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    This is why we do not have a protocol for this. The treatment algorithm is pretty straight forward, but there are always nuances and exceptions that need to be managed by a medical provider.
  2. What do you call a SICU NP?

    A surgical intensive care unit / SICU is a critical care environment. A NP in this setting is a critical care NP or intensive care NP. If a NP is employed by a surgical service or surgical group, and they scrub in the OR, see patients in the clinic...
  3. I just had this conversation with a nurse on the unit this weekend. She admitted that her a few other students do this. It's not a stretch. My program had us all test at the same time, so I was not aware this was an option/issue at other programs....

    Holy moly. Who was the admitting provider?? That is an enormous gap in their base knowledge. Aggressive correction of dehydration is critical, then insulin should be given. And after urine output has been established, potassium (and phos) replace...
  5. And not just proctored secure browser examinations. For many of these programs, you are able to take the "proctored" exams within a 2 day window. So what happens is students form groups and for each exam one of the group members will volunteer to ta...
  6. Lost New NP

    I'm gonna guess you work for either UPMC or AHN. They don't, in general, see a difference between the NP certifications or tracks - an NP is an NP (they do prefer ACNP for ICU positions from what I've been told). Clearly this is a problem, as you are...
  7. What do you call a SICU NP? ICU/Critical Care/Surgical NP?

    In my experience, SICU NP/PAs are critical care. They don't scrub in the OR, go to clinic, etc. NP/PAs hired into surgical services who scrub in the OR would be surgical.
  8. Acute Care NP Schedule?

    My group does 6x12s and an 8 (that is always a 12) every 2 week pay period. Rotating, weekends, holidays. If you want to work CCM then you're not going to have a M-F 8hr schedule.
  9. This is the new, smiling face of the NP profession. It'll only be a few years before the profession tanks because of schools like these. To the OP, between those 3, go to La Salle. Walden and Maryville should be shut down. My current group just fired...
  10. IR NP?

    I worked in IR as a nurse prior to (and during) NP school. A few hospital systems in my region, including my own, uses APPs to do a lot of the procedures. They also do consults, clinic, pre/post, etc. I would say try and do more time in IR. As a nurs...
  11. University of Phoenix FNP 2019 cohort

    Why is it only NPs say this. In every other graduate professional program, the applicants/students/professors/certifying bodies, etc, expect the schools to explicitly teach. But nurses are ok with less than nothing.
  12. Ha, 8 hours a week. What is even the point?? These schools, and the CCNE requirements, are so lamentable.
  13. Surgical NP

    I went to DCCC in Philadelphia. It was a worthwhile week on campus and the price is right. In my opinion, NIFA is the biggest rip off. So expensive compared to other programs and they all offer the same thing.
  14. Surgical NP

    You don't need to take the certifying exam for RNFA. That's just a money making scheme. Keep in mind though, that in most states, RNFAs cannot bill for the work they do. Only NPs and PAs can bill CMS for first assisting.
  15. Surgical NP

    Yep, no problem. I used practice hours and precepting students. I have a good friend who is also a surgical ACNP and he has had no problems either.