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RNinRubySlippers is a BSN, RN and specializes in Acute Medicine/ Palliative.


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  1. RNinRubySlippers

    Bsn program at UFV

    I am an alumni from UFV and from what I have heard, it is not based solely on GPA. They really want to know that you are stable and supported during your stent as a Nursing student. It is a tough program and trust me you will need the support. So ensure you share that you will be well supported ect. They even want to know how you will pay rent/mortgages ect and pay for your schooling. It is a lovely school with excellent instructors! Just be yourself and let them know why you want to be a nurse and why you think being a well rounded student is important! Good luck!@
  2. RNinRubySlippers

    Courses for palliative care/hospice nursing in Canada

    Hi there, The CNA offers certification in Hospice Palliative care. There is a requirement of 2 years experience in medical with some care for palliative pts, but it is a great self or group study followed by an exam. There are study guides avail as well...so check out the CNA website! Hope this helps!
  3. RNinRubySlippers

    Recommended Reading for Hospice Nurses

    Ok, now for my own book suggetsion. What Dying People Want by David Kuhl, MD. It is based on a 10 year phenomenological research project out of a local Vancouver hospital. It discusses common themes that "dying people" truly want/wanted from life, loved ones, medical professionals. Helps with difficult discussions we all have with our patients. Lovely thoughtfuul book. HIGHLY recommend!
  4. RNinRubySlippers

    Recommended Reading for Hospice Nurses

    I loved this movie as well. Covers almost everything I thought. Yes, I too cried like a wee one. So did my Mom. I also loved the movie Away From Her. So great as well.
  5. RNinRubySlippers

    CHF & low BP (hold BP meds?)

    Hi there, Thought I would come ask the experts re: when to hold BP meds if BP low in CHF. We frequently run into this on our ward and I know most times, Docs want the med given to manage the CHF and do not worry as much about the BP. WHat are your thoughts re: the same and when DO you hold BP meds? Just looking for some insight. Thanks so much!
  6. RNinRubySlippers

    Vancouver Nurses

    Hey I am curious as to what hospital you work at? I am near you!
  7. RNinRubySlippers

    Crne ... Community Health Nursing

    I took the CRNE in June and passed. It was very hard, felt like I failed. All of us did really. But not one person did. (From my school, no one has ever failed actually). We learned alot of community stuff in 4th year . And it consisted of assessing needs and program planning and all that. I found it VERY common sense. And it is really. But if you havent had any theory to point you on the right track, it may seem impossible. Lots on immunization and public health stuff too. That is more specific. I am curious as to what type of questions were on the Oct exam. Hope to get a response!
  8. RNinRubySlippers

    CRNE results?

    AHHH its August 1st...should be soooon!
  9. RNinRubySlippers

    any1 from fraserhealth?

    I work for Fraser Health. Its one of the health authorities in BC, so yes, lol, it is credible. Where are you coming from? Are you wanting to work as an agency nurse? I work in a hospitalm so it is a bit different, but same authority. Check out thier website! Apply apply apply! What area and or city are you interested in?
  10. RNinRubySlippers

    Volume in 1 unit of blood?

    Can anyone tell me? I assume it is standard. thanks in advance!
  11. RNinRubySlippers

    May/June 06 Grads!

    GOOD LUCK ALL!!! I got 2 jobs! already! One casual at my home town hosp and a full time line at a hosp about 30 mins away! HOLLA! We worked so hard for this!
  12. RNinRubySlippers

    Words that mean....

    THanks ever so much-and hahahah on the codependant crack. I dont think its that!
  13. RNinRubySlippers

    Words that mean....

    I am looking for some research on nurses who "care too much" and put themselves at risk for burnout and emotional exhaustion. I cannot think of a word for people pleaser either. Can anyone help me out? THanks!
  14. RNinRubySlippers

    May Grads! Where are you working?

    Acute Medicine and Palliative at @ hosp! 1 full time one casual! YAY!:balloons:
  15. RNinRubySlippers


    One book that MIGHT help is F&E Made Incredibly Easy! GIve it a whirl! Seeing an actual pt with the manifestations helped me remeber once and for all!
  16. RNinRubySlippers

    Students who don't come to class

    Ok, heres the thing. As a nursing student you are considered a mature student. What I mean by this really is, that, if a school does not have a policy re: classes missed, then so what. I agree it is anoying if she/he is asking YOU for your notes as you came to classes. If however, they do not bother you , then who the bleep cares. As long as they are not failing (and if they are not making it, they would be out) then thats thier perogative, THey are PAYING to be there as an adult. I have a guy in my class and a girl as well, who dont come all the time...But they are smart and competent and SAFE. Anyhow, I am in 4th year and I just feel by now, I really dont give a darn Scarlet (heehee). Dont sweat the small stuff honey! Enjoy Nursing school!

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