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Ugh...it's mid semester again, and, again I don't feel like studying. This always happens to me around the same time of the semester. I'm all gung-ho at the begining of the semester and even at the end, but right now, I want to sleep! I have a test on Tuesday and I just started studying, I'm sure it's enough time, it's only on 1 chapter, but I don't even want to listen to my lectures or read my note.

Oh well, back to studying!


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This is OT from your post, but I wanted to ask you a few questions; you live in Vegas, correct?

I'm looking into jobs down there after I graduate in May 2005. So far, I have received packets from St. Rose Dominican Hospital and Southern Hills. What is your opinion of these facilities? I live in northern Nevada and am wondering if the pay rate I have seen for these places is correct ($25-27 w/great shift diff.). Also, what area of Vegas would you recommend for someone with two small children (4 and 7). We want to make sure they are in good schools. I have done some reports and it seems that Western and Centennial HS are good schools.

My husband will be trying to get a job with the Metro PD down there after I get a job in nursing. We are already scouting out places to live but it's difficult since the only place I have visited down there as far as housing goes is Summerlin and we really don't want to live in a community like that. They seem to be this little city all by themselves and their homeowner's association is ridiculous..you can't even plant flowers for crying out loud without submitting a request!

If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!!! Also, if you wanted to email me directly, my email is [email protected]

Thanks in advance!!! :D


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I know exactly how you feel. I am in the same boat as you. Midway through the semester, I just get tired and unmotivated. I have taken two nursing exams and got B's on both of them. If I try really hard, and get an A on my next exam, and an A on the final, I just may be able to get an A in my first semester of nursing. I just can't get motivated. Does anyone have any suggestions. I was so excited to get into the nursing program and start clinical and now I just want this semester to be over. How can I get motivated again like I was in September?


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aahhh the October wall. I have slammed up hard against it as well. actually I think everyone in my class has hit it. We just started clinicals 3 weeks ago and it seems like everyone is run ragged. We even have a woman who is pregnant and due at the end of this month! I don't see how she does it, I can't even imagine being on my feet at clinicals, pushing, pulling, reaching, standing, and carrying around a baby belly.



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Rn1973, I sent you an e-mail


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I'm there also. I think it is the gray skies, less sunlight, short days, and the COLD here in the middle of the U.S. Terrible studying environment but GREAT weather for a nap.

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Oh yeah. I'm there too. The way I'm combatting this mid-term wall is by breaking it up with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving's only 3 weeks away. After Thanksgiving, it's just a smidgen of a jump to finals and THE END. Thanksgiving is the goal for now in my mind.


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I have a cr*pload of stuff to do for school and what did I do this weekend? I went shopping! Today I have been avoiding my books but I finally opened them at 1 pm. I have narrative notes due tomorrow since we just had our first real clinical last week (careplans start next week) and I have my fifth exam tomorrow. I think I have gotten a little too smitten with myself since our exams have not been too tough. I know that next semester will be when the going gets REALLY tough! Oh...I also have a pharm exam Weds and a Pharm paper too. Clinical is Thursday and my dreaded History class? Well I have a paper due Friday. You would think all of that work would motivate me to get started, right? Of course it doesn't. Ahhh....but such are the mid-semester blues! I always have the same attitude too....I'm bursting w/enthusiasm at the beginning of every semester. I think its because its new and different....then you get used to it. Then its really monotonous and never ending...but like a previous poster said...only 3 weeks til Thanksgiving and 1 more week of school afer that!:)

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I'm bumbed because until now I've had easy going clinical instructors whom I could kinda convince that I didn't need to do care plans,etc by proving that I really knew what I was doing (this has worked for over a year now). OB, however, is a real by the book who's going to make me do all the rote cr*p! Ugh. I just HATE those assignments- waste of time as far as I'm concerned.

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I tend to lapse into 'holiday mode' as each term is coming to an end. Usually teachers pick up on my habit and give the little pep talk, not only one on one - but to the whole class. Best thing for me is to cut down on hours spent study, intead of 2-3hrs studying, I do a lot of 1hr periods of studying. I also find ways to make the studying fun :).

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Right now, I should be studying the structural and functional classifications of joints, but am I? Obviously not! I don't know how to make it more enjoyable, just keep plowing on, I suppose...

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I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only one!!! I've been wondering what was wrong with me!

We'll all hang in there together!

Good luck to all.

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