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  1. ER trys to redirect non-emergency care

    Honestly, new fees won't stop a lot of these people. Many just don't pay because they don't have insurance. We have many frequent flyers who use EMS as a taxi service, and when they are told about Medicaid not paying for non-emergencies, many continu...
  2. How do you triage? How do you assign levels?

    I see what you are saying, Rhia. In terms of what a pt comes in "saying" is a yeast infection, I would triage her a level 4, with my reasoning being that in our facility (not sure of others), she WILL be getting a pelvic and since they're doing the p...
  3. does any nurse do EJ's in the ER

    Like LilgirlRN, I've started IV's in many places besides arms, but we're not permitted by our state to start EJ's, though the paramedic students are permitted. It's really a skill I would like to have, and have been present for the insertion of more ...
  4. Frustrated and considering a career change

    This is SO true, and what I am struggling with right now. I really thought ER nursing would be for me, but find myself more "disenchanted" with it than ever (although it's only been 2 years for me). I'm looking now for a new area of nursing, hoping ...
  5. I got yelled at by a surgeon once because I couldn't understand him. I work in the ER, and I was taking telephone orders for him because he couldn't get in to see the patient before he was admitted to the floor. He spoke VERY broken English, and wit...
  6. Frustrated New Grad

    I feel your frustration! I lived in the Northeast all of my life, graduated NS in 2007, and probably sent out 150 applications in 2 states, and all I got was two PRN jobs in M/S and LTC, neither of which was the area I really wanted, ED. I had to re...
  7. EMS abuse: The Ride to get High

    Several of our docs are now documenting in their assessments and notes that they have educated the pt about use/abuse of the EMS system. I'm hoping that one day this will help fine or prosecute the ones that have demonstrated abuse of the system, sho...
  8. Last Name on ID Badges

    Wow! They didn't even identify your title or license?? I wouldn't like anyone caring for me or a family member where I didn't know what their title was (RN, LPN, NA, MD, DO, etc.). I would have taken it as a personal affront also.
  9. Computerized Charting ...

    In the 3 ED's I've been in, we've used Emstat, Meditech and now Ibex. Emstat was by far the best, though I'm getting to like Ibex. Meditech was AWFUL - we actually did paper-charting there, and had to manually put in meds and stuff into Meditech.
  10. Common drugs given in the er..

    Roy's list nails it all! It depends on the docs that are on also. Some are very partial to Toradol, so I may give a ton of that IV and IM some days. Others always go straight to the "big guns" (ie. Dilaudid) and those days I feel like that is all I...
  11. Good luck to you, momofthreeboys! I live and work in Nash county, and have a lot of friends that graduated from Duke, UNC and ECU. Those are some great programs, from what I've heard.
  12. Get critical care experience before working ER?

    I went right into the ED after my graduation from nursing school. But I think the big difference was that they had a 6 month "ED school" which was fantastic, and we were with preceptors for all of that time, which also included classroom work and ma...
  13. What supplies do YOU use to start an IV?

    Our catheters have retractable sharps, but then we have a bedside container in each room. I miss those pre-filled flushes! It is a waste of time and resources to fill one for each IV start, to flush IVs, and then for meds if the pt has a saline loc...
  14. ER's Turn Non-Emergencies Away?

    Exactly. And the ED is available when it's convenient for them. They can go after work or on weekends when the Dr office is closed. It ticks me off that a good portion of these same people can think far enough ahead to make sure they don't run out o...
  15. ER's Turn Non-Emergencies Away?

    I understand your point there, M Boswell, which I guess is why most ED's have Fast-Track areas now. It wasn't long ago that these weren't even thought of. Those are definitely non-emergent pts. Like you, I don't mind them coming and being seen ther...