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  1. hiddencatRN

    Can a crappy waitress still be a good nurse?

    I was a pretty awful waitress and although sometime I do feel like a waitress I think I'm on my way to being a pretty good nurse.
  2. hiddencatRN

    Tattoo cover up

    Can you cover your wrist tattoo with a really thick watch? I wear longsleeves at work but am going to look in to a sweat band to cover it because even with AC it gets HOT sometimes.
  3. No, I don't think you have the makings of a major lawsuit due to your scratch. No, I'm not going to photocopy your prescription so your lawyer can see that we discharged you with a prescription for neosporin: it's illegal for us to copy prescriptions and that information is all in your discharge paperwork anyway and I am ONE MILLION PERCENT SURE that no one is going to be impressed by you getting that hardcore drug. Maybe it's time for a Plan B retirement plan?
  4. hiddencatRN

    Tuning in to patient cries

    Man, you guys sure like to torture yourselves! After a long, exhausting day running around taking care of my patients, dealing with the difficult ones as well as the grateful ones alike, the last think I think I could do is wade through such ignorant BS. The "highlights" posted here are bad enough!
  5. Have you read this ENTIIIIIIIRE thread? Because many of the things we'd like to be able to say are just direct truths we have to dance around. And venting about a few frustrating patients isn't evidence of a complete lack of compassion. These are all things we DIDN'T say: how do you know how we actually responded?
  6. Which one of us? The thread is a few hundred pages long...
  7. hiddencatRN

    does anyone out there copy charts to save time?

    I still don't understand what we're being hypocritical about. Or does that word mean something else in England?
  8. hiddencatRN

    does anyone out there copy charts to save time?

    What exactly are we being hypocritical about?
  9. hiddencatRN

    does anyone out there copy charts to save time?

    I have electronic charting and I NEVER use copy and paste, within the same chart or without. I actually cringed when I read the OP.
  10. Well, what does your application process involve? Essay, transcripts, recommendations? Is it highly competetive? I might just stress how selective admission is and avoid dealing directly with her chances.
  11. hiddencatRN

    New grad applicant - being asked for too much info!

    It's been like this since well before it became such an employers market though.
  12. hiddencatRN

    New grad applicant - being asked for too much info!

    I think you're nitpicking on the term "application". All applications are screened--the hiring process is one big screening process that employers devote increasing resources to as the field gets smaller. Usually the background check ans reference check only happens once the employer is ready to offer the position to the applicant.
  13. hiddencatRN

    Before graduating

    I was able to volunteer with/shadow a nurse practitioner prior to going to nursing school, and the hospital I did it with has a formal process where you apply, they do background checks, make sure you are immunized, do HIPAA training with you. I would look at your local hospitals and see if they offer something similar. I'm actually surprised that there are hospitals that don't allow shadowing like that.
  14. It does seem weird- I'm wondering if the physician is difficult to work with, so they want you to essentially shadow and see if you're cut out for it before doing all the other stuff? IDK. I worked for a flu clinic and the hiring process seemed weird to me too and I was nervous at first that it was a scam, especially since I'd applied to the job through craigslist. I googled the company and searched here and it seemed legit and ended up being a real thing, albeit not many hours. But I proceeded cautiously and didn't give them identity information until I was sure it was for real. I advise similar caution!
  15. hiddencatRN

    New RN's...do you have a job ?

    Not if you spend any amount of time on allnurses! I graduated and was licensed in September, 3 interviews after over 150 applications (I gave up counting at 150 because it was demoralizing, and this was about the halfway point for me), job offer in December and started work in January.