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  1. Dodongo

    NP Wikipedia Article

    Is it fake news? Is it inaccurate? "...it can consist of online coursework with few hours of actual patient contact." True. "The number of patient contact hours in nurse practitioner training is less than or equal to 3% of physician training." True. "Overall, to become an NP requires 1.5 to 3 years of post-baccalaureate training, compared to physicians who are required to complete a minimum of 7 years of post-baccalaureate training." True. "A new nurse practitioner has between 500 and 1,500 hours of clinical training compared with a family physician who would have more 15,000 hours of clinical training by the time certification." True. "Many schools have 100% acceptance rates, coursework can be 100% online, and clinical experience is limited to shadowing with no hands-on experience." True.
  2. This has never happened to me in the hospital. I think, generally, patients see so many providers we all start to run together, and I'm probably mistaken for a physician a lot. Plus, if I'm consulted for a patient in the ER or ICU, they likely don't care what provider I am as long as I can take care of them. And in clinic, when patients schedule, they are well aware they are seeing the NP. If they have questions about what a NP is the office staff has a spiel they give. This is also posted in each exam room. Honestly, it's never been a problem.
  3. Dodongo

    Walden online University

    This is exactly how it should be. And as the reputation of these schools gets out more and more hospitals and clinics (both for precasting and for hire) are screening applicants by program. Like I said, one of my colleagues is precepting a Walden NP student and the medical director, after having her on rounds with him for 2 days, approached us asking why she couldn't answer a single question. So we are in the works of creating a list of schools from which our health system will no longer accept students. I'd like that to carry over into hiring.
  4. Dodongo

    RN vs NP Quality of Life

    When I was in school, I did clinical full-time, so my preceptor's schedule was my schedule. I feel that gave me a great expectation of what to expect, so no.
  5. Dodongo

    Disappointment in NP Program

  6. I cut back to casual during NP school and did NP clinical full time. Knowing what I was doing as a NP was more important to me. You can pay off loans. I had ~3000 hours of clinical time in school and when I graduated I had multiple job offers from essentially every rotation I did (5), and when I started my job I hit the ground running, no problem. 500-800 hours doesn't cut it.
  7. Dodongo

    Physician Assistants now have FPA

    Well, WV and ND have passed this. And multiple other states have bills progressing through the legislature. I think this absolutely will become a nationwide trend. It's always the rural states first, as with APRNs, but more states will follow.
  8. Dodongo

    Why did you become a NP?

    First off, I never wanted to be a RN - it was a means to an end. I wanted the NP/provider role from the beginning. I wanted to diagnose, order diagnostics, prescribe, etc. I didn't want to take orders, I wanted to give them. I have a great job where my time is split between the OR, rounding on inpatients from ER to GMF to ICU, and seeing patients in clinic.
  9. Dodongo

    RN vs NP Quality of Life

    I work for a surgical specialty. It's more time and far more stress, but it's more autonomy, more money, more cerebral and more rewarding than being a RN. So I think my QOL has dramatically improved.
  10. Dodongo

    Walden online University

    You could pick almost any other program and come out better prepared. This program is ripping people off and tarnishing the reputation of NPs.
  11. Dodongo

    Physician Assistants now have FPA

    The governor of North Dakota signed FPA into law for physician assistants on 4/5/19.
  12. Dodongo

    Dermatology NP

    Dermatology is outpatient with the possibility of seeing younger than 13. I would do FNP.
  13. Dodongo

    Who will do CNS role?

    Um, no, the things I do were developed or written by physicians, predominantly. I can't say I have ever met, or know of any CNS in my area. Certainly not in my hospital system.
  14. Dodongo

    For ER: FNP or ACNP (Texas)

    Exactly. It's like AANP giving itself kickbacks. I personally wouldn't want to attend an ENP program, unless it gave me dual certs in FNP and ACNP. NPs limit themselves enough. The last thing I would potentially want to happen is for employers to think I am ONLY qualified to practice in the ER. ACNPs need to start offering an ACNP - Across the Lifespan degree. Then FNPs can do lifespan in primary care, like they were trained, and ACNPs can do lifespan in the hospital, like they were trained. NP licensing bodies are *only* concerned about $$$. Not about us.
  15. Dodongo

    For ER: FNP or ACNP (Texas)

    I would say ENP program, FNP + AGACNP or ACPNP + AGACNP. I had a professor that worked ER with adult gerontology acute care and pediatric acute care. ACNPs are trained to handle obstetric emergencies - at least I was in my program.