had one of those moments and has a dreaded "No call No show".

I called my manager and left a message apologizing.

She never even said anything to me about it.

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I came in on the wrong day one time, and failed to come in at all another time. Fortunately, those two times were far apart. It happens. I find it helpful not to depend on my memory. For instance, I had a baby shower to attend in "June". So this week I looked at the invite again to plan my week and BINGO!. It was June 1 and I had missed it. Guess I need a secretary. :)

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I came to work on the wrong day .. It happens, if that is the worst you did , consider yourself lucky.. As a nurse we have all ok kind of crazy schedules..we don't have a 9-5 Monday thru Friday job.. We go in early stay late , come in on days off. It's bound to happen