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  1. carolinapooh

    Professionalism in Nursing? Yes, Please!

    The only thing that bugs me about appearance is long hair. I used to have hair down past my shoulders - and I wore it up, every shift, every day, when I was a civilian. If there's a 'dress and appearance code' at a facility, I think the one essential thing it should have is that long hair should be up. I don't care if your hair is six shades of green and you have sleeve tattoos. I just don't want your hair hanging near me. :) It's like docs who don't tuck their neckties. Eeeew.
  2. carolinapooh

    The Male Nurse with Hearing Aids

    So inspiring! Words are so inadequate. I wish you the best of luck in your career and whatever endeavors you pursue. You'll find your experience and your outlook will become a source of hope to many.
  3. carolinapooh

    Nurses Who Have Killed

    Not necessarily nurses, but there also seem to be a lot of serial killers in Washington state....I tease my older brother about it all the time!
  4. carolinapooh

    Air Force Background check

    They'll give you a form called an SF 86, the Questionnaire for National Security Positions. I think the addresses, references, and other information they request go back ten years. Keep a copy of this form whenever you fill one out, because believe me, the information on it will come in handy the next time you have to fill one out! When I came back in the USAF, I pulled out the copies from my last two background checks (one in 1995 when I was enlisted, and one in 2001 when I was a civilian). Very helpful.
  5. carolinapooh

    Horror stories- MEPS

    Wear the sports bra if you want to. The only thing I wouldn't do underwear wise is show up in my "hottest" gig from Victoria's Secret (i.e., no plunging demi bras and thongs). You won't avoid the yelling if it's there. Just let it go right over your head.
  6. carolinapooh

    Horror stories- MEPS

    Don't count on this. It's not true everywhere. I was put in the same cattle call as everyone else, and was actually treated a bit more rudely (and I'm prior enlisted so I've played the MEPS game before).
  7. carolinapooh

    New Fiscal Year Decisions

    i went through two recruiters, and i'm air force. if you happen to start the process with someone who's at the end of their tour, it's inevitable. it's far from helpful, mind, regardless of the branch of service....
  8. carolinapooh

    New Fiscal Year Decisions

    All encouraging (not!), as we all know. Hang in there, Lunah, and keep us posted!
  9. carolinapooh

    Question about Boards

    It depends on what comes up as your paperwork is submitted. It sounds as though you needed some sort of waiver (waivers go to the Surgeon General), which changes the process somewhat. There's a "generic" way things are supposed to go, but it does go differently for some people. Don't let that worry or upset you.
  10. carolinapooh

    AF Nursing, yes or no?

    Also, not to intrude on mid (hey, girl, BTW! She works in one of the ICUs in my hospital!), but not every unit is that way. The unit I'm on is completely different. I'm on the Bone Marrow Transplant unit at Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland AFB, TX. I put in very little off time for meetings, and when we do, we're "compensated" with an appropriate schedule for that week. We, too, work three shifts one week and four the next, but in my case, I seem to get more time off now than I did as a civilian RN. My unit does not do on-call. I, too, have earned 36 CEUs this year (I got here last November), and am about to earn four more for another class I'm taking next week. Each unit is different, but one fundamental thing is the same - once you're in, you're in; the military is an all-encompassing way of life, and not just for you, but for any family that accompanies you. In many ways you're at the whim of the Feds - they can move or not move you, deploy or not deploy you at their own choosing. But I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else.
  11. carolinapooh

    USAF COT 11-01

    COT is NOT hard. It's an exercise and an experience in time management, poor management by upper level staff, and sleep deprivation, but you are not set up to fail. You may feel like you're not always given all the tools you need to succeed, but you're not set up to fail. BTW, this is an Air Force thread. :)
  12. carolinapooh

    Any people live in SC or NC

    As someone who worked with the Raleigh recruiting office, I'm glad to see that they appear to be more active and proactive in their position. It was not that way for me nor for many others I've spoken with. Glad to hear there have been some changes.
  13. carolinapooh

    Thinking about Air Force nursing

    Air Force RNs can be deployed on the hospital ships. The Air Force has medical facilities all over the world, just as the Army and Navy do. With the combining of many military facilities and the closure and realignment of others, don't be surprised if one day you find yourself at a sister service's hospital. No one service gives you more initial training than any other. Just because they're paying for you to go to school (which is nice) doesn't mean you get more experience out of the deal.
  14. carolinapooh

    APB: AFB Entrance

    Your commissioning documents prove you are a commissioned member of (currently) the Air Force Reserve. They alone should be (and are supposed to be) enough to get you on base. The problem is that quite often the rent-a-cops (the civilians) at the gate don't know what to do with them. I'd go to the gate with the documents and my driver's license, and then, if there was a question, go into the visitor's center for further assistance. There has to be a reg on this somewhere. I'll find the thing.
  15. carolinapooh

    New Grad FNP, no RN exp., going to USAF?

    I personally loved the "Vit's" for "it's". Made you sound very vampiry - very in vogue right now. (:)I'm only teasing. I use an iPhone a lot and I know how easy it is to hit the wrong key.)