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  1. Personal Care Home Health

    Thanks for the response Siwan, I think you are right and I may try posting there too! However I did go to the interview today and it went well so I can only keep my fingers crossed I hear back! I got more Information and it appears that it is mostl...
  2. Personal Care Home Health

    Hello Everyone, So I have an interview with the county health department that I am very excited about as I have been wanting to get into a government agency. The job is home health registered nurse but mostly monitoring personal care assistants unde...
  3. Best appointment planner?

    Thanks for the thoughts guys! Like some of you, I ended up getting a paper calendar simply because we do get so many cancellations or no shows and lots of rescheduling. I figured it would be easier to see in a giant calendar than on my small phone.
  4. Easy to clean Laptop Bag

    I seem to be having trouble finding an appropriate bag for home health supplies that also has a padded laptop compartment. Have any of you home health nurses that carry laptops found a good bag for this? There is this 21st century bag from Hopkins ...
  5. Best appointment planner?

    I just accepted a psych home health position. What do you all use to plan all of your appointments with patients? I'm finding in psych there are a lot of cancelled visits and reschedules and no shows and at first I was going to use a calendar app o...
  6. Hello, based on what everyone has seen here, what do you think the salary difference would be working as a community/ home health psych nurse vs inpatient psych? I've interviewed for a job that was described as being similar to an ACT (assertive com...
  7. Could a new grad handle a Triage job?

    Thanks for the advice teletriage. I went to the interview anyway yesterday and although I feel the interview went alright, I did feel uncomfortable with some parts of the job description. I think it would have been better suited for someone with mo...
  8. Could a new grad handle a Triage job?

    Hello, I have an interview for a Triage nurse in a family practice clinic. I've been a nurse is psychiatric facilities for about a year as I'm wondering if this is something I could handle. I really want to try this but afraid I could be in order m...
  9. Hello, I am a psych nurse hoping to move I to a different field. I am applying to a Triage Nurse position within a doctors office that is a family practice. I'm thinking this would be very different from working in a psych hospital. Anyone have a...
  10. Laser hair RN at Ideal Image

    Anyone tried this? I wanted to look into applying here and I'm curious as to others experience with this. I'm interested in the work environment and salaries is anyone has an idea! Thanks
  11. I've applied for a community health nursing position that focuses on providing direct care to HIV/AIDS clients in the community. It includes testing, education, case management, prevention, etc. Has anyone done anything similar? I think this would...
  12. Nursing Student Shoes for Talls?

    Very cool, let us know how you like the Linz shoes! I'm curious as to why the g500 were discontinued. The Linz looks exactly the same. I'm sure there is something different about them but that I just can't tell. I think you'll like them!
  13. Most comfortable shoes???

    I wore Birkenstocks and also the "Klogs" brand in the "Naples" style which were amazingly comfy. The Klogs were my favorite though. Thick sole like danskos but soft, cushy, yet supportive.
  14. Nursing Student Shoes for Talls?

    I am also tall and I wore the Birkenstocks G500 as posted above. They were very comfy throughout nursing school. I also had a pair of the Klogs in the "Naples" style which is a thick sole and I have to say those were more cushy and heaven like when...
  15. PHN environment?

    Sounds very interesting Klone! You sure do get to see and do alot it seems. How much experience did you position require of you or did you need any training one you were hired? I'm especially curious since you are the only RN in the clinic.