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umcRN has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. umcRN

    Peds CVICU vs NICU

    We teach our new grads to not get too hung up on the cardiac defects during the first weeks of orientation. Better to get your "normal" cardiac anatomy down and focus on getting solid assessment, knowing the normal pediatric vitals and charting skill...
  2. umcRN

    Head walls or booms??

    Our unit was recently built and opened a little over 3 years ago. We have booms and 99% of the time I love them. The only part I do not like is that only one boom has the necessary oxygen/medical air ports for vents and usually the other boom is res...
  3. umcRN

    Long term care in PICU

    We don't have a vent unit so all our long term kids (who usually are trached/vented) stay with us. We just celebrated two first birthday's back to back actually. Now assessments and monitoring are pt and acuity dependent. If the kid is stable and wor...
  4. umcRN

    Peds CVICU vs NICU

    I made the switch from NICU to CICU for several reasons. One; my original "5 year plan" was (like many new grads) to get my two years experience and move on. I am not from the state where I work and I always wanted to travel then move home. NICU was ...
  5. umcRN

    Peds CVICU vs NICU

    I have done both and prefer CICU which is where I work now. While there is a MAJOR focus on the heart you also have to remember that the heart effects every organ system, and many kids with congenital heart defects may have a syndrome of defects whic...
  6. umcRN

    Parents required at bedside?

    I work in a peds CICU but also float to the picu and nicu (and used to work there). No where in my hospital are parents required to stay, even on the floors where nurses have much less visibility of their patients. At my hospital kids can stay in the...
  7. umcRN

    Code Cart/Box

    same code cart used throughout the hospital (children's hospital). Top drawer has meds, each subsequent drawer is organized by weight with each weight being a different color drawer, I'm not sure the exacts but I believe first drawer is 0.5kg-2kg, th...
  8. umcRN

    Patient age limit?

    We don't transfer out often, I've seen a few instances: 1. chronic ex preemie with pulmonary hypertension being followed by the PH docs in house, they will often transfer to the cardiac icu somewhere around their first birthday, especially if they ge...
  9. There isn't much I would consider "safe" right around WHC, as others have said most people commute
  10. umcRN

    Berlin's and toddlers

    I wish. And for the record we're not frustrated with her, she is exceptionally well loved by our unit, very cute and a delightful little girl, we are frustrated with the situation. She needs entertainment and someone to teach her preschool things and...
  11. umcRN

    Berlin's and toddlers

    We're going on four months...O negative...
  12. umcRN

    Berlin's and toddlers

    It takes us FOUR people to hold this two year old down and sans sedation she screams bloody murder and shoots her heart rate up to 230+, even though her sites are completely healed. Our child life and music therapy are terrible and are no help to us ...
  13. umcRN

    Berlin's and toddlers

    Well our hospital will definitely not be sending them to the floor anytime soon...years maybe, our "stepdown" is a bit of a joke. (" oh we have to wean your milrinone by 0.2? Back to icu for you, home bipap at night? Nope sorry icu for you too). And ...
  14. umcRN

    Berlin's and toddlers

    Hello all! My units been doing Berlins only for about a year now and our previous patients have all been babies. Our current patient is two. Our unit does not send vads to step down and this pt is a total floor status kid. No iv meds, ng feeds,stable...
  15. umcRN

    Neonatal dialysis?!

    We use regular crrt (as in the same machine the picu uses) in our cardiac icu neonates all the time with or without ecmo. Smallest i've seen was 3kg. I'll have to read that article at some point

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