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  1. hiddencatRN

    Baby Friendly- getting a tad over the top

    So....one response about this and that's it? It was poorly designed...but also the first look at sibling groups as an attempt to control for the many, many confounding factors that plague other studies on breastfeeding? Does anyone have a more in depth critique? Is it inconvenient information or does it open up possibilities for future study combining the best designs from multiple studies? And because it seems a requirement of the thread, my daughter was born with a soft palate cleft and I pumped exclusively for her for 9 months and currently pump and supplement so she'll have had 12 months of breast milk by the time we switch to cows milk. And I had my daughter in a freestanding birth center, so I hopefully have proper crunchy credentials to be taken seriously :-P
  2. hiddencatRN

    The Case For Job Hopping

    I love 3p-3a. It's one of the things I miss most about the ER.
  3. hiddencatRN

    Dizzy during circumcision

    It was in a huge teaching hospital known for being a baby factory. No one batted an eye so I didn't get the impression that it was an uncommon practice there. But it's not my specialty and I only saw the one so I have no clue.
  4. hiddencatRN

    Dizzy during circumcision

    Sometimes :-/ The one I saw was not.
  5. hiddencatRN

    Yet another interruption on nights

    Uh, who is going to do quality control to make sure the noc QC nurse is actually going in to rooms and not just taking the primary nurse's word for it? >:-|
  6. hiddencatRN

    Dizzy during circumcision

    Idk esme12, maybe you're not cut out for it at all ;-P
  7. I think most people actually think in terms of "little, medium, a LOT" of pain. And usually my pain med orders also reflect that (x for moderate pain, y for severe pain). I also think that patients worry about being properly medicated NOW to provide good pain relief for the pain that is on its way back but hasn't really arrived yet. I'm really aggressive with treating pain but I hate the pain scale. It's so subjective I don't find it terribly useful. One patient with 7/10 pain just wants Tylenol, another wants the morphine. Just tell me how bad it is and if you need the big guns or something lighter.
  8. hiddencatRN

    Would you be insulted by this?

    Now now, no need to drag the awesome cheesy swag in to this. I love my salad container with built in fork and dressing compartment. It makes it all worthwhile.
  9. hiddencatRN

    Let's talk: Nursing Shortage?

    I had to double check the date of the op to make sure this thread wasn't a few years old :-/ It's been rough for a while now. I remember stressing over it a ton when I was in school.
  10. hiddencatRN

    Dizzy during circumcision

    Really? You don't remember getting excited to see new things in nursing school?
  11. hiddencatRN

    Current and former sacred cows in nursing

    I work in general Peds with a large sickle cell population and we routinely give transfusions to bigger kids in 24g IVs too. We just make sure to ask for the smaller RBCs ;-)
  12. hiddencatRN

    Dizzy during circumcision

    Watching a circumcision was the only time I felt faint during nursing school.....and I watched a c section where the spinal stopped working halfway through. I think you'd just get used to it and not feel woozy like that. Sneak a hard candy in the bathroom maybe?
  13. hiddencatRN

    Would you deliver your baby at your place of employment?

    Nope nope nope. I did pick my hospital for my DD's care. But my privates are private and not for coworkers to be all up in.
  14. hiddencatRN

    Being a Mom and a Nurse

    I work weekend nights and DH works every other weekend. We have a regular babysitter who comesfor overnight on those weekends we both work. I wonder if home based daycare or a sitter might be a more flexible option for you?
  15. hiddencatRN

    Shocked by facial piercings at work

    Here you go.
  16. hiddencatRN

    The Case For Job Hopping

    YES. The old guard has been complaining about the younger generations since the first fish tried walking on land. I'm more inclined to believe that, rather than this new generation of young adults being especially entitled, young adults just suck in general until they grow up a bit. Always and forever. This generation job hops and doesn't feel like they should settle if they can do better and expects feedback on the things they're doing right? Meh, the 80's young adults were called the "Me Generation" and you don't get much less respectful of authority and experience than overthrowing entrenched sociopolitical norms like the generations of freedom riders and Vietnam war protests and free love did. Give it a decade or so and watch the tweets and Facebook status updates of cane shaking at the new whippersnappers. I work to support my family. Not because it's fun. I enjoy nursing for the most part and take pride in my work but my relationship with my job is totally dependent on how well it meets my needs and my family's needs. I switched jobs twice while pregnant in search of the best fit for my new family and found it. I'm glad I didn't settle for fear of looking like a job hopper.