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Dodongo has 7 years experience as a APRN, NP.

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  1. Dodongo


    This is why we do not have a protocol for this. The treatment algorithm is pretty straight forward, but there are always nuances and exceptions that need to be managed by a medical provider.
  2. Dodongo

    What do you call a SICU NP?

    A surgical intensive care unit / SICU is a critical care environment. A NP in this setting is a critical care NP or intensive care NP. If a NP is employed by a surgical service or surgical group, and they scrub in the OR, see patients in the clinic and on inpatient floors, then they are a surgical NP.
  3. Ha, 8 hours a week. What is even the point?? These schools, and the CCNE requirements, are so lamentable.
  4. Dodongo

    Surgical NP

    You don't need to take the certifying exam for RNFA. That's just a money making scheme. Keep in mind though, that in most states, RNFAs cannot bill for the work they do. Only NPs and PAs can bill CMS for first assisting.
  5. Dodongo

    Surgical NP

    Yep, no problem. I used practice hours and precepting students. I have a good friend who is also a surgical ACNP and he has had no problems either.
  6. Dodongo

    Surgical NP

    I am ACNP so the AANP does not apply. The two certifying bodies are ANCC and AACN. I have ANCC.
  7. Dodongo

    Surgical NP

    I did 2 separate programs. I did the RNFA program concurrently with my NP program for 2 semesters.
  8. Dodongo

    100% online school... skills?

    Please do not attend a program that does not have you come to campus for hands on training and evaluation. These schools are predatory and are doing their students and the profession a disservice.
  9. Dodongo

    Return to the bedside

  10. Dodongo

    Regret Becoming an NP

    I consider any job - a job. Even physicians have jobs. Yes, it is my career, but it is also my job. So when I'm talking to bedside nurses about my job duties (not career duties) I want to make sure they like the actual work, the job itself. The career may sound sunshine and rainbows, but it is still work. It is a job you go to everyday and sometimes it's menial tasks, it's lack of respect for the amount of responsibility, it's less than half of a physician's pay for essentially the same job/work. Would I do it all over again - absolutely, yes. Don't read into it too much.
  11. Dodongo

    ACNP vs FNP: My Summarization of the Great Debate

    This person doesn't get it. S/he doesn't understand the legalities involved. It's like talking at a brick wall.
  12. Dodongo

    Illinois Now FPA State!!!!!!

    Now we need PA...
  13. Dodongo

    ACNP vs FNP: My Summarization of the Great Debate

    There's no point in arguing with this joker. I too was an ICU nurse in a 1600 bed academic institution for many years prior to going to school. If you honestly think that you as a bedside nurse know as much as a NP or physician about those topics you're delusional. Unfortunately, you seem like the type of RN that will be a dangerous NP, vastly over judging your capabilities and knowledge. FNPs are not prepared to practice in an inpatient setting, let alone an ICU. Most FNP programs have 1 OB rotation, 1 peds rotation and 1 family med rotation for a whopping total of less than 800 hours. Yes, that is stellar preparation for inpatient medicine. Even in states that have not yet implemented the consensus model, many facilities are implementing it. I am in PA, and my system is now requiring ACNP for inpatient NPs. I give it 10 years before this is standard across the country.
  14. Dodongo

    ACNP vs FNP: My Summarization of the Great Debate

    Ummm... that is just silly to suggest there is no difference in content delivered between these two tracks. My program had multiple lectures on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy; ECG interpretation, IV vasoactive drips, IV antiarrhythmics and inotropic agents; invasive hemodynamic monitoring including Swan-Ganz catheterization; Extra-corporeal Membrane Oxygenation; Intra-aortic balloon pumps and impellas; mechanical ventilation, ventilation weaning and Roto-prone therapy, etc. These topics are not covered in any FNP program.
  15. Dodongo

    Surgical NP, is this a thing?

    I did ACNP + RNFA. You do not, however, need the RNFA to scrub, assist and more importantly, bill CMS/insurance. There is no difference between a NP and a PA working on a surgical service. The RNFA, will however, help with securing a job, IMO. UAB offers a combined ACNP and RNFA. I am not sure how long that will last. If you want more information about which programs I attended, I can send you the info via PM.
  16. Dodongo

    PAs in Anesthesia

    I'm wondering if PAs are able to administer anesthesia. See the "Duties and Responsibilities" line in the attached picture.

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