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Best appointment planner?

I just accepted a psych home health position. What do you all use to plan all of your appointments with patients? I'm finding in psych there are a lot of cancelled visits and reschedules and no shows and at first I was going to use a calendar app on my IPhone but now wondering if a paper calendar I write on would be better. What do you all find most helpful to keep track of everything?

KelRN215 specializes in Pedi.

I use the calendar in my agency provided phone. It's synced with my outlook calendar.

I use the CALENDAR app that is on the iPhone because it syncs with my desktop and iPad.

I prefer to do the main layout and scheduling from the desktop because it is easier and faster for me, but you could do everything with Apple's Calendar app on the iPhone too.

I try not to have paper if I can avoid it.

That being said, a paper calendar may work better for you if you have a lot of changes. sometimes simply writing notes and crossing off things is just easier and more efficient on paper.

I prefer a paper calendar myself. I used a planner from Office Max with a big space for each day. I like to write out addresses and phone numbers, and take notes of anything relevant, such as "early lab draw". I found it helpful when planning my day.

Not a HH nurse, but I like a paper planner and have the Erin Condren life planner. It has a customizable cover, weekly and monthly layouts, a notes section, a perpetual calendar booklet for birthdays, etc., folder pockets, inspirational quotes, stickers, etc. They're spendy, but I love mine.

erinberrin specializes in Just starting out in a Nursing Home..

I find that you kind of have to go with the flow of homecare nursing. Sometimes they cancel, Sometimes they go into the hospital, sometimes they simply don't want you to drive in really nasty weather. It depends on alot of things. On a normal day things go well and everyone is home and it's work as ususual..but sometimes it gets a little fung shwayed..and ya just got to roll with it..

Thanks for the thoughts guys! Like some of you, I ended up getting a paper calendar simply because we do get so many cancellations or no shows and lots of rescheduling. I figured it would be easier to see in a giant calendar than on my small phone.


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