Methods of Dealing With Stress?

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  1. Ways to relieve stress,

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      Soothing Drive thru Country Side
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      Breathing relaxation technique
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      Long hot bath
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      Sitting in dark quiet room to relax
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      Talking with a good friend
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      Going shopping
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      Building something
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      Spending time with a loved one
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Hi All,

I realize that I post rarely in this area. But I wanted to get as much input as possibile from people in this community. Anyway, how do you all deal with stress? Sometimes, I find it difficult to handle my stress, so right now I am looking for new means for handling it.

Right now, my biggest two stress relievers are using the computer, and driving my truck. But sometimes, these relievers fail me.

Thanks to everyone in advance.



Truthfully, nothing relaxes me more than sitting under my shady maple tree reading a book and watching the assorted forest creatures come out of the woods to visit my back yard!

Long hot baths! hiking in the woods, playing baseball/tennis/basketball/golf with son and hubby, walking the beach, the computer, writing, reading, glass of wine. I have many options!


Where are you in Alabama? I used to visit Mobile/Dauphin Island every Summer as a kid. Nice state. I vividly remember the great oak trees on Government!

The Huntsville space center is nice too.

Ciao from upstate NY!

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Thorazine. Compazine and Haldol! LOL!! Really though, I try to take a bath, that helps sometimes or settling down with a good book and being with my husband. Whn we add on to our house, I made him promise me that we could get one of those jacuzzi tubs! I so look forward to being able to relax in that!

I am in the state capital................ Montgomery.


PS: I like the idea of the drugs lol JUST KIDDING!!!!!!! Although, I bet they work good lol.

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Exercise with a bubble bath afterward.

1. Shopping

2. Lunch with another nurse friend

3. Church (we dance, sing, and get emotional--great tension-buster)

4. TV/phone/computer

5. getting outta the house; fishing, etc.

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I actually checked "other" because my favorite stress reliever is making love with my if I could just get those sessions increased...:chair: :chuckle

I love my calms me down and I can just disappear in to something else...

I like to be alone though, no TV and no radio...I think that's even better than the computer...

have sex, make love, have nookie, do "it"

bump and grind, horizontal mambo whatever you want to call it, people sing the praises of sex as a stress reliever constantly

I'm a fan of the long hot bath thing, also taking a nice walk , used to swim a lot found that GREAT for stress relief, listen to some favourite music,

go out for dinner with your favourite person in the world if you have the chance

get a pet!!!!!!!!!

I can have the worst day ever and I come home to find my cat waiting at the door for me and pretty much any hostile or bad feelings I come home with vanish instantly.

stress is tough to manage, and I've let it get the better of me on more than one occasion

but I am really trying to manage my stress better

go out on a date with a special person, or like I mentioned initially stay home and mmmmmm learn the mambo with them!


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