ICU RNs running CRRT?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm curious to know if any ICU RN's out there are currently practicing in an ICU where they are called upon to do CRRT at the bedside. Currently, all HD/CRRT/SLED are done by HD RNs in our hospital, but there is an initiative to train ICU RNs to do CRRT (only). We have been told that the ratio for this assignment would be 1:1...

    Just curious to know anyone's experience with this. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   MunoRN
    HD nurses do HD on our ICU patients, but ICU Nurses do CRRT. I've been under the impression that's pretty common.
  4. by   IvesRN
    In our 24 bed ICU level 2 trauma center we as ICU nurses do the CRRT. The patient is a 1:1 as long as the CRRT is ordered. The dialysis nurse does all the conventional hemodialysis but we do the CRRT.
  5. by   umcRN
    ICU nurses do the CRRT in my PICU, however we are at little silly and staff both the pump and patient (so the patient is 1:2). Granted some days those kids can be busy and it's great to have someone just on the pump but then there are also long days where the nurse on the pump does nothing all day
  6. by   Dodongo
    In our entire system the ICU nurses run CRRT. The assignment is made 1:1.
  7. by   juliaann
    We SLED our own patients. It is a 1:1 assignment. Our dialysis nurses do bedside HD.
  8. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Like several previous posters - we do CRRT, the patient is a 1:1 but HD RNs come up to us to do traditional dialysis. I haven't seen peritoneal dialysis in the ICU, but on the floor, nurses did that and did not have any less of a patient assignment.
  9. by   IheartICUnursing
    In my unit (MICU) ICU RN's run CRRT- we are still 2 patients/ nurse, but only one patient per nurse can be on CCRT. Even when your patient is fairly stable, it can still be busy with the frequent labs, gases, troubleshooting the machine, changing filters, changing settings hourly, etc. But it is fun
  10. by   MartinaLorraine
    RNs run CRRT on my unit, a 28 bed MRICU. These patients are only 1:1 if they are maxed on 3 or more pressors, have multiple blood products running, or some other special circumstance depending on how short staffed we are and which supervisor is on that shift lol. We can also have an open bed with CRRT, which gets a bit annoying if you get a sick admission or something is going bad with your CRRT patient.
    I was also under the impression that all units had RNs running CRRT. The only thing we don't do is change the sets and do initial setup, that the HD nurses do
  11. by   PMFB-RN
    Yes ICU RNs run both CRRT and HD in our unit. They used to send HD RNs up to do HD but then figured that they could save money having the ICU RN run that too.
  12. by   Medic, RN
    We (RNs) do CRRT 1:1, but we also do peritoneal dialysis. Dialysis nurses do HD.
  13. by   Sun0408
    1:1 in my last unit and yes the ICU nurses set up and started CRRT. Of course we had to be trained and checked off but we did it all. HD was done by HD nurses, PD was done by the floor nurses (renal floor) they come to the unit or ED and set it up if needed.
  14. by   Chisca
    Quote from liz0105
    We have been told that the ratio for this assignment would be 1:1...
    Try and get that in writing because they will change their minds. Also try and involve the medical director of Nephrology as he/she will support the necessity of 1:1 staffing. There is no such thing as a stable CRRT patient. If they were stable they would receive a regular HD treatment.