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Recently moved to a southern state from New England

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  1. RedSox33RN

    How do you triage? How do you assign levels?

    I see what you are saying, Rhia. In terms of what a pt comes in "saying" is a yeast infection, I would triage her a level 4, with my reasoning being that in our facility (not sure of others), she WILL be getting a pelvic and since they're doing the p...
  2. RedSox33RN

    does any nurse do EJ's in the ER

    Like LilgirlRN, I've started IV's in many places besides arms, but we're not permitted by our state to start EJ's, though the paramedic students are permitted. It's really a skill I would like to have, and have been present for the insertion of more ...
  3. RedSox33RN

    Frustrated and considering a career change

    This is SO true, and what I am struggling with right now. I really thought ER nursing would be for me, but find myself more "disenchanted" with it than ever (although it's only been 2 years for me). I'm looking now for a new area of nursing, hoping ...
  4. RedSox33RN

    What's The Meanest Thing A Dr. or Co-worker Ever Said To You?

    I got yelled at by a surgeon once because I couldn't understand him. I work in the ER, and I was taking telephone orders for him because he couldn't get in to see the patient before he was admitted to the floor. He spoke VERY broken English, and wit...
  5. RedSox33RN

    Frustrated New Grad

    I feel your frustration! I lived in the Northeast all of my life, graduated NS in 2007, and probably sent out 150 applications in 2 states, and all I got was two PRN jobs in M/S and LTC, neither of which was the area I really wanted, ED. I had to...
  6. RedSox33RN

    EMS abuse: The Ride to get High

    Several of our docs are now documenting in their assessments and notes that they have educated the pt about use/abuse of the EMS system. I'm hoping that one day this will help fine or prosecute the ones that have demonstrated abuse of the system, sho...
  7. Absolutely horrible.....I want to cry reading about that poor woman, and think about all the residents that witnessed this horror, who may believe that they will be treated with the same indignity and disrespect as this woman. That nurse should have ...
  8. RedSox33RN

    I'm having an interview for ED tomorrow

    I hope your interview went well! Good luck to you Sleepless! Let us know how your interview goes.
  9. Our Urgent Care is attached to our main ED also, and we regularly get those that must be transferred (just a w/c ride away) to us. I wish we could do the same thing, but unfortunately, no downgrading in triage. We get a LOT of pt's that say the mag...
  10. RedSox33RN


    I would not like having such a policy, but would follow it if we did. It does seem very time consuming to have to escort ALL pt's to their car (and what if they are waiting for the bus? Do you have to wait with them until the bus comes??). I know ...
  11. RedSox33RN

    Wish me luck!!

    Good luck to you!
  12. RedSox33RN

    Drawing Labs without an order

    Yup.....damned if you do, damned if you don't. Don't start a line and get labs and they'll be wondering why you didn't, and if you do, you'll get the doc that says "I haven't made any assessment of the pt yet, so why did you??" I will continue to dr...
  13. RedSox33RN

    It looks like a RR of 20

    I must admit that I do the same thing. Any c/p, sob - any cardiac or respiratory, really - gets a full RR count, also those with suspected o/d or just had narcs, obviously, but everyone else, 10-15 secs then multiplied is what I usually do. I see a...
  14. RedSox33RN

    Shoes for the ER??

    I have a pair of Reebok cross-trainers that I wear to work. I know some people swear by clogs, but I didn't find them practical for myself. I've had feet issues in the past, and need some support. I know several ED's I interviewed at are prohibiti...
  15. RedSox33RN


    I can look at most things, but the two things that heeb me out are snakes and maggots. I know some maggots can be beneficial, but after seeing a horrible sight of them burrowing under the skin, making it move, of my favorite chicken (who had died a ...