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Hi! I was just wondering if it is advisable to hang on to anything from my non-nursing courses. A&P, Micro, Ethics, Nutrition, Lifespan Development & Med. terminology are the ones I have. Did you keep just the notes, the books...both, none?

I do plan on keeping the notes and books from all my nursing courses though. (Or will I never use them again?)

Thank you very much!


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Glance thru some of the med surg books and of course you will see that what we learn in our pre-requisite classes carry the concepts much farther. I look at it like a foundation for a house. I personally do not want to misplace or throw away my foundation.:)

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I have a bookshelf devoted to ALL my nursing stuff. Even the not so legit stuff. If I did it for the programme, I kept it. It's as if it shows me what I haev accomplished, and it's great review material.

Hope this helped in some odd way :)

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I took A&P I three years ago and hung onto all the materials, though I can't find all of my dang notes!! LOL! I also bought a Lifespan text that is a few years old to start reading, so I would say keep everything. You never know when you are going to need the book as a reference.


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I have referred to my A&P book and notes a couple of times. It was when the topic was something specific that I knew we had done so it was an easy place for me to find the info even though I'm sure I could have found it other places too.

:) I am a total bookworm & it's hard for me to throw away any books, much less ones that apply to what I'm currently doing. I could probably provide a beginner library for a small village so maybe I'm not a good person to reply to this question LOL


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Thank you SO much for your replies!! You all sound like me! I seem to hang on to every book or notebook I use because I seem to feel more "important" with my bookshelf full!! :rolleyes: :p I am glad to know that it will be useful to hang on to them because I will be working all summer to save for my tuition and books-so I didn't want to spend all that money and then never use them again if I kept them!

Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!!!!:)

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I see now, in my school's info packet that I just received, they strongly suggest you keep your psych, A&P, micro, nutrition, etc textbooks. Oops - I took most of those classes 2 or more semesters ago, and have since sold my books back. :o

I'd suggest keeping them. It certainly couldn't hurt (other than taking up a little shelf space). :)


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The only books I've resold back to the bookstore have been the ones from elective credits, like Intro to Literature and the like. I plan on keeping my A&P, Human Bio and Math for Allied Health books. I did get rid of my Psych book since it was just basic info and not very in-depth.

stuff gets outdated fast but I did keep some books for reference. However, I doubt that I have actually referenced any of them. When I need the info I am at work and the book is at home. Also, we have references on the floor and access to the Internet.


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I keep all textbooks/materials! If I paid good money for it and there is even some small chance that I may need it again, its worth saving. Besides, I love it when people come over and browse through my books... :)

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I've got a stack of notes over a foot dating back to January 2003. I've had to refer back to them only once but I'm glad they were there when I needed them. Now If I just figure what to do with my last semester's Nursing I syllabus.


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I am constantly referring back to my A & P book and psychology. Especially when I have a major paper to write. I finally tossed all of the notes from my other classes. I never refered back to them & if I needed something specific, who has the time to flip through it all? Thus, I look in the textbooks.

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