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  1. juliaann

    Organization, studying, and iPad integration for new student

    Thanks Brian! I appreciate your comments and advice! I'm glad I have a few weeks to try things and get comfortable with my iPad before classes start - I'm really excited about finding ways to make it into a functional tool for nursing school. Time for some trial and error! :)
  2. juliaann

    Starting CNA Class tomorrow!

    Hope your first day went well! If you have any questions or need to vent, that's what this place is for!
  3. juliaann

    Resigned From Long Term Care

    I agree with fuzzywuzzy. Of the 3 people you claim should share the responsibility for the fall, I think you should be bar far the least "responsible" of the 3. You didn't even know she was back - how could you have possibly prevented this?! Both your partner and the PT folks could have easily prevented this and should be written up (if your facility will even write up someone on orientation...that's kind of counter-intuitive to the learning process, but maybe it happens?) As to the nurse yelling, that is totally inapropriate, and I'm sorry. What good will yelling after the fact possibly do? Someone needs to find a better means to vent their frustration. This is a really sad post. I'm sorry for you and I hope you find something soon in which you'll receive a better work/team environment.
  4. juliaann

    Organization, studying, and iPad integration for new student

    Rather than making my own post, I'm just going to bump this one since I was wanting to know these same-ish things. I'm starting an ABSN program in 2 weeks and I just got an iPad yesterday. I'll have e-textbooks that are compatible with my iPad (full download, then you can search the text/making notes/highlight), so I'll be taking it to class rather than lugging around the physical books. I also want to use it for note taking and organization. I also have a MacBook for the hardcore work, and an Andriod phone for quick references, although I don't anticipate putting a lot of apps on it...I really don't like my phone. #1) Note taking I've seen Notes Plus recommended quite a bit - has anyone used any of the other notes apps? Notability is the one I'm most interested in, but I'd be interested in the opinion of someone who has used it for school lectures. What about PenUltimate and Note Taker HD? Any experiences? #2) Document editing And now what about "office-esque" programs for viewing and editing docs (most of my creating will be done on my laptop, I imagine)? Should I go with the Pages/Keynote/Numbers Apple products, or the QuickOffice app? #3) Cloud storage I've seen a lot of people reference "dropbox" or "Docs2Go" but it seems like the same sort of thing as Google Docs which I like and use - is another program really necessary? Any other tips you have for a new iPad user would be great!
  5. juliaann

    # Hours for part time?

    You will find administration does not at all agree with your first sentence. It'll be better for you to change that mindset now. It is ALL about the patients. Healthcare is more and more a customer service industry. In my hospital you can petition to get paid for your "lunch" if you didn't take one (otherwise 30 minutes is automatically deducted from your clocked-in time every shift), BUT you have to get two witnesses - one being the charge nurse - to sign off on it. Which means if you took any breaks/ate anything, you're not going to get a signature. You have to really be running your ass off for 12 hours straight for a charge nurse to sign that sheet...they don't like to sign it because it indicates that as the charge nurse they weren't doing their job and making sure the staff got their breaks...even though they get ****** when you leave the floor to take a break. It's pretty stupid, really...you can't really win. It's easier to just keep a few easy quick snacks in the break room and just grab something as you run through each time. Breaks are not a priority...at all. If you get one one day, great, enjoy it, but don't count on getting one next time.
  6. juliaann

    PRN list is laughable

    I'm a PRN nurse aide, but I guess our system is different than yours. At my hosptial PRN doesn't equal "on call," it means I work as my schedule allows. I put in my availablilty two weeks in advance, and my manager schedules me according to the hospital's needs on my available days. If I want to pick up extra shifts, I can call staffing any day a few hours before shift change and ask if they're going to be short, and the staffing clerk will either tell me no, or she'll put me down to work. I get the occasional call from staffing when they're really really desperate (staffing also calls all other qualified employees, whether they be full-time, part-time, or PRN)...but if I can't come in, I can't come in. And honestly, if I could have come in, I would have put that day on my schedule as available, or I would have called in early and asked to be put on the schedule for an extra shift. Are your PRN staff supposed to be able to just come in at a moment's notice? Do they get on-call pay? If so, those people need to be fired. If not, sounds like your facility needs to hire more full-timers instead.
  7. juliaann

    # Hours for part time?

    I've never done rotating weekends, but since your hours are 30 per pay period that makes sense that one weekend in the pay period you work 2 8-hour shifts, and then the other week you work 2 weekdays. What weekdays you work might be set the same every pay period, or they may change from pay period to pay period, depending on the needs of the unit. And I wouldn't count on ever having more than 30 minutes for lunch. Most days, if your tele/med-surg unit is like mt tele floor was, you won't get a lunch. You'll have to grab a handful of something as you briefly run through the break room to pee maybe twice a day. The thing is, the patients need to eat lunch at lunch time, and you have to help them. I'm so busy between 11am-2pm that I rarely ate at a regular time...usually by the time I had time to eat the cafeteria was closed. Taking a long lunch or leaving the floor when your patients need something will not endear you to your coworkers..and on the floor having a poor relationship with the other CNAs will kill you.
  8. juliaann

    Training in hospital?

    You can always keep applying and interviewing...while it's not great to "job hop" if you really need more hours and/or really want to work as an MA, keep applying until you get what you want! You can always tell the hospital "thanks for the opportunity, but I need to accept this position that lets me use my education."
  9. juliaann

    Nursing student help

    I love this guy's youtube videos - I found them helpful in my pre-reqs. I have a friend who was in a similar situation as you (taking Chemistry again this spring, struggling the second time around as well), and I linked her to these and she loved them - and she just found out Monday she passed this time - with a B! Just open the Chemistry playlist and find about where you are concept-wise, and then start watching. He is super good at explaining and showing how to work through problems. They're nice, short videos. Very well done. Sometimes watching someone other than your professor work through problems can really help! http://www.khanacademy.org/#chemistry
  10. juliaann

    Ok, what's the real deal with new grads?

    Meh. I start my ABSN in 2 weeks, and I already have a contract with a hospital for after graduation. I may not get my top pick of units (it'll depend on what's available next year), but I'll have a job. I've been working there as a CNA and CVT for almost 4 years now. I will continue to work PRN while I'm in my program. I'm in Oklahoma.
  11. juliaann

    Training in hospital?

    Just so you know, I have never heard of a hospital using medication aides. There are enough nurses that the nurses can administer their own medications (as opposed to LTC, where there's usually only 1 or 2 nurses for a whole 40-60 resident facility/wing....on my med/surg floors the nurse:patient ratio is 1:4-1:7). A CNA in a hospital usually does not have a lot of room for "upward movement." I managed to transistion from a CNA to a telemetry monitor tech to a cardiovascular tech (it took me taking the initiative to take additional classes, and only earned me about $1.00/hour), but the only other people I know who have moved from CNA to a higher paying/more responsibility position are those that have gone to nursing school and transistioned to nurses. If you want more responsibility and pay in a hospital, you have to get that RN.
  12. juliaann

    # Hours for part time?

    Okay, I'm kind of with the OP on this one - my first nurse aide job was at a hospital, I was NOT a CNA yet (not required for working in a hosptial in my state), had NO healthcare experience. I asked a lot of these same questions about what to expect with hours and duties and stuff. At my hospital, we work 12 hours shifts and part-timers only work 4 shifts per pay period (so 48 hours in 2 weeks), usually 2 shifts a week. That sounds about like your situation, OP. For job duties, it'll depend on the type of floor you're working on. Lots of ADLs and vitals, charting and general running around. Search on this sit or google "CNA duties in hosptials." You'll get a pretty good idea.
  13. juliaann

    cheapest online RN to BSN?

    Edited because I was replying to the wrong thread. Moderators can delete if needed. :)
  14. juliaann

    Tell me about using your iPad for school

    thanks for your posts, excitedtobehere and calijessxoxo ! this thread has been really helpful to me - i think i'm going to go get an ipad 2 before my program starts june 1st! i have a macbook and i love it, but i want something lighter and smaller for reading my etextbooks on in bed/on the couch/in the coffeeshop. my laptop will be for heavy duty research, writing, and presentation making. i don't have an iphone, so this will be my only "portable smart tool"...although i don't anticipate taking it to clinicals or anything. paper pocket guides will just have to suffice for those...this will be a notes-in-class and reading/study tool only. anyone else use an ipad for school and have any app recommendations?
  15. juliaann

    how far is your clinical?

    Yikes! A lot of you have really had some commutes! I'm SO thankful my campus is less than a mile from my apartment, and the hospital where my program does ALL of its clinicals is only 2 miles from campus. Which is perfect, since I take the bus or walk everywhere I go. I have limited access to a vehicle, but can't rely on it, so if I had clinicals as far as some of you so it would have been extremely hard for me to complete my clinicals!