Mandated colors

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We wear ciel blue, and we are allowed to wear unit t-shirts with the hospital name on the front as long as the shirt is black, navy or gray.

I think the nursing staff looks a lot more polished these days now that the tacky scrubs went away.



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Right now nurses are required to wear navy or white and CNAs are required to wear ceil blue. Housekeeping is maroon, phlebotomy is red, pharmacy is black, and there's a few other colors.

At the end of October they are requiring us to wear all black!! :( It makes me so sad!


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Nurses (LPN or RN's) wear ceil blue top and bottom, CNA's navy, housekeeping khaki, therapies wear khaki bottoms and maroon polos. We can wear a white or ceil blue scrub jacket/lab jacket and if we wear a long sleeve T it's supposed to be white or ceil blue, but I have worn navy with no complaints.

There is a guide hanging right inside the front door with photos so anyone can identify who it is they need to talk to

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Hospital A - major university hospital nationally recognized/renowned: I worked here as an assistant in nursing school, and did two clinical rotations there. RNs wore navy, assistants hunter green, transport beige, PT/OT wore grey. We could wear white, grey or black long sleeve tops under uniform tops, had to wear black/white/grey shoes. We could wear university-related apparel (t-shirts) on game days/holidays only. We could wear medical center shirts (unit based T-shirts, etc) with the appropriate pants by job on any day. We could wear black lightweight fleece zip up pullovers with the medical center logo ONLY as the only option for any type of cover up.

Hospital B: my first nursing job, anyone could wear anything. It was a lot of fun, but confusing for me (since I came from color coded uniforms at my previous employer/all the hospitals we did clinical at. Also rather expensive.

Hospital C: Level I trauma center. RNs wore white/royal blue. LPNs wore wine/burgundy. Assistants (HUCs, monitor techs, CNAs, NEs) wore hunter green. The end. Working nights, we found ways to bend the rules a bit for holidays etc. In the Children's hospital (NICU, PICU, infant/toddler inpatient, school age/adolescent inpatient) staff could wear the appropriate colored pants with correlating printed tops.

Hospital D: Level I trauma center, nationally renowned university teaching hospital - RNs wear ciel blue. Assistants (NAs etc) wear wine/burgundy. Housekeeping wears brown. I wear hospital issued scrubs as I work in a procedure area (street clothes to an from work!). "On stage" staff can wear black jackets, or lightweight black fleece jackets as a cover up (hospital logo). Right now, we can wear t-shirts related to the hospital (employee appreciation week, unit specific, fundraising crusade shirts, etc), but our policy is changing soon, designs will have to be specifically and explicitly cleared with the board of directors and colors options will be more limited (except our Children's hospital - they can keep more colors as long as it's approved by the board).

Really, when I think about it, all the hospitals I did clinical in had a uniform color system too. The happy medium was had by the children's hospital with color coded pants by job class and printed or solid tops that coordinated with pants color and/or hospital related t-shirts.

We don't have a 'color" but I have noticed that OR/PACU/SX all wear royal. All the residents do too. alot wear t-shirts. either plain or the hosp logo with scrub pants. I don't what I would without my pockets!!! There are too may people to enforce a dress code

Don't bet on that. (too many to enforce, I mean)



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Navy and white for RNs in our hosp, no T-shirts or any top other than a scrub top allowed. Hair longer than chin length pinned up or in ponytail. Hard to tell some of us apart!


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I liked the idea one person posted about a chart showing each dept and/or job title with their specific color on . Great idea, makes it less confusing for the public, especially the older folks.

If I could personally pick the color I had to wear on a daily basis, for me it would be navy blue all the way. Looks very neat and professional!

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Don't bet on that. (too many to enforce, I mean)
I work on floor with 2 units. There are "strict" rules about finger nails. One unit is very neat, regimented, etc. the other, more than half the nurses have gel tips pf polish and it is a pigsty. If they won't enforce the nail polish rule, how are they going to enforce a dress code? EVS and pharm techs have a colors that they wear, but for nurses, it's pretty much anything goes. I still can't believe that people are still wearing Crocs!!!!!! I saw some yesterday LOL eww

Totally random: I was always curious, in school, there was a rule about no head wear. I work at a very diverse hospital and there are many that wear head coverings men and women, for different religions. Has anyone had trouble with being discriminated for head wear? I just read a story about the Sikh truck driver that was downright bullied by law enforcement because of "that rag on your head" I know a lot of Sikhs and it sickens me how ignorant people can be. :sour:

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Does anyone else work in a facility that does not permit them to wear holiday and/or seasonal prints?
I work at a facility that requires licensed nurses to wear royal blue scrubs, respiratory therapy to wear black scrubs, CNAs and techs to wear gray scrubs, unit secretaries to wear khaki-colored scrubs, housekeeping staff to wear hunter green uniforms, and rehab staff (PT, OT, ST, rehab techs) to wear light ciel blue scrubs. Dietary workers can wear white tops and black bottoms.

Even with all the color coding, patients still do not know who's who.



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I work in a psych hospital and we can wear street clothes or any kind of scrubs which is pretty nice. But, all clinical staff have to wear a maroon button up scrub jacket/top over everything. So, when its warm, it's pretty annoying. Good thing my unit it always cold.


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When we opened our new hospital 18 months ago, we went to color coded scrubs for each job. Nurses are navy, techs are olive, pharmacy is black, etc etc. Our OR/L&D scrubs changed from that greenish color to royal.

As much as I didn't really want to give up my prints, I really love the uniforms. We look so professional. And while we have to buy the scrubs through the hospital (embroidered with the logo and job title) we do have a choice of styles so we can pick ones that fit the best.

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The hospital where I did my clinical rotations in school did not have a policy on colors.

As of May or June, they went to Navy blue w/hospital logo and RN embroidered on the tops. You can wear solid navy blue, blue top white bottoms or white top navy bottoms.