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carolinapooh has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN.

I'm an RN in the USAF Nurse Corps, currently stationed at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea. I am prior Air Force enlisted and have a total of 15 years on active duty, with seven years commissioned service.

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  1. carolinapooh

    Why is our salary so low?

    This doesn't explain the proliferation of direct entry MSNs - and it also doesn't allow that a huge chunk of an MD's knowledge isn't gained in school either. School teaches them the background and the mechanics. While an intern is still a student, th...
  2. carolinapooh

    ICU in the military

    Services have loan repayment and a lot of it didn't go away with budget cuts - it's their most valuable recruitment tool. Ask health professions recruiters what's currently on offer with each service. No one pulls a 24 hour shift, even while deployed...
  3. carolinapooh

    ADN problems now what? ARMY

    A few years ago the Army was taking ADNs. They aren't anymore. To commission as an RN in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, you need a bachelor's degree in nursing.
  4. carolinapooh

    Can I become an army nurse?

    None of the services are requiring two years' experience. They're all terribly short manned.
  5. carolinapooh

    Advisable volunteer organizations/opportunities

    Being in the Reserves has nothing to do with volunteering and can slow your path to a commission. If you want a commission, pursue it. Don't enlist.
  6. carolinapooh

    AF Reserve Flight Nurse

    Not true. Flight nursing does not involve emergency nursing. It's bedside in the air. You are not an ICU nurse - you're a regular floor nurse. I know plenty of people who went straight to flight school right out of the gate in the Reserves (most nur...
  7. carolinapooh

    Nursing in the Airforce

    I'm prior Security Forces K9. (We don't have MOS's, we have AFSCs - Air Force Specialty Codes). Your friend is enlisted, who operates under a separate set of rules, in a critically manned career field literally on the front lines. I'm not surprised t...
  8. carolinapooh

    airforce bases

    Your odds of getting a random administrative position as a second or even a first lieutenant are pretty much nonexistent. I'm a captain with seven years in commissioned and I have yet to get a random administrative position. They have no shortages th...
  9. carolinapooh

    Air Force Reserves Flight Nurse Process

    It's so bizarre that the men's pants (at least at AAFES) are almost curvy and the women's pants are straight. When I bought my uniforms prior to COT I went to the base (because I had no option at the time) and the woman in there took one look at me a...
  10. carolinapooh

    Air Force Reserves Flight Nurse Process

    When I PCSd to Lackland from COT in 2009 they tried to say I had 42 days to take a PT test...uh, no, and here's the paperwork to prove it. So when I read that I thought, hang on - and just looked up the reg. You get 42 days to acclimatize if you're i...
  11. carolinapooh

    Should I become a nurse?

    Just because we're bordered by two countries doesn't mean we're an open door. I'm the wife of a legal immigrant to the US from the UK. It is not easy to get someone into the US by legal means (and we'd been married for nine years before he applied fo...
  12. carolinapooh

    Bed Bugs

    And I can't eat Rice Krispies any more. I hear that sound in my head like them biting me. I know that's ridiculous but that's what I hear when I think about what those big patches of bites looked like.
  13. carolinapooh

    Bed Bugs

    Yeah, it was gross. They didn't itch, though - they burned like wildfire. Mine were swollen and full of fluid (I had huge patches on my arms, face, and legs) so if I'd scratched I would've dug them open. The NP at the UCC and then my doc back at home...
  14. carolinapooh

    Bed Bugs

    If they're well fed they might not migrate. But they can hitch a ride home on someone's clothes and get in their car...I know someone that had a car infested with them. Lovely.
  15. carolinapooh

    Bed Bugs

    Bombing is just a high-powered spray. Since bedbugs do not self groom (I've had a run in with them myself), bombing is ineffective. They're killed by heat and freezing.